Virgin Media Player is a free streaming service available online, so why is it not working on your smart TV?

If this is what you are currently asking yourself, without any idea why you are experiencing this issue, and what you can do to fix this problem, we have created this simple directory just for you.

This guide will see you through understanding why your Virgin Media Player is not working on your smart TV, and what steps you can do to be able to get back to watching your online shows.

There will be 4 easy fixes that you can try which you will be able to use again in the future.

Why does Virgin Media player not work

Streaming on smart device

Why is Virgin Media Player not working

Your Virgin Media Player is not working on your Smart TV because it is not yet available on the device.

You can get the Virgin Media Player on;

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Android device
  • IOS device
  • Virgin Media
  • Sky
  • NOW TV

The device that you are accessing Virgin Media on, as well as the app itself, needs to be functioning properly. If one of the two is malfunctioning, your player will not work.

Common problems experienced with Virgin Media Player

There are many different ways in which your Virgin Media Player can show signs of not working;

  • Does not load properly when launched
  • A black screen appears when you open Virgin Media Player
  • Audio is glitching
  • It does not want to install successfully

So why do these issues occur?

Reason 1. App is not up to date

If your Virgin Media Player is not on the latest version, this will cause conflicting data between the app and the server.

Keeping up to date will improve the performance of your app and ensure any corrupted data that transpired in the current version gets removed.

Reason 2. Operating system is out of date

Just like the Virgin Media Player app needs to be on the latest version, so does your device’s operating system.

If the operating system of your device is ‘expired’ it will interfere with the software of the app if the app is on its latest version.

Operating systems are also always being improved to withstand the compatibility of applications being continuously updated.

Reason 3. Samsung smart TV

Are you trying to get Virgin Media Player to work on a Samsung smart TV?

The Virgin Media Player app cannot be played directly on a Samsung smart TV.

If you own a Samsung smart TV, you will need to make use of 3rd party streaming services that will allow you to get the Virgin Media Player app.

Reason 4. Malfunctioning media platforms

You can access the Virgin Media Player app via Virgin Media Sky, or NOW TV.

If these platforms are malfunctioning, whether, on a streaming stick or media box, this will interfere with the media player from working properly.

Reason 5. Internet connection

If the internet that your Virgin Media Player is connected to is glitching or having intermittent connectivity issues, this will interfere with the player being able to work properly and have a stable connection for streaming.

How to fix Virgin Media Player on smart TV

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How to fix Virgin Media Player on Smart TV

You can troubleshoot your Virgin Media Player with whatever platform you are using to get the app.

Fix 1. Restart Internet

Restarting your wifi router will refresh the internet connection between your smart TV and the Virgin Media server.

Sometimes, your network needs to be refreshed to improve its performance and create a better connection between the device you are accessing Virgin Media Player on, and the servers.

Step 1. Switch your router off and unplug it

Step 2. Wait for longer than 2 minutes before plugging it back in

Step 3. Turn your router back on

Once your internet is up and running again, launch Virgin Media Player.

Fix 2. Use screen mirroring

If you are wanting to make use of Virgin Media Player on a Samsung smart TV, you can use screen mirroring if your TV is not getting Virgin Media onto its screen.

Step 1. Go onto your Play Store on your phone (Android or iOS)

Step 2. Search and install the Virgin Media app

Step 3. Now install the ‘Smartthings’ app

Step 4. Open Smartthings and go into ‘screen sharing’ or ‘smart view’

Step 5. Add your Samsung TV as a device (make sure both your mobile and TV are on the same Wifi connection)

Step 6. Once you have added your TV select ‘Yes’ to ‘Allow Sharing’

Step 7. Ensure you select the ‘Smart View’ button as this will turn the screen mirroring on

You should now be able to stream Virgin Media Player on your mobile with it screen mirroring to your TV.

Note, The ‘Smartthings’ app is an example of a screen mirroring app. You can use any other app, or use the Chromecast dongle

Fix 3. Use a streaming stick

Making use of a streaming media dongle will make viewing on Virgin Media Player much easier.

Connecting the NOW Media stick is easy to do.

Step 1. With your TV turned on, insert the NOW media dongle into your TV

Step 2. Get onto the app store from the NOW streaming USB

Step 3. Search for the Virgin Media Player app and ‘Add’ it

Once it has been added to your NOW stick you will be able to view all its contents.

Note, if you are using the NOW box device it will be exactly the same steps to add Virgin Media.


Fix 4. Check for updates

Your app should update automatically, however, there may be an odd occasion where it will give you the option to update.

Check to see if an update is available. If there is, ensure you say yes to the update so it can override your current version.


The Virgin Media Player app is available to watch over almost all platforms and is fast becoming one of the popular streaming services to watch catch-ups and on-demand content.

We hope this guide has assisted you in being able to get your Virgin Media Player app working on your Smart TV.

Virgin Media does have a contact page for any other queries you may have.