Does your PS5 have no sound when it’s connected to your TV?

If you have headphones connected to your console, this will stop the audio from being transmitted through your television. Do you have the 3D Audio mode enabled on your console?

There are quite a few reasons why your PS5 has no sound, however, they can all be rectified.

For example, if your PS5 HDMI cable is damaged, you can replace it. We have included the recommended PS5 cable for you to purchase to ensure you get the best quality.

In this simple directory, we will explain why your PS5 has no sound, and provide you with all the solutions that will help you fix this problem so you can get back to enjoying the 3D audio features from Assassins Creed or Demon’s Souls.

Why Does My PS5 Have No Sound?

PS5 no sound

Why does my PS5 have no sound?

Your PS5 will have no sound when it is connected to a TV if you have configured your TV correctly to output the audio coming from your PlayStation. This will occur if your sound input and output settings are incorrect on your TV and PlayStation. Both devices’ settings need to correlate with each other. 

Have you checked if your TV is currently muted? This could be why your PS5 has no sound. Other causes for your Sony console to have no audio include;

1. Faulty PS5 HDMI Cable

If your PS5 is connected to your TV with a faulty HDMI cable, the sound will not be transmitted successfully.

This includes the HDMI port on your TV. Your PS5 will include a 2.1 enabled HDMI cable. If your TV does not have a 2.1 supported port, this may be causing interference with your sound.

2. Incorrect HDMI Mode

PlayStation users have reported that they experienced their PS5 to have no sound through their TV when it was set to the HDMI ‘Enhanced’ mode instead of ‘Standard’.

3. PS5 3D Audio Enabled

Not all PS5 games support 3D audio. If you have this feature enabled on your PS5, your sound may become irregular on certain games, and cause the no sound error.

4. Interfered PS5 Software Update

If your PS5 has recently had a firmware update, your system may include corrupted software if the update was disrupted, or contained faulty files.

This can interfere with the performance of your Sony PlayStation, and cause you to have sound issues.

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How to Fix PS5 No Sound

PS5 No Sound

How to fix PS5 no sound

You can fix your PS5 having no sound by checking the input and output audio settings have been configured correctly on your TV, as well as your PS5. On your PS5, your sound output should be selected on your TV or external speakers. The audio input setting on your TV should be on your PS5.

Make sure your TV is not muted, or that the sound has been set extremely low as this could be why your PS5 has no sound.

Other solutions you can act to bring the audio back on your PS5 include;

1. Check PS5 HDMI Cable

First, check to see if your PS5 HDMI cable is damaged or faulty. You can do this by using it on a different device to see if it works.

Swap to a different HDMI port to see if it could be the port that is causing the problem with your sound. If your HDMI cable is still not working, you will need to replace it.

If your TV does not support a 2.1 HDMI port, try to make use of a 1.4 port.

2. Change HDMI Mode

Other PlayStation users have fixed their PS5 from having no sound by changing the HDMI mode on their TV from ‘Enhanced’ to ‘Standard’.

3. Disable PS5 3D Audio Mode

Some PS5 video games will not work on 3D audio mode so this setting could cause issues with the sound when you want to play.

Step 1. Open the ‘Settings’ menu

Step 2. Press the ‘Sound’ and then ‘Audio Output’

Step 3. Find the ‘Enable 3D Audio’ option and untick it

Save your amendments. Turn your PS5 off and restart it to refresh your console.

4. Update PS5 Software

If the last system update performed on your PS5 was disrupted or included corrupted software, it is recommended to amend this software version.

For extensive steps on how to update your PS5 system software, you can follow the PlayStation support guide.

5. Reset TV

Thanks to Reddit, the method of resetting your TV has helped fix ample PS5 users from experiencing no sound.

Step 1. Press down on the ‘Power’ button

You should now be given the option to ‘Reset’ or ‘Power Off’

Step 2. Select ‘Reset’

Step 3. After your TV has rebooted, make sure the input setting is configured to your PS5

Your TV should not have audio.

Replace PS5 HDMI Cable

PS5 no sound

Replace PS5 HDMI cable

If your PS5 has no sound because your HDMI cable is damaged, you will need to replace it if you do not already have a spare one readily available for you to use. To ensure clear audio and high image quality, you should look at purchasing an 8K cable.

Most TVs have a 2.1 HDMI port to support the cable that comes with your PS5. If your TV is a 2.1 port enables, you should look at purchasing a 2.1 HDMI cable.

Amazon has such an HDMI cable that you can purchase. You can check it out here. You will be able to select your desired length depending on how far your PlayStation is placed from your TV.

Why Should you use a 2.1 for PS5?

A 2.1 HDMI cable supports a higher frame rate of up to 120Hz for your display. This means, your image can change 120 times in one second.

This creates a higher quality display and a faster response time so you can play your fast-paced games without experiencing a delayed image.

For a more in-depth guide on your PS5 running on 120Hz, we have this guide for you.

Can You Replace PS5 HDMI Port?

PlayStation console

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

You can replace the HDMI port on your PS5 console. Besides the PS5 HDMI cable is faulty, the HDMI port on your PS5 can be damaged too. If it is faulty, or an internal component of it has broken, a functioning HDMI cable will not work. Even though the port is pretty much built into your console, you can fix it.

If your HDMI port is damaged, a trained professional can easily replace the component for you.

Should you replace the PS5 port on your own?

If you’re an individual that prefers to fix your electronic devices yourself, you can purchase your replacement HDMI ports on Amazon specifically for your PS5. It is, however, important to keep in mind that the HDMI port will need to be soldered.

You can check out PS5 HDMI ports on Amazon here.

Why is My PS5 Sound Delayed?

Playing video games

Why is there latency on my PS5?

The sound on your PS5 may be delayed if your console and TV are not connected to a stable network. For the audio to be transmitted successfully through your console, there cannot be any internet interferences as this will cause issues with your audio output.  

Are you making use of an external speaker? If you are, this can sometimes interfere with the sound coming from your PS5.

Other reasons why your PS5 has a sound delay include;

  • Faulty HDMI cable
  • PS5 software update required
  • A headset is connected to your PlayStation 5
  • Wireless Bluetooth connection (eg Dualsense controller) is interfering with the audio

You can prevent your PS5 from having delayed audio by completing the following tips;

  • Check HDMI cable
  • Update PS5 system
  • Remove additional devices connected to your console
  • Connect your controller with the cable

Tip, refresh your network connection by rebooting your Wifi router. This can help improve your internet speeds and establish a stronger connection for your PS5.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now have a better understanding of why your PS5 had no sound, why the audio may have been delayed, and that you were able to fix these issues with the solutions we have provided.

If you find that your PS5 HDMI cable is damaged, the link provided will direct you to Amazon’s choice for the best suited cable to use with your PlayStation.

In a more serious case, there could be an error with your PS5’s hardware. Here, you will be able to troubleshoot your console with PlayStation’s support page to get a clear diagnosis.

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