Do you want to know the rankings of each Age of Empires 4 player on the game’s leaderboard? Are you a newcomer and don’t know how the AOE4 leaderboard works and ranks the players? This comprehensive guide will explain the mechanics of the game ranking system and its top achievers in detail.

The latest installment of the Age of Empires series is getting a lot of attention. Thousands of players are flocking towards the game on Steam, and it’s off to a flyer. At the time of this article’s publication, the game had over 74000 concurrent players. That’s a higher player count than Vermintide 2, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, or Garry’s Mod.

Now that the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard is live and you can view each player’s Elo score and latest rankings, it is time to know how the whole ranking system works and improve your ranks.

What is a gaming leaderboard?

What is a gaming leaderboard?

The leaderboard term is often used in the gaming industry to establish rank among players who play various titles. Players are ranked against other players based on their achievements. Examples of such cases would be the total number of kills or items collected.

Overall, leaderboards can provide a sensation of pride, recognition, and accomplishment to the players to improve their gains.

In Age of Empires 4, you can view the player’s ranking position region-wise (Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, or Africa). Furthermore, you can select the Global option to see who is the absolute best worldwide.

You can further narrow down the ranking of each player by selecting the player vs. player (1V1, 2V2, 3V3, or 4V4) option. Also, you can choose the leaderboard results to be shown against player vs. AI (Matches against AOE4 Artificial intelligent computers) or amongst other players.

Additionally, the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard states a ranking player’s total win ratio and the longest winning streak records. The most deciding factor for a player to become ranked number 1 in Age of Empires 4 is its Elo score. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What is Elo In the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard?

What is Elo In the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard?

The Elo rating system is a unique way of calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games where one player’s gain is equivalent to another player’s loss. Therefore, the net change in wealth or benefit is zero.

For example, Poker is an excellent example of a zero-sum game where the sum of the amounts won by some players equals the combined losses of the others. Other games such as Tennis, where there is one winner and one loser, are also zero-sum games.

Elo system is named after a Hungarian-Americal physics professor named Arpad Elo. The Elo system was introduced to replace the earlier Harkness system to improvise the chess-rating system. The same system defines the rating system for multiplayer competition in numerous video games, such as Age of Empires 4.

How 1v1 Elo system works?

The whole ELO concept is that your rating should capture your expected win chance against another player.
It’s not that a 2000 rated player is twice as good as a 1000 rated one, but instead is all about probabilities.
For example, a 100 point gap represents a 63 chance that the stronger player wins. That’s true of a 700 versus 600, 1100 versus 1000, or 2400 versus 2300. Only the absolute difference between ratings is what’s important.
Likewise, a 200 point gap means the stronger player has a 75 chance, and only the absolute difference between ratings is what’s important. Essentially, what an Elo rating system does when it matches a 1200 and 1400 player is, say, three-quarters of the time, the 1400 players should win.

What is the K Factor?

If the 1400 player wins, they get one-quarter of the maximum number of points traded, called the k factor. For one versus one game, we believe the k factor is  32 points. So, in this case, the 1400 player would win a quarter of 32 or 8 points. Likewise, the 1200 player would lose that same amount.

That’s a relatively small number compared to 32 because this was supposed to happen if everyone’s rating was correct. If the unexpected were to occur and the 1200 rated player won, there was a 75 percent chance of that not happening.

That’s not a coincidence. If player ratings are incorrect and both 1300 players are really in disguise, we’d expect each to win half the time. As they play more and more games, the lower-rated player is getting disproportionately more points each time they win until the two have the same rating.

It’s a self-correcting system and also one that’s nice for not having a long memory.

What is the average Elo aoe4?

That’s true even if new players entering are consistently below average in skill level. That’s why despite a significant increase over the last year in ranked players and overall skill level, the average Age of Empires 4 Elo score is still 1000.

How often does the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard reset?

How often does the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard reset?

A the time of writing, the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard has been reset twice the early access. However, it’s only been a couple of days since the game’s launch, and we expect the leaderboard to reset daily or every other two days from now on.

Once the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard resets continuously, you’ll see new players grabbing the top position. It’s an ongoing battle for supremacy. Therefore, you should expect a different result every time you visit the fame leaderboard.

Who is the best Age of Empires 4 player?

Who is the best Age of Empires 4 player?

Age of Empires 4 leaderboard updates every couple of days and lets you know which player is heading the chart. Let’s look at the top 10 (Global quick match 1V1) players on Age of Empires 4.

Top 5 players on Age of Empires 4 leaderboard

  • MarineLorD is currently leading the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard with a 1630 Elo score and three winning streaks. His win rate is 78.02%, with 71 wins and 20 losses out of 91 games.
  • RecoN is trailing behind MarineLorD with an Elo score of 1609 and a win rate of 92% with ten winning streaks.
  • Top Khan is another excellent Age of Empires 4 player who has grabbed the top spot in the leaderboard a couple of times. With a win rate of 92%, 1609 Elo score, and six winning streaks, odds are looking great for him.
  • With 27 wins and five losses out of 32 games, PandaBearMeSC is a serious threat to their other Age of Empires 4 players.
  • Age of Empires fan base is familiar with TheMista’s capabilities to shift things around in the game. He is currently a top player with a win rate of 90.59% and 1592 Elo score.

Top Age of Empires 4 players rooting for #1 ranking

  • LucifroN7 currently stands almost in the middle of our top 10 Age of Empires 4 players list. He has three winning streaks so far, with a win ratio of 85.29% and an impressive 1587 Elo score.
  • Age of Empires 4 fans have not heard much of DehliSMLE, but he is gaining positions every day on the leaderboard. He is currently in our top 10 list with a 92% win rate, three winning streaks, and 1579 Elo score.
  • IamTheGUY is another consistent player on Age of Empires 4. Since the game launch, he has given other players a good run for their money with an average win rate of 75% and 1568 Elo score.
  • VortiX got three winning streaks under his belt with a win ratio of 85.29% that came from 29 wins and five losses out of 34 games so far. His Elo score matches IamTheGUY. We believe that a few more wins can lead him to the top of the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard ranking.
  • Last but not least, BuzZ_Bleys is proving to be a hidden gem. He is currently battling with DehliSMLE to dethrone him. So far, BuzZ_Bleys has an 83.72% win ratio with 36 wins and seven losses out of 43 PvP matches. Shy of just two points to ImTheGUY and VortiX, his Elo score stands at 1566.

Is Viper the best AoE4 player?

Orjan Larsen aka The Viper, born December 13, 1991) is a Norwegian player known for his great macro and unit control, decision making, and game capabilities.

After becoming an active player in 2010, he has won more tournaments than any other player in Age of Empires 2. If you look at Viper’s past performance and recent AOE4 game videos, he is getting better and better in the latest Age of Empires 4.  Let’s look at his earnings to date to his age at the time of winnings.

Viper’s Age Total Earnings
19 Years $434
20 Years $2,176
21 Years $8,169
22 Years $2,944
23 Years $16,689
24 Years $3,229
25 Years $12,669
26 Years $14,290
27 Years $19,803
28 Years $46,098
29 Years $62,168


We don’t currently see Viper on the Age of Empires 4 top 10 players list as the game is still new. However, we know what Viper can do after he gets into his winning zone. Let’s wait for a couple of weeks and see where he ends up on the game leaderboard.


Now that you know all about how the Age of Empires 4 leaderboard works, we hope that you’ll buy and start playing the game. Who knows? You can be the one leading the game rankings. However, we recommend learning from the top players mentioned in this guide and following their tactics to outplay other players. Good Luck!