Attempting to use YouTube on your iPhone shouldn’t be an issue, but what about when it is? Apps are prone to having problems, but what about when the issues seem to be related to your device. If you’re having issues accessing YouTube on iPhone, here are some key things to consider and how to go about fixing the YouTube won’t load on iPhone issue.

YouTube won’t load on iPhone – How to fix this?

If your iPhone has issues playing YouTube videos, there could be several solutions to this. Check your network settings first, and if you aren’t connected to the internet, the YouTube app won’t load correctly. If you go into your settings, you can reset your device’s internet connection.

To do this go into settings > general > reset. From here, you will find an option to reset network settings. This will not delete any of your data on your phone; it will just forget the network it’s connected to, so you can reconnect. If you do this, you will likely need to enter your wifi password before trying to reconnect. 

YouTube won’t load on iPhone 6

YouTube won't load on iPhone

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Due to the age of the iPhone 6, you may assume that running apps such as video-based software may struggle. Nevertheless, YouTube should still work on an iPhone 6 as it can still run the latest iOS software. When the iOS software becomes outdated, this is when issues may occur.

If your YouTube app isn’t loading on your iPhone 6, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. When you reinstall the app, you will be downloading the latest version of the app. You may find that you have to sign in to Google again if your iPhone isn’t set up to remember who you are.

To remove an app on iPhone all you need to do is:

  • Hold down on the app icon on your home screen.
  • Eventually, it will wobble, and an ‘X’ will appear in the top right-hand corner.
  • Press the ‘X,’ and it will give you the option to delete the app. 
  • To check it’s been deleted, search the app by pulling down the top bar

YouTube will not load on iPhone safari

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Is YouTube having wifi issues?

You may be experiencing connection issues such as a slow internet connection through Wi-Fi or cell data, which make your phone unable to load YouTube. Wi-Fi signals can be very weak, or even they may be ‘congested’ with other users streaming content. When this happens, the bandwidth is taken up, and there is not enough space for your device to connect correctly. 

If you have connection issues, you can disconnect other devices you don’t use around the home. If you are using a cellular data connection, try toggling it by disconnecting from the internet and then reconnecting. Reconnecting to the internet can help on occasion. Connection issues can be really common, especially on public Wi-Fi

Is YouTube down?

If YouTube does not load on your iPhone, it could be because YouTube is down in general. 

Try to search the words ‘YouTube Down’ on social media sites such as Twitter, you can find out if YouTube is down or not. If you see users commenting that YouTube does not work for them right now, likely, YouTube is down.

YouTube will be working on getting its site back up and running as soon as possible. This might help you to find some answers with any other site if it stops working unexpectedly. When YouTube goes down, it can be confusing as you may think your device is not working. Always check on social media or use an online program such as the Down Detector to see if YouTube is down. 

Can’t get YouTube comments on Safari

One instant fix for a web browser that won’t load is to clear your browser’s cache. This will free up any data that your browser does not need anymore. Over time, this data will build up. This is entirely normal and happens on all devices; however, it can be beneficial to clear it regularly as it can be the cause of some issues. 

Open the privacy settings on the Safari browser, open ‘privacy.’ Go to ‘Manage Website Data’ and click on ‘remove all.’ After refreshing the web browser, the comments should be visible again.  If you are signed into YouTube, try switching to a guest account if you cannot view the comments section on Safari. You should be able to switch back to your account, and the comments should show again. 

YouTube won’t load on iPad

If YouTube won’t load on your iPad, one of the first things to do is close the app. Simply pressing the home button won’t close it correctly, however. On your home screen, swipe up, and it will show all the apps you have open in preview cards. Scroll along until you find your YouTube app and swipe up. This will close the app, reopen the YouTube app and try to play a YouTube video again.  

Sometimes having too many apps open at once can slow your device down. Check you don’t have too many apps open by swiping up and viewing the app cards. If you are still experiencing issues, try deleting and reinstalling the YouTube app. You will have to sign into YouTube again. However, a fresh install can help if there are issues with the app. Sometimes apps won’t update automatically on iOS devices, so make sure your apps will keep updated. Outdated versions of apps might not work as well as the current versions.