If TikTok won’t rewind audio, it could be due to the length of the video you are watching, or you may be trying to rewind your chosen sound to a section that is currently unavailable on TikTok.

Are you trying to rewind your audio with the reverse video edit on the app? If you are, the reverse edit feature is only available for the recording, and not the sound that gets attached.

Have you tried using a third party program to edit your videos before you upload them onto TikTok?

In this easy to follow guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know from why TikTok won’t rewind audio, to how to fix your sounds from cutting out so you can get back to enjoying creating content with the best suited tunes.

Why Won’t TikTok Rewind Audio?

TikTok won't rewind audio

TikTok won’t rewind audio

TikTok is unable to rewind an audio the same time it reverses a video. If you are simply watching another creator’s upload, you can easily rewind the whole video to go back to an earlier stage of the video. However, if you are currently creating, and you want to use the reverse feature, it will apply to the actual recording only.

If you want to simply rewind the audio attached to a video that you are watching, you can go back by pressing the line at the bottom of the video, and scroll it back to where you want to re-watch.

Why do some TikTok videos not give you the option to rewind?

If you are on a video that does not have a line appearing at the bottom, this is because TikTok won’t let you rewind the audio if the content is shorter that one minute.

(Did you know, on average, a TikTok user will spend around 52 minutes on the app in a day. TikTok is an addictive app due to the algorithm it uses to suit a viewers FYP. This is why in 2019 the app implemented advertisements to urge individuals to take a break from watching).

What is a Reverse Video Effect on TikTok?

TikTok won't let me rewind audio

TikTok won’t rewind audio

The reverse video effect on TikTok is a feature where content creatures can edit their recording to play backwards. This is completed in-app and will automatically swap the end of your video to play at the beginning. 

With the reverse video effect, it is important to know that TikTok won’t rewind the audio when you reverse the video. Your sound will play as per normal, and it will only be the content that gets reversed.

Tip, if you want to create a successful reverse video edit, you should use the effect on a recording that involves a clear, concise movement. For example, jumping.

How to Reverse a TikTok Video

Reversing your TikTok video can be completed in a few simple steps;

Step 1. Upload your video or record from TikTok

Step 2. Move onto the next step, and click on ‘Effects’

Step 3. Make any necessary changes and click on ‘Time’

Step 4. Here, the ‘Reverse’ edit will be available for you to select

You will now be able to save your video. Remember, if you attach an audio, there is no audio-video reverse feature available, your sound will stay as per the original cut you have chosen.

If you do need to rewind your audio along with the video, you can use an external app to edit your video.

A good example of a third party app that you can use to edit your audio and video simultaneously is Kapwing.

Why Does TikTok Audio Cut Out?

TikTok won't rewind audio

Why does my TikTok sound cut out?

Your TikTok audio will cut out if there is a system issue with app. It has been reported, that if TikTok has a experienced a bug within its software, it can interfere with the performance of videos playing successfully. This may happen if you have chosen a 60 second video, but the audio stops at 15 seconds. 

Another reason why your TikTok sound keeps cutting off is if you trying to attach an audio to a video that has a shorter length than the tune you have chosen.

The sound will also cut if you exceed the length of the video you have opted for. This could be fifteen or sixty seconds, three minutes and most recently, soon to include ten minute TikTok videos.

When creating your content, you stay within your chosen settings to avoid cuts om your upload.

How to Fix TikTok Audio Cutting Off

Because TikTok could be cutting your audio off due to a system issue, you may need to troubleshoot your application to get rid of any interference that is preventing your video audio’s from playing right through.

The first tip would be to restart your device and launch TikTok again. If this does not do anything, you can complete the following workaround that has been reported by other TikTok users to have fixed the issue when trying to attach an audio to their recording;

Step 1. ‘Favourite’ the sound you are trying to use

Step 2. Remove the sound from your content

Step 3. Complete any edits you want to make

Step 4. Select ‘Add Sound’ and choose your audio from favourites

This should stop TikTok from cutting out.

Make sure your sound is the same length as your video too, as this will prevent TikTok from cutting it out.

Why is TikTok Sound Not Available?

TikTok won't trim audio

Why is TikTok sound not available?

A TikTok audio will not be available for use if it is a copyrighted tune. The app has strict rules on using original sounds only, either from the selection in-app or your own piece of music. If an audio is not available, you may experience the ‘This Sound is Not Available’ error, or the video will be muted.

This can occur on another creators video that has been posted, as well as your own.

You can prevent any problems with an unavailable sound by making sure you are only using the sounds made available to you from TikTok, or using an original sound that is not copyrighted.

If your upload gets muted by TikTok, you will need to delete the video and re-post it with an accepted tune.

For more information on this topic, you can check out one of our other guides here.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand why TikTok won’t rewind audio, and what you can do to edit your recordings to ensure TikTok does not cut your sounds.

Occasionally, the TikTok server can go down, which will interfere with how well the app performs, especially if you are trying to complete any video edits.

If you are having difficulty with TikTok, please make use of the ‘Report a Problem’ feature in the settings section of the mobile app.

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