Vodafone voicemail remains a useful and necessary tool for professional or personal communication, and you can access it from your phone by dialing a short number.

You can be busy at work or in an area where Vodafone service is experiencing coverage issues or poor signal reception. What if someone tries to contact you at that moment, but you either can’t receive the call, or Vodafone signal issues won’t allow you to it?

Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, interview follow-up, or your family members who want to get a hold of you when they can’t reach you, a simple voicemail message is sometimes a great way of short-form communication. You can check your voicemail later when you have the time and call the ones you need to get in touch with.

How do I activate voicemail on Vodafone?

How do I activate voicemail on Vodafone?

Before activating voicemail on Vodafone, first, you need to choose between an immediate or standard voicemail service. In a standard voicemail, when someone calls you, they are automatically put through to your voicemail when:

  • There is no reply from your phone.
  • Your phone is powered off.
  • You are experiencing Vodafone signal reception issues.

To turn on standard voicemail on your Vodafone cellphone, call the 1211 number. You can turn off standard voice by simply dialing 1210 from your cell phone.

If you want all your calls to go straight to voicemail, you can set up the immediate voicemail option. To activate it, dial 1212 from your cellphone. To reactive the immediate voicemail service, dial 1213.

Furthermore, you can switch between standard and immediate voicemail options. To do this, dial 121 from your cellphone or dial +447836 121121 if you are abroad. Next, press 1 to access the main menu, then press 4 for the mailbox settings—finally, press 4 to switch between the voicemail options.

How do I create a new PIN for voicemail?

How do I create a new PIN for voicemail?

You can easily set up your Vodafone voicemail PIN by dialing 121 on your cellphone. Next, select the fourth option and choose the second option. Now follow the instruction to set up your PIN.

Also, you can choose from standard or high-security level PIN settings. A standard security level asks you for a PIN if you want to hear your voicemail messages from abroad or from a non-Vodafone number. In comparison, the high-security level will always ask for a PIN.

Once you’ve set up your voicemail and PIN, call the 121 number again to configure the flowing settings.

  • Create and customize greeting messages.
  • Change your method of getting a voicemail notification.
  • Switch the security PIN on or off.

How do I check my Vodafone voicemail?

How do I check my Vodafone voicemail?

To check your voicemail, dial 121 from your Vodafone cellphone and choose a message you want to hear. Next, hit the play button and listen to the voicemail. You can do the same if you have Vodafone Visual voicemail.

Moreover, you can choose to activate the loudspeaker, call back the person who left you a voicemail with the Call Back feature or share the voicemail.

If you are abroad, you can listen to your voicemail by calling +44 7836 121 121 and entering your security PIN.

Is voicemail free on Vodafone?

Is voicemail free on Vodafone?

If you have a Pay as you go bundle or a Pay Monthly Vodafone customer, voicemail use minutes from your allowance. However, if there are no remaining minutes and you have used up the allowance, Standard call charges apply when you call the voicemail number.

If you are abroad and a Vodafone Pay Monthly customer, you will use your allowance to listen to voicemail in any of Vodafone’s roam-free destinations; otherwise, international call charges apply.

As Pay as you go customer, if you are in Vodafone Europe Zone destinations, you’ll use your allowance; otherwise, usual call charges apply.

How do I activate my Vodafone landline?

To activate voicemail to your Vodafone landline, call 08080 034 515 free of charge from landlines or cellphone. Afterward, Vodafone will set it up for you in three days.

When you get a message from Vodafone that your voicemail is active, you will hear a periodic dial tone the next time you make a call from your home phone. You can store up to 10 voice messages after you hear them. Also, any message that you don’t want to hear will be saved for ten days before being erased automatically.

Setting up Vodafone Voicemail Plus

Vodafone Voicemail Plus has the upper hand over the standard landline voicemail setup. With Voicemail Plus, you can:

  • Divert calls straight to voicemail at the time of your rest or busy schedule.
  • Record your own voice message so that the caller knows that they have called the right person.
  • Fast-forward, rewind, or pause your voice messages.
  • Hear voicemail from any phone by using your security PIN.

Furthermore, you can save up to 30 messages with Voicemail Plus. You’ll also get notified when you are close to the storage limit. If you have reached your voicemail limit and someone calls you, they will be asked to call back later.

Also, your stored messages will be erased automatically after 30 days, but if you haven’t played a message, it will be sorted for 180 days before being deleted.

How do I check my voicemail on my home phone?

To listen to your messages through standard voicemail or Voicemail Plus, call the 1571 number from your Vodafone landline. If you have just set up your voicemail, you will first hear instructions for using it. Next, your voice messages will be played back to you in a sequence they were received.

To hear your voicemail from a remote location, you need to create a security PIN. Once you have created the PIN, call your Vodafone home landline number and press * after hearing your voicemail greeting message. Next, enter your security PIN and follow the instructions to access your mailbox.


You can activate Vodafone voicemail on your cellphone by calling on 1211, 1212 numbers and then hear the messages by dialing 121.

Vodafone voicemail is also available to landline users and can be set up by calling 08080 034 515. You can check your voicemail for free from your allowance; otherwise, Vodafone standard charges apply for each call to the voice mailbox number.