Have you been getting a Zoom Error Code 3038? Are you annoyed that you can’t join your online class or meeting? If so, we’ll do our best to make sure you can get back on track with your remote schedule.

The recent pandemic had created several unfortunate circumstances for the everyday person. Supplies were drying up, and unemployment was on the rise due to lockdowns and restrictions by the government. Many people were struggling to find a work environment without compromising their safety.

In came the rise of video conference applications with Zoom at its forefront. With Zoom and other similar video conference applications, the now familiar remote work and online education trend began. Zoom had amassed millions of downloads in a short period, and workload on their servers increased, resulting in many errors, including the Zoom Error Code 3038.

What is Zoom Error Code 3038?

Women holdinh head over zoom error code 3038

Zoom has several labeled errors that denote problems directly to the user instead of keeping you in the dark and guessing. One such is Error Code 3038.

The webinar or conference call you are trying to join has ended or expired

At any given moment, Zoom is handling thousands of calls simultaneously. To join said call, you would need an invite link or a code to the webinar. If you use these when the call or webinar is not online or active, you’ll most likely face Zoom Error Code 3038.

Why did I get Zoom Error Code 3038? 

Zoom meeting before error code 3038

Other than the aforementioned reason, several other factors may lead you to encounter this error, such as:

  • Unstable internet connection
  • Delay in automatic start of the webinar
  • Server issues
  • Outdated app
  • Cache in multitasking
  • Device issue

If you have encountered the this error, then by following the subsequent steps, you can get back into your Zoom webinar without missing a minute of your Zoom meeting.

How do I get rid of Zoom Error Code 3038?

Man resolving Zoom error code 3038

Check-in with the meeting host

The meeting host in a Zoom webinar is the individual who has organized and set up the call. A Zoom webinar usually begins after the meeting hosts arrive. Most of the time, individuals who are early are placed on a temporary waiting page. 

However, there may be cases where you can get prompted by a Zoom Error Code 3038 instead of redirecting to the waiting page. To ensure this is not the case, contact your meeting host through other means and confirm whether the meeting has begun or not.

Wait for a couple of minutes

Due to the heavy workload that Zoom is handing in this day and age, there is a lot of processing in the background. When the meeting hosts start the meeting, it can take from seconds to up to several minutes for all members to join the webinar, especially if it’s a large meeting up to 1000 individuals. 

It’s best to wait for a few minutes while the webinar handles its workload, and eventually your turn in the queue will come.

Server issues delays

sign showing expect delays text

As mentioned above, Zoom servers take on huge workloads. When multiple large meetings are in order around the globe, even Zoom servers can crash. These crashes can lead to server errors like Error Code 1054 and Error Code 5003.

Zoom Error Code 3038 is no exception to this mishap. So, if you’re getting this error, the majority of  users are probably getting it too. It’s best to wait until Zoom fixes its servers and brings them back online.

Update to the latest version of Zoom

post-it zoom update written

Sometimes an outdated version of the app is responsible for a number of problems that may have been fixed in the future. Therefore, make sure you have your Zoom app updated by checking into the Play Store or App Store on your phone. Alternatively, for upgrading Zoom on a laptop or PC, click here.

Clear multitasking

Clogging of RAM can occur if you use multiple apps at the same time. This can cause unknown glitches in your device such as causing Zoom to prompt you with Error Code 3038. To solve this, clear your multitasking tab. 

You can access this by double-tapping the home button/swiping up on your iPhone, or pressing the bottom left button on your Android device. Tap to clear all apps. After that, reopen your Zoom app, and you will be able to access your webinar. 

You can go one step ahead and restart your device. Restart puts your RAM in a refreshed state, and any cache that may be causing you problems will be cleared in a reboot.

Final thoughts

If your issue of Zoom Error Code 3038 persists after following our comprehensive guide, then don’t hesitate to contact Zoom customer support. We hope this guide helped you in rushing back to your webinar.

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