Are you scrolling through your TikTok FYP (For You Page), and you are experiencing no sound on the TikTok videos?

This can be a result of your device not being set to give TikTok permission to access your microphone, or the content creator’s video has been muted due to the use of copyrighted audio.

A simple step to fix this problem on your social media app is to amend your settings and reinstall the application.

With this guide, we will supply you with all the reasons behind why there is no sound on TikTok, how to fix this error as well as advise you on how to change your account so you can use mainstream audio on your video.

Why does my TikTok have no sound?

Step 1. Open your app store
Step 2. Search for TikTok
Step 3. Under TikTok, check to see if there is an update button you can select
Step 4. If there is, click on it and allow your device to override the current version
(Did you know; TikTok was created by Bytedance in China in 2016. They originally called it ‘Douyin’ but was released to the rest of the globe in 2017 as TikTok. Douyin and TikTok are the exact same, however, the majority of TikTok’s users are the younger generation, whereas Douyin has attracted the opposite.)

Fix 4. Reinstall TikTok

Uninstalling TikTok off of your mobile and reinstalling it will help refresh the app and process your requests.
Delete TikTok from your mobile and restart your device as this will ensure all data will be erased. Access the app store again and download TikTok.
You can now relaunch TikTok, and test that the audio is playing.

How to fix muted video on TikTok

If the video you are trying to watch on TikTok is muted because the creator has used copyrighted music, you will not be able to rectify the music block as a viewer.
As the content creator, you can rectify your video from having no sound by changing your audio in one simple step. This will ensure your video does not flag up with TikTok’s copywriting detectors.

Solution. Re-upload video

Take the original video down, and integrate a different tune in the upload process, as this will allow your video to play on the For You Page without getting muted, and is automatically set to a ‘private video’ by TikTok.
Step 1. Take original video down
Step 2. Re-upload video attaching a different audio
Step 3. Exit out of TikTok and log back in
Note, there may have been a malfunction on TikTok that affected your video having no audio. If you want to make sure of this, upload your video with the original audio, and see if TikTok mute’s or changes the piece of content to private.

Why can’t I use sounds on TikTok?

If you register your profile as a business account, and not a personal one, you will not be able to use certain sounds on TikTok. You may be witnessing an error on your screen that states; ‘This sound isn’t licensed for commercial use.

This means that all business accounts on TikTok are unable to add mainstream music as their audio on videos they upload to TikTok. If you need to use a certain sound in your video, you will need to change your profile to a personal account.

How to change TikTok from business to personal:

Step 1. Access the TikTok settings menu

Step 2. Select ‘Manage Account’

Step 3. Under ‘Account Control’ you will be able to click on ‘Switch to Personal Account’

Please note, once you switch to a personal account, you will no longer have access to analytics and be able to include your website link in your bio.


Now that you are aware of all the possible reasons why you can experience no sound on TikTok, we hope you have actioned our four easy fixes to eradicate this issue from your video app.

For specific audio that is only available on a personal account, you can swap over from a business account, although, keep in mind you will lose your statistics and marketing strategies.

If, however, you are still experiencing issues with your TikTok app, you can contact them directly from your mobile app. To do this, simply launch your app and go; Profile > Settings and Privacy > Report a Problem > Choose Topic

Tip, TikTok will provide you with tips to try and fix the issue. If you press ‘No’ under ‘Is your problem resolved’ you will be able to select ‘Need more help’ where you will be able to submit feedback to TikTok’s support team.