The Xbox series is a popular gaming brand owned by Microsoft. Series X was first launched globally on 10 November 2020. Due to its unique design, improved features, and modern look, Xbox Series X gained much popularity globally. Occasionally, Xbox Series X won’t show on tv, and gamers are fed up with it. 

If you are looking to upgrade your gaming console to this recently launched Xbox series, then it can provide you with a smooth experience. Most people who are already on the next-generation gaming train might have experienced several awry things. 

If you are an Xbox lover and face issues like blank screen and connecting issues, this article is perfect for you. In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to resolving your display output issue.

Why Won’t the Xbox Series X show on TV?

connectivity issues on xbox series x

Screen display issues in the Xbox Series X can arise due to multiple reasons, such as damaged HDMI cable, software error, TV settings issues, and console overheating. Sometimes cable works properly, then the display issue might also occur due to the resolution settings of the console. 

  1. The first reason that could lead to a display issue is the damaged HDMI cable. If your cable is damaged or if it is not connected properly with the console or TV, then you can face the display issue. It is a common problem as many people didn’t check the cable before using the Xbox. 
  2. The second reason that could cause a TV display issue is the software error. Sometimes your Xbox may have some technical faults due to which it won’t connect to the TV and shows display output.
  3. The third reason for the display issue is the incorrect TV settings. If your TV resolution is not matched with the Xbox’s resolution setting, then you can face the blank screen issue. 
  4. The fourth reason for the display issue is the overheating of your console. If you continuously use your console then it can overheat due to which you can face connecting and display issues.   
  5. The fifth reason that might cause the issue is the hardware problem. If the console hardware is not working properly then your TV won’t show the display.

How to Fix the TV Display Issue?

Xbox series X not giving display

To resolve the TV display issue, you need to do troubleshooting to check the cause behind the issue. The troubleshooting will let you know about the type of situation you are facing to comprehend it and find the proper solution.

For the different possible causes that might cause display problems, you need to follow the step-by-step solutions, which are as follows:

Try Another HDMI Cable

The first thing you should check is the HDMI cable. Sometimes, the Xbox series x won’t show on tv due to the connection between your Xbox console and TV is a common point of failure when it comes to TV display problems. You can easily troubleshoot this problem and also fix the issue.

  1. Firstly, check if your HDMI cable is connected properly to the TV and the Xbox. You need to look if the cable is loose or not. 
  2. Secondly, check the cable if it has any faults. Sometimes pets in your home can chew the cable which could cause the problem. 
  3. Thirdly, if the cable looks fine, then try to attach it to another device. It should work fine with the Xbox if it works properly. 

Inspect the HDMI port

The second thing you should check is whether the HDMI port in your Xbox and TV is damaged or not. This problem can arise for many Xbox users due to extra pressure on the port. 

You can check your port thoroughly by first cleaning by blowing the air from your mouth or through a blower. If the port is damaged and you are still on warranty, then you can replace it. Otherwise, you should buy a new port. 

Check your TV and Console Settings

The third thing you should do is to check the resolution settings of your Xbox and the TV. If your Xbox has a high-resolution setting of 4K and 120 HZ while the TV has a different resolution, then you may face the display issue. To solve this issue you should correct the setting on either of the devices. 

Try Updating Your Software

The fourth thing you should do is troubleshoot the software issue of your console. If your Xbox has software issues like software errors or software updates, you can check the console’s guideline book. 

Similarly, if your TV has a software error or needs an update then follow similar guidelines. First, remove any error and then do an update so that it can connect easily to your gaming console. 

There Could Be Hardware Issues

There might also be a possibility that your gaming console has some hardware issues leading toward disconnection and no display on TV. If you don’t know about the repairing guideline then you can take it to the repair shop. 

Make sure that you should take your Xbox to the repairing expert as the problem can be with the HDMI chip. Since you cannot replace the chip by yourself, you need to take it to some expert. Once the HDMI chip is replaced you will be able to connect the console with your TV. 

Probable Overheating Issue

The final thing you should check while resolving the TV display issue is to look for the overheating problem in your Xbox. This issue can arise easily if you continuously use the gaming console for hours. 

The overheating issue can melt your HDMI cable, cause resolution problems, and various other technical faults. So, use your console carefully, and also utilize proper ventilation that could cool down the temperature.


Xbox Series X is the latest invention of Microsoft. This gaming console can cause awry things such as no display on Tv and connecting issues. Multiple reasons can cause the display output problem such as damaged HDMI cable and port, overheated console, incorrect TV and console settings, software and hardware issues. You need to follow the step-by-step guidelines mentioned in the article to resolve the display problems.