Experiencing a WOW Error Code 51900319 while raiding with your party? Does it interrupt the hour-long quest that you and your squad put a lot of effort in? Don’t worry, we bring you all the tools to help get rid of this problem so that you can go back to your dungeon crawling.

WOW is counted amongst the most played Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) on the internet. Since its release in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, the game has morphed into a phenomenon around the globe. 

With over four million players, one can expect various issues to constantly pop up. For example, encountering an error like Error code 5900319 will leave your character immobile. As the game is in real-time, your party members around the world will face the hurdle of having a handicap. You don’t want to see your team lose or your party members have a hard time. Instead, stick with us, so we can get you back into WOW in no time.

What Does WOW Error Code 51900319 Mean?

WOW Error Code 51900319

Very simply put, WOW’s genre is ‘multiplayer’. To run MMORPG and in connecting to any player anywhere in the world, you require the internet. Therefore, you need access to the internet. If there are internet issues present when attempting to play WOW then correspondingly, you’ll likely see the WOW Error Code 51900319 you are facing right now.

According to Blizzard entertainment support,

WOW Error Code 51900319 means you have likely lost your internet connection and have disconnected from the server as a result.

However, multiple players have encountered this error while having a perfectly stable internet connection as well.

Why Do I Keep Getting Disconnected From The Server In WOW?

From what we have gathered, the error can result from both the server and player sides. In a tug of war type action, players blame Blizzard Entertainment when they lose connection citing that they have a stable internet and conversely,  stating a problem with WOW’s game engine or server. Likewise, Blizzard Entertainment keeps saying that the error is most likely user-caused and has nothing to do with their game or servers.

We have researched that the connection can be a result of various reasons, that all translate to “You have been disconnected”. WOW has a tightened latency network which means it disconnects immediately at the first moment of data or network loss. This can either result from bad internet, or  can also be caused by weak graphic cards or CPUs which can’t take a load of heavy internet and extensive graphics or WOW at the same time. 

How Do I Fix WOW Error Code 51900319?

FIX WOW Error Code 51900319

Try out these simple fixes that shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes:


Due to WOW being a demanding game, especially if you want to run it in higher settings like 4K and 60+ FPS, it requires absolute priority of your GPU and CPU. So, to test it out, we would suggest that you lower the FPS setting down to relieve your GPU and CPU a little bit if you like those big numbers.

  1. Click on Esc to open the Main menu
  2. Click on System
  3. Then click Advanced
  4. Go to the background FPS in your video settings.
  5. Then set the MAX FPS as 30.

Many players reported that the error code stopped appearing after they reduced the maximum FPS.

Change Disconnection Routine for WOW Error Code 9100319

As we mentioned before WOW’s game engine has a tightened latency network. Even when you have a good internet connection, you tend to ignore or overlook minute moments of connection losses. This isn’t a problem most of the time due to standard latency networks taken into account.

Due to security reasons, Blizzard Entertainment keeps the latency network tight. We can, however, customize this setting to suit our internet.

  1. Go to the Settings section
  2. Navigate to System.
  3. Go to the Network tab
  4. Deselect/uncheck the “Optimized Network for Speed.”

Reset User Interface

Alternatively, resetting the user interface can fix a number of problems and errors, including WOW Error Code 51900319. To perform this:

  1. Close WOW
  2. Remove and uninstall any addon managers so they do not redownload any addons after resetting the user interface.
  3. Go to Blizzards Battle.net
  4. Click on options, then select “Show in Explorer” or “Reveal in Finder.”
  5. Close the Battle.net application
  6. Now go to the WOW game folder
  7. Rename the Cache folder to CacheOld, Interface folder to InterfaceOld, and WTF folder to WTFOld.

You should see improvements when you relaunch WOW.

Final Thoughts

If you are still disconnected, we recommend contacting Blizzard customer support. We hope our guide fixed your problem of WOW Error Code 51900319.

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