Are you experiencing the Amazon Prime error code 9912 when you are trying to access your streaming service through your fire stick or smart TV?

Amazon Prime provides a wide selection of content from showcasing the latest movies to binge-worthy series, so it’s crucial to know why your streaming service is experiencing the error code 9912.

This error code 9912 on Amazon Prime Video is a temporary issue and can be fixed, which is why we have generated this easy-to-follow guide for you, so you can troubleshoot your app by following our simple steps, and get back to watching all your favorite shows without any further interruptions.

What is Amazon Prime error code 9912

Error Code 9912

What is Error Code 9912

The Amazon Prime error code 9912 transpires specifically on the Fire TV or Firestick when users are trying to stream from their app.

This issue is temporary, being intermittent, and the error code will in time fix itself, however, because this error code is due to your Amazon Prime being out of date, or your TV’s software needing an update, it is advised that you troubleshoot your device to eradicate this issue.

What internet speed does Amazon Prime need

Your Amazon Prime video app may be experiencing this error code 9912 due to your internet speed not being adequate enough, which can in turn affect the performance and initiate glitches when you try to stream.

  • 0.9Mbps is required for standard streaming
  • 35Mbps for high definition

You can keep up to date with your internet speed by making use of this link. 

Note, if there are multiple other devices connected on the same network as your Amazon Prime app, it may be beneficial to disconnect these devices to give more bandwidth to your streaming app.

How do I fix error 9912 on Amazon Prime

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How to fix Amazon Prime error code 9912

Due to this error code being temporary, fixing this issue can be completed by troubleshooting your device.

Fix 1. Erase cache files

Cache files are stored on your device to improve the performance of the app when you come to launch the application and stream, as it saves data to quicken the processing time.

These files can however become corrupted and cause your app to glitch.

Clearing these files will free up storage space and get rid of any faulty files.

Step 1. On your smart Fire TV select ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Applications’

Step 3. Select ‘Manage Installed Applications’

Step 4. Find Amazon Prime and choose ‘Clear Cache’

Step 5. Select ‘Clear Data’

The cache files will now be emptied.

Fix 2. Complete Updates

One of the main reasons for this error code to show on your Amazon Prime app is when the app is outdated, or your Fire TV’s operating system is needing to be updated.

This will ensure your software is compatible between the Amazon Fire app and your Fire TV;

To update your TV’s software;

Step 1. Go into your ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘My Fire TV’

Step 3. Select ‘About’

Step 4. You can now click on ‘Check for software update’

You should set your applications on your smart TV to update automatically, however, if you need to check that Amazon Prime is up to date manually;

Step 1. On your home screen, select ‘Apps’

Step 2. Find Amazon Prime

Step 3. Using your remote, click on ‘More Info’

Step 4. You can now select ‘Update’ if it gives you the option to

Once the updates are complete, restart your TV, and Fire stick if that is what you are using.

Fix 3. Power reset

Power resetting your smart TV will refresh the connections between your Amazon Prime app and their server.

Step 1. Switch your TV off

Step 2. Unplug it from its power source

Step 3. Wait for a few minutes before plugging it back into its plug point

Step 4. Turn your TV back on and launch Amazon Prime

Power resetting your Wifi router is also beneficial in refreshing your internet connection which will improve your connection.

Step 1. Turn your wifi connection off at the router

Step 2. Unplug and pause for a few minutes

Step 3. Re-plug it back in and switch it back on

Once your wifi is reconnected, open your Amazon Prime app.