Does your Oculus Quest have no sound when you’re trying to play a game, or utilise one of the added features?

It’s important to make sure you are connecting headphones that are compatible with your Oculus headset, whether you are using a wired or Bluetooth set.

Connecting your Oculus Quest to a PC is not necessary, however, if you do, you will need to ensure the sound settings have been configured correctly, otherwise your computer will not have the necessary permissions to access the Oculus speakers.

In this easy to follow guide, we will help you understand why your Oculus Quest has no sound, and provide you with simple step by step solutions so you can get the audio back on your VR headset.

Why Is There No Sound on My Oculus Quest?

Oculus Quest no sound

Why can’t I hear anything on my Oculus Quest?

You may encounter no sound coming through your Oculus Quest if its software has not yet been updated. If you keep your Oculus Quest functioning on outdated system software, your device will start experiencing issues such as no sound or audio.

Staying up to date with software updates will help keep the performance of your gaming system at its very best, and ensure all errors that have occurred in the previous firmware version have been rectified.

Other reasons that will cause your Oculus Quest to have no sound include;

1. Oculus Volume is Muted

You may be unaware that your volume setting has been muted, or the sound has been set very low.

If you have connected your Oculus Quest to your PC, the sound settings on the computer could be set incorrectly.

2. Incorrect Oculus Headphones

There may be no audio coming through your Oculus Quest headphones if you are trying to use a set that is not supported.

If your headphones do not have a 3.5mm jack, your VR headset will not be able to transmit the Oculus audio for you to be able to hear.

Alternative headphones that are accepted by Oculus Quest 2 are USB-C ones.

3. Audio Input and Output Settings

Using your Oculus connected to your PC will require you to configure the audio input and output settings to be correct. If this is not set correctly, your Oculus Quest will have no sound.

This will include giving your PC permission to access the Oculus speakers.

4. Oculus Headset is Set to Standby

If your Oculus headset is set to standby and not on normal, the audio will not come through.

How to Fix no Sound on Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest no sound

How to fix Oculus Quest no sound

You can fix your Oculus Quest from having no sound by updating the software on your VR reality headset to the latest available version. This will get rid of any corrupted files on your Oculus Quest that is hindering your device’s performance, and improve the quality of its features. 

Your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 should automatically update its software when an upgrade is available. To ensure your headset gets triggered to update automatically, make sure the following is in check;

  • Make sure your headset is charged
  • The device is switched on
  • Your Wifi network is connected and stable
  • Position your Oculus on a flat surface

You can, however, complete a manual Oculus Quest Software update;

How to update Oculus Quest 2 manually:

Step 1. Turn your headset on

Step 2. Launch the Oculus universal menu by pressing the main button on the right controller

Step 3. Get into ‘Settings’ 

Note, you can press the ‘Clock’ to open the ‘Quick Settings’ menu

Step 4. Choose ‘System’ followed by ‘Software Update’

If an update is available you will be able to choose ‘Download Update’

Other solutions you can execute to resume the sound back on your Oculus Quest are;

1. Unmute Volume Settings

Make sure your volume has not been muted either on your Oculus or your PC if you are using one.

You will be able to unmute your Oculus Quest in the settings section of the headset.

2. Check Oculus Headphones

You need to make sure you are using headphones that are compatible with your Oculus Quest. They need to have a 3.5mm jack and USB-C headphones for Quest 2 only.

If you are trying to use headset microphones, these are currently not accepted by Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

What headphones are compatible with Oculus Quest?

If you have an Oculus Quest 2, additional headphones are compatible compared to the Oculus Quest.

Here is a table to confirm what headphones you can use with your device;

Headphones Quest Quest 2
3.5mm Jack

The Quest 2 supports certain USB-C headphones as well as adapters. If your Oculus Quest 2 has no sound, it could be because you are using headphones that the device cannot support.

Try to stick to one of the following brands of headphones and adapaters;

USB-C Headphones USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter
Pixel Earbuds Google
Samsung Type C Samsung Jack
OnePlus Bullets Apple Jack

Note, if you have inserted two headphones, the set that is plugged into the 3.5mm sound port will work only.

3. Confirm Audio Input and Output Settings

If you have connected your Oculus Quest to your PC with a USB cable, you need to check that your audio input and output settings are set correctly on your PC.

Your computer will need to be given access to your Oculus speakers, otherwise, there will be no sound coming through.

4. Disable Oculus Quest Standby Mode

Is your Oculus Quest on standby? Your VR headset may be set to go into sleep mode at a certain time. This is can be switched off manually;

Step 1. Open ‘Settings’

Step 2. Find and select the ‘Power’ option

Step 3. Amend the ‘Auto Sleep’ timer to off

This should stop your Oculus Quest from going into sleep mode.

A restart of your Oculus Quest is a simple fix for the no sound error. If you hear the startup tone, this will confirm the hardware of your Oculus is fine.

It has been reported that switching your Oculus Quest off and leaving it to charge to 100% can eradicate the no audio problem.

Oculus Quest 2 No Sound When Casting

Oculus Quest no sound

Oculus Quest has no sound when casting

Your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 will experience no sound when casting to your TV if the devices are connected to two different Wifi networks. Your headset and television need to be in sync on the same internet connection to ensure your Oculus can pair successfully. 

If you are making use of the Oculus mobile app, your phone will need to be on the same network too.

What are the requirements to cast from Oculus Quest?

To ensure you can cast from your Oculus Quest to your TV, the minimum requirements need to be met;

  • Your TV needs to be Chromecast compatible
  • Good internet connection
  • Oculus Quest needs to be charged

(Did you know; The Oculus device is a global product. It contains around 300 custom pieces that come from all over the world. This includes the Oculus strap, audio arms, and cables to name just a few. For example, the fabric on the Oculus is from Europe, Asia and the U.S).

Why is There no Sound When I Cast my Oculus Quest to TV?

If there is no audio coming through your TV when you cast from your Oculus Quest, it could be due to the following;

  • Your TV model is not compatible
  • You are trying to record the same time you are casting
  • Minimizing or closing down the Oculus app has interfered with the cast
  • The battery on your Oculus has become too low

When you make use of the casting feature from your Oculus, try to refrain from doing anything else on your devices. This will ensure full functionality.

Does Oculus Quest Support Bluetooth Headphones?

VR Headset

Oculus Quest Bluetooth headphones

Oculus Quest does support the use of Bluetooth headphones. It has, however, been advised that cable connected headphones are preferred as making use of a wireless pair can cause your audio to become out of sync, and potentially be a catalyst for your Oculus Quest to have no sound if the connection gets interfered with. 

If you do want to make use of Bluetooth headphones instead of the standard wired option, you can connect them to your Oculus Quest with these simple steps;

Step 1. Launch the ‘Settings’ menu on your Oculus

Step 2. Open the ‘Experimental Features’ option

Note, Make sure your Bluetooth headphones are turned on so they can be found

Step 3. Click on the ‘Pair’ button beside ‘Bluetooth Pairing’

Step 4. Choose your device from the list provided

Your headphones should now be paired to your headset. Keep in mind, if your Oculus Quest has no sound, it will probably be due to your Bluetooth headphones being incompatible.


With this guide, we hope you now understand why your Oculus Quest had no sound, and that you were able to bring your audio back with one of the four easy solutions provided.

It’s vital that you use compatible headphones for your Oculus Quest, whether they are wired or Bluetooth.

If the Oculus Quest has no audio problem persists, we suggest you check out the Oculus Support Page. Here, you should be able to find your answer to any query or concern you may have.

Please note, if the Oculus server is down, you may experience problems loading their support page, or completing standard functions on your Quest.

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