Are you experiencing the YouTube error 429 on your mobile?

This YouTube error code will transpire if you have sent too many requests to access the server in a short period. This could be deliberate, or, you may be connected to a slow internet connection that is not allowing your request to be processed.

Have you checked to see if the YouTube server is down? If it is, you will encounter not only the 429 error code but also playback issues and the YouTube error 503.

In this simple directory, we will expand further on these issues, as well as provide you with simple solutions that you will be able to use to fix the YouTube error 429 on your mobile or any other electronic device.

What Does Error 429 Mean on YouTube?

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The YouTube error 429 will occur on the mobile app when it has received more than the necessary requests from your device in a small amount of time. This ‘Too Many Requests’ error code will be displayed to stop you from trying to access the YouTube server.

The YouTube error 429 code will transpire on your mobile or any other electronic device if the YouTube server has blocked your IP address. This can sometimes happen if their server is too overwhelmed with requests.

So, why is YouTube displaying error 429?

YouTube will display the error 429 if you have sent too through too many requests to access their server.

This can be a human error if you have deliberately been clicking onto YouTube consecutively in a short period while YouTube is trying to load, or, there may be a secondary issue that is causing the YouTube error 429 to occur;

Here are the possible reasons which can cause the error 429 on YouTube;

1. Slow Internet Connection

If your mobile is connected to a slow network, your device will not be able to process your request in time to gain access to the YouTube server.

In this case, you might start to re-click onto the app and YouTube will display the error 429 to prevent you from doing it again.

The YouTube error 429 could appear purely based on a poor network. For YouTube to load properly, you should be receiving at least 2.5Mbps for a standard quality image.

2. Blocked IP Address

Your IP address could be blocked which is why YouTube won’t accept your request to access their server.

This problem can occur if you are currently using a VPN, or YouTube has found your address to be ‘suspicious’.

3. Browser Cache Files

If you are trying to access YouTube through your mobile browser, there may be a build-up of your cache files that is causing the YouTube error 429.

If these files are corrupted, or they are too full, it can cause the error 429 on your device.

4. YouTuber Server is Down

If the YouTube server is down, your request to access the platform will be unsuccessful.

Issues on their server will prevent anyone from being able to use YouTube. You will be blocked until the problem has been resolved. During that time, the 429 error code will appear on your screen.

How to Fix Error 429 on YouTube

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You can fix the YouTube error 429 on your mobile if you exit out of the app or web page completely, and wait before you try accessing the YouTube server again. This solution will help if you have been sending too many requests to the server in a short space of time, and prevent YouTube from being overwhelmed.

Note, make sure there is no YouTube data running in the background of your device.

If it is not a human error that has caused the error 429 to occur on YouTube, you can complete one, or all of the following fixes to help resolve the YouTube ‘Too Many Request’ problem;

1. Refresh Internet Connection

A slow internet connection will prevent your mobile from gaining access to the YouTube server in time.

If you refresh your network, you can improve your speeds and regain a stronger connection.

You can check what your current internet speeds are here.

(Did you know; YouTube was funded by PayPal. The three founders of YouTube (Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim) worked for PayPal at the time, and used the money they received from eBay to buy out PayPal, to fund the initial stages of YouTube).

2. Unblock IP Address

If you are receiving the YouTube error 429 on your mobile because your IP address is blocked, you will need to contact your internet service provider to unblock it.

If you can unblock your IP address, then do so.

3. Clear Browser Cache Files

Erasing your browser cache files will help clear up space and get rid of any corrupted files that may be saved onto your device.

How to clear browser cache on iPhone:

Step 1. Open Settings and click on ‘Safari’

Step 2. Scroll down until you find ‘Clear History and Website Data’ and click on this

Confirm this step by selecting ‘Clear History and Data’ when the pop up appears.

Tip, under ‘General’ click on ‘Extensions’ and check if you have any enabled that you can turn off.

How to clear browser cache on Android:

Step 1. Launch the ‘Chrome’ app

Step 2. Click on ‘More’ at the top of your screen

Step 3. Select ‘History’ followed by ‘Clear Browsing History’

You can choose the time frame from when you want to erase your history.

Step 4. Select the boxes next to ‘Cookies and Site Data’ and ‘Cached Images and Files’

Confirm this by pressing ‘Clear Data’.

YouTube Error 503

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The YouTube error 503 error will occur when there is a problem with the YouTube server. This error code will include ‘There was a Problem with Network’. Users will not be able to watch their desired videos on the platform. 

What causes YouTube error 503?

The YouTube error code 503 is caused when the server is currently not available for users to access. This can be caused by the following reasons;

  • The YouTube is down for maintenance
  • Their server is overloaded with too many requests
  • Your connection has timed out
  • Corrupted cache files on your device

Because the YouTube error 503 is an issue with the server itself, you may not be able to fix this issue from your side, however, you can complete any or all of the following troubleshooting tips that may eradicate the error code, and give you access again;

  • Restart your device
  • Reboot internet connection
  • Reload YouTube

If non these fixes work, you will need to wait until the YouTube server is back up and running. It may only be a couple of hours for this to be resolved.

YouTube Playback Error

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YouTube playback error

The YouTube playback error will occur when you are streaming on the platform. This issue will stop you from being able to continue watching a piece of content, or, your video will not load when you decide to play it. 

Why is YouTube giving me a playback error?

If YouTube is displaying the playback error when you’re on the platform, it will be due to the following reasons;

  • An issue with your browser
  • Interrupted internet connection
  • Problematic video on YouTube

The playback error on YouTube can be rectified, however, if it is caused because the YouTube server is down, you will need to be patient until the issue gets fixed on YouTube’s side.

How do I get rid of playback error on YouTube?

You can get rid of the Playback error on YouTube by completing the following fixes on your devices;

  • Restart your Wifi router
  • Check to see if your YouTube app needs to be updated
  • Clear your browser and YouTube cache files
  • Update your video quality setting to a lower resolution
  • Check you have mobile data

If there is an excessive amount of users on YouTube at the same time, this can sometimes overwhelm the YouTube server, and cause the YouTube playback error to occur.


We hope this easy to follow guide has helped you understand what the YouTube error 429 error on your mobile means, and that you were able to fix this error with one of the three easy solutions included.

If, however, you are still experiencing problems other than the YouTube 503 or playback error, you may need to contact YouTube directly. The Platform does have a Help Center where you should be able to find any answers relating to your query.

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