Does Zoom keep signing you out every time you log into your account before you can join a meeting or host a conference call?

This setback will occur if you log into your profile on more than one computer, or if you delete the Zoom cookies saved from your web browser.

Signing out of Zoom on all platforms, and logging back in on only the necessary devices will prevent Zoom from kicking you out of your profile.

This guide will expand more on why Zoom keeps signing you out, as well as provide you with a few easy solutions that will help stop you from experiencing this setback on your video communications app.

Why does Zoom keep signing me out?

Zoom keeps signing me out

Why does Zoom keep logging me out?

Zoom will keep signing you out if you are logged in to additional devices over and above the allowed threshold. This means you can be logged in to your profile on one computer, tablet and phone at any given time. If you access your Zoom account on a second device of the same platform, the application will automatically log you out. 

If your Zoom account is logged in on only one device at a time, the app may be signing you out due to the following reasons;

Reason 1. Zoom stay signed in is not enabled

Zoom has a ‘Stay Signed In’ option that will keep your account logged in on your device for ninety days without needing to enter your login credentials to access your profile.

If you did not select this option, Zoom will keep your account logged in for around two hours if you do not close the browser. Closing your browser will therefore log you out of your profile.

Reason 2. Its been 30 days without activity

If you do not access your account within thirty days, Zoom will automatically log you out of your account for security measures.

Other users on Zoom will see your profile as ‘inactive’.

Reason 3. Zoom browser cookies deleted

You may have selected the option to ‘Keep Me Signed In’  so you do need to log in every time you access Zoom from the web.

If, however, you have deleted all cookies from your web browser, it will erase your saved credentials, and you will need to re-enter your details.

(Did you know; When the founder of Zoom (Eric Yuan) left his current company in 2011 because they rejected his idea of a video conferencing app that could be used on a mobile, he created a new company called ‘Saasbee Inc’ which then became ‘Zoom’ in 2012).

How to keep signed in on Zoom

Zoom keeps signing me out

How to fix Zoom logging me out

To stay signed in on Zoom, you will need to make sure you have not gone over the maximum number of devices that you can be signed in on at the same time. Each device is allowed only one logged in account. You will need to log out of any second device that you have tried to access your profile on.

To make this clearer;

  • Only one computer, tablet/iPad and mobile device can be logged into your Zoom account simultaneously
  • Log out of the second device from the same platform (eg; you cannot have two mobile’s signed in to Zoom)

This will ensure Zoom does not automatically log you out of one of your devices.

If you are unsure of what devices you have logged in to your Zoom account on, you can complete the ‘Log out of all devices on the app.

(Fix 1.) How to sign out of all devices on Zoom

Step 1. Sign in to your Zoom account through your browser

Step 2. Select ‘Profile’

Step 3. Scroll down until you see ‘Sign Me Out From All Devices’ under ‘Linked Accounts’

Step 4. Click this and confirm

Zoom keeps signing me out

You will now be able to log into your Zoom account on your necessary devices.

Following on from this solution, if Zoom is still signing you out, you can try one of these simple fixes;

Fix 2. Re-enable ‘Keep Me Signed In’

You will need to re-enable the ‘Keep Me Signed In’ setting on Zoom if you have logged out of all devices, or your account was automatically signed out of.

How to enable ‘Keep Me Signed in’ on Zoom:

Step 1. Launch Zoom

Step 2. Enter your verified email address and password

Step 3. Before clicking ‘Sign In’, tick ‘Keep Me Signed In’

screenshotYour Zoom profile should now stay logged in, even after you shut down the app.

If you clear your Zoom cookies off your browser, you will need to complete this step to regain the data onto your device.

Fix 3. Stay active on your Zoom account

To prevent Zoom from logging you out of your account because of inactivity, make sure you access your profile within thirty days.

This will show Zoom that you are using your account and do not need to expire your automatic sign-in option.

How long does Zoom stay logged in?

Your Zoom status will show you as ‘Active’ (a green symbol by your name) for as long as you are making use of the app. The default setting on Zoom is to change your activity status to ‘Away’ (an orange symbol) once you have been inactive for fifteen minutes.

Zoom will keep you logged in while updating your ‘presence status’. You can change the amount of time you need to be idle before Zoom changes your profile to ‘Away’.

How to change presence status in Zoom:

Step 1. On the Zoom home screen, click on the ‘Settings’ icon

Step 2. From the left side panel, select ‘Chat’

Step 3. Under ‘Chat Settings’ you will be able to amend the time frame from the drop-down menu


Zoom will automatically update your changes.

How do I fix Zoom sign in?

If you are having trouble accessing your Zoom account because the app won’t log you in, you can execute the following tips to get you back into the online video communication service;

  • Sign in with the SSO option (Single Sign-On) if you have a business account
  • Log in on a different device
  • Check you do not have security settings blocking Zoom
  • Update the app
  • Reinstall Zoom

You can also check the Zoom service status to see if there are issues with their server that may interfere with your device signing into your account.


With this guide, we hope you were able to stop Zoom from signing you out of your account, and that you now know what can cause this issue to transpire so you can avert it from occurring again in the near future.

If you are concerned about the performance of your Zoom service, you can contact their Technical Support team by filling out a Web Ticket or by speaking to Zoom’s virtual chatbot, called ‘Bolt’. To chat to Bolt, you can click on the round message icon on their web page. 

For any other queries that you think we will be able to assist you with, drop us a comment and we will be sure to look into it for you.