If your Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting, it could be because the autosave version of your game contains corrupt files.

Because cloud gaming needs to access the Microsoft remote servers, if your network is not strong enough, your console will be unable to secure a stable connection which is why it will keep dropping you out of your game.

A quick restart of your Wifi router, or an update of your Xbox app can help prevent this issue from occurring.

We have created this straightforward directory to guide you through understanding why your Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting. We have provided you with easy solutions that you’ll be able to execute, so you can get back to playing games such as F1 2019, or Gears of War.

Why does Xbox cloud gaming keep disconnecting?

Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting
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Xbox cloud gaming will keep disconnecting if the recent save is corrupt. The damaged file will come from the autosave version of your game, and will prevent you from playing through the cloud gaming feature. Sometimes, if you have too many multiple saves of a game, and one of them is faulty, it can cause your Xbox cloud gaming to disconnect.

Other reasons why Xbox cloud gaming is not working include;

1. Inactive Xbox game pass ultimate subscription

Xbox cloud gaming becomes available when you have an active Xbox game pass ultimate profile.

If you try and access cloud gaming on a device which does not have your account active on, you may experience the gaming to continuously disconnect.

2. Xbox servers are down

When you make use of the Xbox cloud service, your video games will operate on the Microsoft remote servers which will stream directly to your console.

When these servers are down, your cloud gaming function will keep disconnecting.

3. Network error

If your network is problematic, this will interfere with Xbox cloud gaming being able to operate properly.

It won’t be able to withhold a stable connection. A poor network service provider will interfere with how strong your internet connection is.

4. Outdated Windows version

If you make use of Windows to access Xbox cloud gaming, the software will need to be on the latest available version.

If it’s outdated, this could be why your Xbox cloud gaming stops working.

How to fix Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting

Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting
Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting

To help fix your Xbox cloud gaming from disconnecting, you can complete a manual save of the game instead of utilising the autosave version. If this does not work, you may need to create a new game, and delete the current file. If you opt to erase it, restart your Xbox before you make a new one.

Other ways in which you can fix your Xbox cloud gaming from disconnecting include;

1. Activate Xbox game pass ultimate subscription

If you did have a current profile for an Xbox game pass ultimate subscription, check to see that it has not expired. Renew it if it is out of date.

Register for an account if you have not already done so.

(Did you know; Microsoft originally had a hyphen in its name to read Micro-soft. This was then removed in 1981).

2. Check Xbox server status

Check to see if the Xbox servers are down. If the status confirms cloud gaming is offline, you won’t be able to fix the error from your console.

You will need to be patient until the problem gets rectified by Microsoft.

3. Reset network connection

To help reset your console’s connection, forget the network off of your Xbox and and reconnect it.

If this does not help, you can power restart your Wifi router. To do this, turn your modem off and disconnect it from its plug point.

After a few of minutes, switch it back on. You should now be able to access your Xbox cloud gaming.

Tip; check your internet speed to ensure your Xbox receives an adequate amount of bandwidth.

4. Update Windows

If you access your Xbox cloud gaming feature through Windows, check to see what your current version is.

You may need to update your Windows if you still operate on outdated software.

To do this, simply;

Open Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates

If an update becomes available, click on the ‘Update’ button. Once this is complete, you should now be able to relaunch Xbox cloud.

Xbox cloud gaming controller not working

Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting
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xCloud gaming supports the standard Xbox wireless controller. This can either be the Series X or Xbox One version, as long as the device includes Bluetooth. If you want to make use of a controller that is not an Xbox brand, the controller won’t work if it does not support a wireless connection.

If your Xbox cloud gaming controller is not working, it could be because the batteries in your device are drained.

You can test them in a different device to confirm this. If it does not work, you will need to replace your batteries.

You may need to pair your Xbox controller to your console again. To do this, press the pair button on both devices at the same time.

Connect your controller to your console with the USB cable to establish a wired connection. It is advised to check if there is an outstanding firmware update;

How to update Xbox controller

Note, before you proceed, disconnect any external devices.

Step 1. Launch the Xbox guide

Step 2. Click on ‘Profile and System’ followed by ‘Settings’

Step 3. Under ‘Device and Connections’ press ‘Accessories’

Step 4. Confirm the firmware version of your controller

If there is an available update, you will now be able to choose the option to ‘Update Now’. If you are already up to date, it will be confirmed on your screen.

Xbox cloud gaming stuck on loading screen

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Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting

If your Xbox apps are out of date, this can sometimes be the reason why the cloud gaming feature will disconnect. To ensure performance issues don’t occur when you try and play online through the use of the Microsoft remote servers, you will need to check that your Xbox account always operates on latest version.

If your apps are up to date, a slow internet connection could be the reason behind the Xbox loading screen error.

Sometimes, if your Xbox software if corrupt, it will interfere with the performance of your online games. To eradicate this problem, you can uninstall and reinstall your app.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand why Xbox cloud gaming keeps disconnecting, and that you were able to stop this error with one of the five simple solutions provided.

If the issue persists, you may have a hardware problem with your Xbox console. You can contact Xbox support directly through the use of their online support questionnaire.

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