Are you having a problem with your MacBook Pro showing a grey screen and no Apple logo? Have you tried rebooting the system and even tried unplugging everything but the problem still won’t go away? Well, you’re in luck as we have some easy steps to help you fix it.

Sometimes, your computer may stall and won’t progress any further after booting up. Depending on your MacBook model, the screen may turn green, black, or grey with or without the Apple logo. 

MacBook problems are more common than you would think. So before you start spending a lot of money by taking your Macbook Pro to a technician at one of those expensive repair shops, let’s just run through a few steps to see if we can get you through this issue on your own. 

What are the Reasons behind the Macbook Pro Grey Screen No Logo?

MacBook Pro Grey Screen No Logo

Following are the few reasons that can result in the Apple grey screen display.

Outdated Firmware

Occasionally, the little red icon in Macbook Pro tells you to update the outdated firmware. These updates are important not only for the safety and security of your device and data but also to make sure that your MacBook runs smoothly.

Updates that Apple pushes out to their MacBooks will address these kinds of grey screen errors. So always make sure that you have the latest updates and firmware installed on your MacBook Pro.

Low Memory and Disk Space

Just like the updates, low memory and disk space can prevent your Macbook Pro from booting up properly. It’s quite possible that your MacBook may not be running on the recommended disk space and memory especially if you have just installed a new version of Mac OS. 

Therefore, you can fall victim to errors like the grey screen if your system is performing at its maximum capacity while running on less than recommended specs.

Malfunctioning or Corrupted Softwares and Apps

MacBook OS has an auto startup list. During the boot process, apps follow the directories in the list to start themselves up. If these apps start to malfunction, it could result in a grey screen at startup.

Faulty Startup Drive

Before you can access the main interface of your MacBook OS, you have to switch your MacBook on and get past the boot screen. The drive on which the Mac OS is installed can malfunction due to software or hardware damage.

In this case, the drive won’t get recognized and won’t be bootable which can cause the grey screen error to show up at startup.

Bad Peripherals

If a peripheral device attached to your MacBook Pro malfunctions, it can prevent its ability to continue the startup sequence. External peripheral devices can include:

  • Ethernet cables
  • External mouse
  • External keyboards
  • Audio in and out cables
  • Headphones

How can you Fix the MacBook Pro Grey Screen with No Logo?

MacBook Pro Grey Screen No Logo

Let’s take a look at a few of the DIY fixes for the grey screen on a MacBook Pro.

Remove External Peripherals

  • Turn off your MacBook Pro and remove all the external peripherals devices
  • Power on your Macbook Pro
  • If you don’t see the grey screen and turn off your MacBook again
  • Connect each peripheral one at a time to single out the device that may be responsible for the issue 
  • Replace the malfunctioning peripheral device

Utilizing Disk Utility to Fix MacBook Pro Grey Screen No Logo

Disk utility can handle almost everything related to Macbook Pro errors. Here are a few steps you can follow.

  • Shut down your MacBook Pro
  • Start the MacBook with Command + R keys
  • OS X utilities will appear
  • Navigate to Disk Utility and click on it
  • On the left, select the default drive on which MacBook OS is installed
  • Click on Verify Disk and let the process complete
  • Reboot your MacBook pro and verify the fix

Safe Boot

Safe boot lets you boot up your MacBook Pro and load a minimum number of kernel extensions and get rid of small errors. 

  • Press down on your Macbook Pro power button with the shift key
  • Don’t let go of the buttons until your MacBook restarts
  • Now, MacBook will start in safe mode
  • Press Shift+Command+V to get into verbose mode until the desktop is visible
  • Start your MacBook Pro from the Apple menu at the top left of your screen to confirm the fix

Reset PRAM and NVRAM 

Some persistent settings may be stored in the PRAM & NVRAM that can be due to the corrupted third-party apps. This can cause the grey screen but there is an easy fix for this.

  • Hold Command+option+P+R keys for 20 seconds before the grey screen appears
  • This will reset the PRAM and NVRAM on your MacBook Pro
  • Reattach all peripheral devices and restart the Mac to confirm the fix

MacBook Pro Hard Reset To Get Rid of Grey Screen and No Logo

If you have followed all the above-mentioned and are still stuck with the grey screen issue, you may need to do a hard reboot. The hard reboot will reset your computer back to factory settings. However, you have to install data recovery as hard boot will clear everything in your system.

  • Install “Recoverit” data recovery software
  • Select the default drive on which the Mac OS is installed on the recovery software
  • Click on start so that the software can scan your drive
  • Select the files that are lost and reformatted
  • Select recover to recover all files
  • Point the recovered files to an external hard drive
  • Format your computer and install clean OS
  • Restore your recovered data from an external Hard drive to the MacBook Pro default drive


We hope that this troubleshooting guide helps you in fixing your MacBook grey screen error. If none of the troubleshooting steps works, you can get in touch with an Apple Store authorized service centre. They can fix your hardware related issues that are causing the grey screen with no Apple logo.