Are you experiencing Warzone connectivity issues, and the game won’t connect to online services? Do you see an “unable to access online services” error message on your PC or gaming console? Don’t panic; we are here to let you know why the error pops up on your screen and how to fix it.

Online games can frustrate players in so many ways. With the ever-increasing popularity of COD Warzone, you may be stuck in a server queue when a large chunk of gamers attempt to go online at the same time.

When playing a Warzone match, quite a few players report that they can not connect to online services resulting in them being unable to play the game or jump into a match queue. The issue is getting common in COD Warzone. However, there are a few reasons for the error, and you can troubleshoot it quite quickly.

Why is my Warzone not letting me connect to online services?

Why is my Warzone not letting me connect to online services?

If Warzone won’t connect to online services and you see an error message on yoru screen, it could be due to any of the following reasons.

  • COD Warzone servers are down due to maintenance or high user influx.
  • Your home networking equipment or local network is experiencing connectivity issues.
  • DNS server settings are causing a conflict, resulting in not going online with Warzone.
  • Warzone saved game data is corrupted.

How do I fix unable to access online services?

How do I fix unable to access online services?

If Warzone won’t connect to online services, restart your game and device. If the issue persists, try the following troubleshooting steps in a sequence.

Improve connectivity issues by deleting temporary files

Warzone PC users can delete temporary files on their computer hard drive to make their computer fast and responsive to any online connection task.

To do this, type %temp% in the Run dialog box to open the temp folder. Next, press A + CTRL to select and delete all the files in the folder. If you see the “Action not completed” error, check the “Do this for all current items” box and choose the Skip option. Now launch Warzone and see if you can connect to online services.

Check and troubleshoot network devices

One of the common reasons for the “Warzone online services” error message is a problem with your local network or networking equipment. We recommend playing other games on your gaming console or PC and seeing if you experience the same connection issue.

If there are connectivity issues with other games, you need to resolve local network problems one by one in the following way.

  • Power cycle your modem or router and ensure that all cables are connected firmly to your router, gaming console, or PC.
  • Contact your ISP and inquire about NAT problems and server-side firewall issues.
  • Use an ethernet cable to connect your modem/router with your device to improve connection speed to the Warzone server.

Change DNS server configuration

Changing your ISP DNS to Google DNS often fix the Warzone online services connection issues.

If you are using PS or Xbox to play Warzone, go to the Network Settings under Console settings to change the Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server addresses to and, respectively.

If you are a PC user, type “View Network Connections” in the search box and hit Enter. Next, open your internet connection’s Properties, choose TCP/IPv4, and go to its properties. Finally, type in the Preferred DNS Address box and in the Alternate DNS Address box.

Delete saved data

Corrupt saved game data can trigger errors while trying to access your game’s online counterpart. To fix the issue, you need to delete the saved data on your device in the following way.

  • On Xbox One, go to Settings –> System –> Storage –> Manage Storage –> View Contents and highlight Warzone game. Next, press the Menu button and choose the “Manage Storage” option. Now select “Saved data” and use the option to delete the data.
  • On a Play Station console, navigate to Settings –> Storage –> System Storage –> Saved data. Now select COD Warzone and delete saved game data.
  • If you use client to play Warzone, open Task Manager and end “Agent, Blizzard desktop app, and Warzone game” processes. Next, type C:\ProgramData\ in the Run dialog box and delete the folder.

Can you change servers on Warzone?

Can you change servers on Warzone?

Warzone online services error is, sometimes, specific to a particular region. Therefore, try playing the game online by switching the server on your device. To do this, close the game and launch the client. Next, click on Modern Warfare. Now click on the Globe option and switch your region.

Changing servers on Warzone is not possible for gaming console users as the region depends on the physical location of PS or Xbox. However, you can contact your device manufacturer and ask them if there is a way to change the region on your console.

How do I link my Activision and Blizzard accounts?

How do I link my Activision and Blizzard accounts?

After years of fast expansion through the additions of smaller game developers, Activision merged with Blizzard Entertainment in July 2008 to create Activision Blizzard and become one of the largest video game companies in the world. However, Activision still exists as a separate company under the Activision Blizzard brand.

A few Warzone players have fixed the “connecting to online services” error by linking their Activision and Blizzard accounts in the following way.

  • First, go to the official Activision website and log in with your credentials.
  • Next, click on the Profile option located on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Under Account Linking, locate your profile and use the options to link it with your account.
  • Finally, click on the Continue button, and you’ll be routed to the Blizzard website to complete further linking steps.

After the accounts are linked, launch the Warzone game and verify that you can connect to online services.


We hope that this guide helped you fix the Warzone online services connection error. If you are still facing the error, contact Activision’s support team. The support team can help and assist you with any additional problems such as outages, maintenance schedules, and technical issues with the gaming servers that might be causing the error.