Are you using Adobe Premiere Pro to export your videos, but the feature is not working? Does the issue occur on both Windows and Mac computers? This guide will explain why you encounter the problem and what troubleshooting steps can help you resolve it.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program and industry-leading computer software that lets you create great video content to export the finished content to a supported format.

After a finished video, the only thing left to do in Premiere Pro is to export the file in the format of your choice. However, quite a few users report that the software either takes forever to export videos or shows an error of some sort on the screen. But first, let’s find out how to export videos and then discuss the relevant issues afterwards.

How do I export my Premiere Pro File?

How do I export my Premiere Pro File?

To export a completed project file from Premiere Pro, do the following steps.

  • First, go to File –> Export –> Media to open the Export Settings window.
  • Now choose “Match sequence settings” to export with the exact settings of your sequence.
  • Alternatively, uncheck the “Match sequence settings” box and select your desired format and codec, e.g., H.264, for web playback.
  • Next, use the preset from the Premiere Pro software. For example, if you export to Youtube, the software has built-in presets in the best-recommended settings. You can also choose a custom sequence and frame rate.
  • Now select the output name to mention the exported file name.
  • Under ‘Video”, check the “Render at Maximum Depth” box to let the software take extra care exporting your project.
  • Select low or high bit rate according to your file size.
  • Finally, choose “Export” to export the sequence right away or use “Queue” to go to “Media Encoder” to add the sequence to a queue.

Why is premiere taking forever to export?

Why is premiere taking forever to export?

If you ask yourself why my Premiere Pro Export is not working or taking forever to export videos, it could be due to any of the following reasons.
  • Your Windows or Mac PC is running out of storage.
  • You are using an outdated version of Adobe Premiere Pro software.
  • There is a problem with the video codec format.
  • You are writing to a folder without the necessary permissions.
  • A temporary glitch in the software or the operating system is causing the exporting error.
  • Other programs on your PC are using your Premiere Pro project file name.

How do I fix Premiere Pro not exporting videos?

How do I fix Premiere Pro not exporting videos?

If the Premiere Pro is not exporting your videos, try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

Restart your PC

A lot of problems are fixed by simply restarting your PC. Therefore, when you encounter an export issue in Premiere Pro, it’s a good idea to close the program and restart your Windows or Mac computer before going for complex procedures. You’ll find it very surprising that a simple restart can help get the issue fixed on its own.

Closing all the other open programs

Other applications on your PC may be using the destination file name that you are trying to export from Premiere Pro. If this is the case, you may see a “File not saved” error. To fix this, close all the suspected programs and relaunch the software.

Changing the format of Video codec

One potential fix for resolving the Adobe Premiere export issue is changing the video codec format. Premiere Pro uses H.264 OR MPEG video codec format by default.

Navigate to the Export Settings and select “QuickTime or “None ” from the drop-down menu to change the format. For “Video codec,” choose the JPEG option for the photo. Afterwards, try to export your sequence and see if this fixes your issue.

Change optimization preference

Another quick way to fix Premiere Pro exporting issue is to change the rendering optimization preferences. To do this, launch the software, go to Edit –> Optimization and rendering for, and select the Memory option. Now apply the changes and retry to export your finished projects.

Check PC storage

If Premiere Pro takes forever to export your videos, your PC may be running out of storage space. To fix the problem, free up some disk space and try again.

Furthermore, try to export the videos on the system’s internal hard disk rather than storing them on an external drive. This way, you can fix the I/O, Disk Full, or Invalid output drive errors as well while exporting your projects.

Assign the necessary permissions

If you are writing into a folder without the necessary permission, you may run into “Unable to create” and export issues. To fix the problem, you need to assign permissions in the following way.

  • Navigate to the location of the folder where you normally save your exports.
  • Next, right-click on the folder, click on Properties, and open the Security tab.
  • Type in your username and click the “Check names” option (If you can’t find your username, click on “Add” to add the user).
  • Go to the “Permissions for username” option and assign “Full Control” permission.

Check Media for file corruption

If Premiere Pro does not export video, it may mean that the whole media file or some of its frames are corrupt. To fix the issue, disable all tracks except one and then export it. Try doing this for all the tracks until you find the one causing the problem.

Afterwards, change the particular project name and export it by removing the corrupted frame. Now create a new file and open the corrupted frame with a new name. Next, open the exported video, import the corrupt frame, and insert it into the finished video. Hopefully, you can export and render the whole video without any problems.


Hopefully, this guide helped you answer the question, “Why is my Premiere Pro Export not working”? If none of the troubleshooting steps fixes your exports, you might be using an outdated Adobe Premium Pro version. Therefore, update the software and get the exporting issue resolved.