One of the most frequently asked questions we get is if i uninstall destiny 2 will i lose everything? This concern might appear trivial on the surface but it carries heavyweight as destiny 2 is a very popular online shooter. Sometimes uninstalling a game becomes necessary to save space or make space for new games. Someday, we plan on returning to uninstalled games at a later date so we do not want our progress to completely disappear. As bothersome as these intrusive thoughts can be, fret not! We have an explanation for destiny 2 that will soothe your mind.

Destiny is a first-person shooter online multiplayer video game developed by Bungie. The video game was previously published by Activision. The fascinating world allows players to dive into exploring the mysteries of the solar system. Furthermore, it allows us to experience immersive first-person shooter combat. The game combines essential elements of role-playing games (RPGs) and first-person shooters (FPS).

Destiny is a cult favorite and is loved by many. However, sometimes uninstalling and then reinstalling the game becomes necessary due to platform malfunction. As well as system errors and not having enough space for downloading new games. Whatever the reason for uninstallation, follow us as we explain some fundamental concepts before we uninstall Destiny 2. Let’s try and answer this question; ‘if I uninstall destiny 2 will I lose everything’?

 What happens if I delete Destiny 2?

Video Gaming (Destiny 2)

If we uninstall or delete Destiny 2, it is not going to entirely wipe the saved data. The saves are stored on Bungie’s main servers and will not be affected by simple uninstallation. The action will simply remove the local copy of the game’s data from our device or console. 

In case we want to preserve our data and get rid of the game, it is advisable to not delete it immediately after our last save. This is important because it takes a while for the most recent data to be uploaded to the main servers. Deleting it immediately after the last save will likely make us lose the most recent progress made. Uploads to the main cloud servers take place in the background and should only take a couple of seconds. This mainly depends on our internet connection. If we are not online, the saved game will be lost along with deletion as well. 

Does uninstalling Destiny 2 delete characters? 

Destiny 2 Characters

As previously mentioned, uninstalling the video game from our device is not going to wipe the entirety of our data. Provided that we had adequate internet connection and waited for the most recent save to upload to the main Bungie servers before uninstallation. Our characters and overall progress are stored by Bungie and none of the information is saved on our consoles. We can login from anywhere and start playing with our characters from where we last left off. Unless the characters are manually deleted on the character selection screen we need not worry about losing our favourites. 

Can you recover a deleted Destiny 2 character? 

Destiny 2

Bungie Help states that any accidental or unauthorized deletion of characters deletes the data and the characters forever. Unfortunately, characters that are manually deleted by players can not be accessed. Sadly, Bungie does nor allow restoration of discarded and lost items. So be careful before discarding a character. Additionally, we should make sure to not delete a character before we uninstall Destiny 2.

Thus, players should always make sure they are making the right decisions before they embark on creating new characters.

How do I reinstall Destiny 2? 

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Occasionally, there are issues that warrant reinstallation of a video game. Frequent bugs, consistent crashing of servers, frozen screens or files becoming corrupted. Reinstalling the video game will allow the corrupt files to be removed and restored in a fresh desired state. 

The Installing, Reinstalling and Updating Destiny Guide is a comprehensive hub designed to guide players through all the mandatory steps of installing, reinstalling and updating Destiny. We have gathered together some of the most crucial steps we need to take for reinstallation. Follow us as we help guide you through the process. 

Installing Destiny on the PlayStation 5

After we uninstall Destiny 2 and clear the console cache, follow these steps to reinstall Destiny from a physical disc. 

  •  Turn on your PlayStation 5
  • Sign in to your PSN account 
  • Gently insert the disc into the disk slot 
  • The installation begins automatically after the insertion of the disk
  • A progress bar will display the knowledge that the game is installing on your hard drive

Follow the below mentioned steps for installation from a Game Library or a Digital download. 

  • Turn on your PlayStation 5
  • Sign into your PSN profile
  • Choose the “Library Menu” from the home screen
  • Pick the Destiny release or the “Destiny add-on” you want to install
  • Choose “Download”
  • A progress bar will appear showcasing the download’s progress

Installing Destiny on your Xbox Series X/S

Follow the instructions below to install Destiny 2 from a physical and Digital Library on the Xbox Series X/S.

  • Turn on your Xbox 360
  • Sign into your Xbox account
  • Insert the disk into the drive/Navigate the games menu for installing a digital download
  • The disk insertion should prompt the installation automatically for physical installation and you will see the progress bar 
  • For digital, select the games option and navigate to the Destiny 2 icon
  • Press X to access the Game Detail Screen
  • Choose “Install”
  • A progress bar will appear showcasing the progress of your installation 

Can I delete PS4 Destiny 2?

PlayStation4 and 5

With the recent unveiling of PS5, most players would want to make the necessary upgrade from Destiny’s PlayStation4’s version to PS5’s. The answer to the aforementioned question is yes, we can certainly delete the PS4’s version and that action will not impact our PS5’s version of the video game. 

Players can achieve this action by simply going through the inventory and searching for any games that are duplicates. The PS4’s versions will bear the mark “PS4” so by just highlighting that version and selecting “delete”, we can delete PS4’s Destiny 2 without interfering with our data on the PS5’s version. By doing so, players can experience a smoother, more advanced gaming experience. This action can also increase available storage on our consoles and pave way for additional games. Harboring duplicates generally serves no crucial purpose. Owing to personal preferences, players can delete copies if desired without it impacting their data.  


We hope this article helped you find the answer to the question ‘if i uninstall destiny 2 will i lose everything’ and that you no longer fearing your destiny 2 data. Please let us know which solution helped you understand this issue better in the comments below!