Have you encountered the Fortnite rule number 34, and you’re not quite sure what it means?

Rule 34 is one of the many Fortnite unwritten rules that have been created online for the players of the game. Along with the standard community rules and guidelines, it is essential that users do not go against these as your account can be banned.

In this easy to follow directory, we will explain what the Fortnite rule number 34 is, as well as all the other unofficial rules that players need to abide by. If you are unsure of what the Fortnite guidelines are, we have included them in this guide, so you can stay aware, and play without being reported.

What is Fortnite Rule Number 34?

The Fortnite rule number 34 will imply that there is adult content circulating online that is associated with the game. Rule number 34 is not only connected to Fortnite, but with every other video game and seems to be accepted within the Epic Games content guidelines. 

The Fortnite rule number 35 is linked to rule 34. If you see rule 35, this will advise that although rule 34 is not applicable right now, it will be in the near future.

There is an ample number of rules associated with Fortnite, so what are Fortnite rules?

Fortnite rules are an unofficial set of guidelines that need to be followed by Fortnite players to keep the game’s culture within the code of conduct of playing respectfully.

It’s important to be aware of Fortnite’s main rules, and what they mean so you, as a player can ensure you stay within the necessary requirements. This will avoid disqualification and being penalized.

What Are The Fortnite Rules?

Fortnite rule number 34

What are the Fortnite rules?

Besides the Fortnite rule number 34, there is a set of main Fortnite rules that have been created to ensure fair, and respectful play amongst the Fortnite Battle Royale users. Even though these are an unwritten set of rules, they are stuck to, and if they aren’t players will need to deal with the consequences.

Here is a summarised breakdown of what the unofficial Fortnite rules are;

Fortnite Rule Number 12

This rule warns players that what they say can be used against them. This is to get users to think before they say their comment, whether verbal or in the in-game chat.

Fortnite Rule Number 13

Similar to rule 12, Fortnite number 13 advises players that anything said can be changed in to an alternative form of communication, eg; a meme.

Fortnite Rule Number 23

This rule requires any plans made needs to be accepted by the squad before action can take place. This could be a decision to kick a team member, what mode to play in, or the desired location to play in.

Fortnite Rule Number 24

This rule gives all players the right to step in when they want to. This could be during a shootout that is already taking place.

Even though a player can join near the end of a battle with full health compared to every other player, it must be accepted without animosity.

Fortnite Rule Number 30

This rule is meant to prevent women from playing online. Rule 30 is not one that is adhered to, as there are countless women who join Fortnite.

Fortnite Rule Number 31

You have to be at least 13 years of age to be able to join tournaments and invitational matches. If it comes to light that a player is not 13 years old in a tournament, there can be serious repercussions.

Fortnite Rule Number 32

Fortnite rule 32 requires players to have supporting evidence if they want to boast about a grand head-shot, or completed many kills in one game.

Proof can be a screenshot or gameplay footage. If you can’t prove what you’re saying, it’s best to not say anything at all.

Fortnite Rule Number 33

This rule advises players to abstain from making countless remarks in a game. This is to prevent offensive comments and hurting other users’ feelings.

Fortnite Rule Number 37

Rule 37 implies that another player has had a worse experience than you.

For example, you may have lost a battle due to a lagging error, but another play did not receive their credit because they got disconnected from the Fortnite server.

This rule helps put things in perspective for users.

Fortnite Rule Number 63

This rule implies that the characters in Fortnite have a gender-swap version of themselves that are available.

(Fun Fact; As we know, Fortnite characters can perform victory dances during the game, one of which is called ‘Floss’. This dance was banned in a Primary school in Devon, England because they felt it was celebrating mass execution of humans in the game).

This could be a female version of Blue Squire that has been created by another player that is on the web.

Fortnite Rule Number 64

Rule number 64 advises players that there are other versions of Fortnite out in the web. This could be another universe that co-exists in the game.

Fortnite Rule Number 69

This rule number will appear during a game to urgent players to respond in a pleasant manner.

Number 69 is included not only in-game but on different online social media platforms.

Fortnite Code of Conduct

Fortnite rule number 34

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Besides the Fortnite unwritten rules, the game does have a set of community guidelines that players need to stick to prevent suspension or permanent bans. The Fortnite Code of Conduct outlines how players should interact in-game to ensure the safety and respect of each individual user across the platform.

What are the Fortnite community rules?

Community Rule Description
Personal Info You can’t share other users’ personal information. Only display names’ are allowed. Refrain from giving your own details too.
Intolerance and Discrimination Hate and discrimination towards others is not tolerated
Bullying and Harassment You need to respect other players during chat, battles and creating
Impersonation You cannot impersonate another user. You cannot take credit for someone else’s creation
Cheating and Trolling Play fairly and refrain from advertising cheats or bugs
Dangerous or Illegal Activities You should not participate in dangerous or illegal activities. This includes gambling, drug use or phishing to name a few
Scams and Deceptive Practices Taking advantage of other players is frowned upon
Inappropriate Content Stay away from posting inappropriate content that will prevent them from having a positive experience

Fortnite has outlined their community guidelines, however, even though not everything is listed, players should use their discretion.

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What Happens If I Get Reported on Fortnite?

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If you or another players gets reported for going against Fortnite’s community guidelines and rules, Epic Games will take action on your account depending on what you have done. If you have been reported because you have not followed their code of conduct, your account can be banned temporarily or permanently.

Going against the rules in a tournament can result in a temporary ban that can last up to 30 days. This will depend on each specific case, and will vary depending on your actions.

If you get reported for something not so serious, or it is your first time offence, you may just get a warning.

A permanent ban will come into effect if you have been reported multiple times, or you have been caught cheating.

Note, even though you may be banned on Fortnite, you will still be able to join other Epic Games.

If you need help reporting another player, you can click here for a step by step guide.


With this in-depth guide on Fortnite’s unwritten rules and community guidelines, we hope you now know what the Fortnite rule number 34 is, along with all the others, so you can keep playing Fortnite without any potential reports against your account.

We do suggest you save this guide as a favourite so it is easily accessible when you need to recap on all the different rules.

If you are having any issues logging in to Fortnite, there may be an issue with the Fortnite server. If their server is operating fine, you can contact Fortnite Support directly by logging in and submitting a ticket.

(Quiz Time; What Fortnite dance has been banned in Devon? Complete our online form with your answer and details included).