Do you have the Xbox Series X error E100 code displayed on your screen when your console was supposed to complete a software update?

Is your Xbox now frozen, and you’re unable to exit out of this error state?

The E100 error on your console will prevent any system updates from being processed successfully and can cause a problem with the device’s hard drive that may, or may not need to be replaced.

With this simple directory, we will help you understand why your Xbox Series X has the error E100, and what you can do to fix this problem, so you can carry on using your Microsoft gaming device without any further interruptions.

What Does E100 Mean on Xbox One?

xbox series x error e100

What does the Xbox Series X error E100 mean?

The Xbox Series X error E100 will appear on your screen when your console has experienced a system error. This has prevented it from completing a software update because there is a problem with the Xbox hard drive. The E100 error on your Xbox Series X can also be displayed as soon as you start your console up.

This error code on your Xbox can sometimes stop users from being able to perform any additional actions on their console.

This includes completing a further system update because your Series X will be unresponsive after the E100 error.

So, what causes the Xbox Series X E100 error code?

The system error E100 on your Xbox Series X is caused when your console has malfunctioned during a hardware update.

(Did you know; The ‘X’ in Xbox is derived from the ‘Windows DirectX’ software that the operating system uses for their graphics features).

Some Xbox Series X users have reported that they were unable to get their Microsoft console out of this error state, and had to receive a replacement. However, there are actions you will be able to execute to help rectify your Xbox.

How Do You Fix E100 on Xbox Series X?

xbox series x error e100

How to fix Xbox Series X E100 error

You can fix the E100 error on your Xbox Series X by completing a reboot on your console. Because you won’t be able to exit out of the E100 error code, you will need to complete a forced shut down on your console. This can be done by removing your Xbox Series X ethernet cable to disconnect your device. 

Once your Xbox is disconnected, leave it idle for a few minutes before reconnecting it.

If removing the ethernet cable does not help, you can perform one of the following solutions;

1. Power Cycle your Xbox Series X

Step 1. Hold down on the Xbox power button for ten seconds or until it switches off

Step 2. Unplug the power cable and wait roughly thirty seconds

Step 3. Reconnect the plug and turn your Xbox back on

Once your Xbox Series X is on, try and perform a system update.

2. Perform Xbox Offline Update

Due to the Xbox Series X error E100 code appearing when a system update has failed, you will need to perform an offline update with the use of a USB.

Make sure the USB has at least 8GB of space and is set to the NTFS format.

Step 1. Download the necessary update file from Xbox

Step 2. Copy the ‘System Update’ file onto a USB

Ensure your Xbox Series X is offline.

Step 3. Insert the USB stick into your console

Step 4. Hold the ‘Bind’ and ‘Eject’ buttons while pressing the ‘Power’ button once

Step 5. Once you hear the power-up sound twice, let go of the bind and eject button

Step 6. After your Xbox has turned on, choose ‘Offline System Update’

Your Xbox Series X should now complete the system update while offline and get rid of the E100 error code.

3. Factory Reset Xbox Series X

If your Xbox allows you to, completing a factory reset on your console can get rid of the E100 error code.

You can action this step and still keep your games and apps;

Step 1. Turn your console off

Step 2. Press the ‘bind’ and ‘eject’ button while you click on the Xbox button once

Step 3. Once you hear the power-up tone, let go of the two buttons

Step 4. Your Xbox will bring up the troubleshooter menu

Step 5. Choose ‘Reset’ and select ‘Keeps Games and Apps’

Your Xbox Series X will now reset, and hopefully, get rid of the error code appearing on your display.

Do Games Still Update When Xbox Series X is off?

xbox series x error e100

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Your games will not update when your Xbox Series X has been turned off. This is because your console is unable to establish a connection while it is offline. While your Xbox Series X is powered off, the system will not be accessible. 

If you want your Xbox Series X games to update while the console is ‘off’, you will need to enable the ‘Standby Mode’ feature.

What is Standby Mode on Xbox Series X?

Standby mode on Xbox Series X, otherwise known as the ‘Xbox Series X instant on’ status is a setting that puts your console off while staying online.

Standby mode allows your Xbox to load up faster because the system will still be running in the background.

This Xbox Series X rest mode will still update your games and applications, and even complete new software installations.

How to Put Xbox Series X in Standby Mode

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’ on your console

Step 2. Choose ‘Power and Start Up’

Step 3. Enable ‘Instant Power On Mode’

Note, ‘Instant On’ means the same as ‘Standby’.

Why Does My Xbox Series X Keep Freezing?

Gaming Console

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Your Xbox Series X will keep freezing if the software on your console is corrupted. This can sometimes be the reason why the error code E100 has appeared on your screen when your Microsoft console has tried to complete a system update. Contaminated files on your Xbox will cause performance issues.

Besides a failed system update and a malfunctioned hard drive, A Xbox Series X console that keeps crashing can also cause the following issues when you try and make use of the device;

  • Xbox game will keep freezing when you try and play
  • Downloaded applications will not load
  • Xbox Series X will not update
  • Your console won’t enter rest mode

To help fix your Xbox Series X from freezing, you can complete the following troubleshooting tips;

  • Action a system reset
  • Perform a power cycle
  • Unplug your Xbox Series X for a couple of minutes
  • Update your Xbox firmware

If none of these solutions works for your Xbox Series X, there may be a more serious issue with the hardware.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you were able to fix your console from the Xbox Series X error E100 from appearing on your screen, and that your system update has now been successful.

If, however, this error persists, or your Xbox won’t stop crashing, you will need to contact Xbox Support to help diagnose the problem, and potentially require a replacement.

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