Xbox cloud gaming now offers users the option to play Fortnite online, without having to purchase, and install the game onto their console.

As long as you have an active Microsoft account, you won’t need to take out a Xbox Game Pass subscription.

With this feature, you’ll be able to transfer your current match status on Fortnite from a different platform. All you’ll need to do is link your Xbox account to your EA one.

We have created this easy to follow guide to inform you on what you need to know to utilise Xbox cloud gaming to play Fortnite. This will include how you’ll be able access the game, and what the necessary requirements are.

Is Fortnite available on Xbox cloud gaming?

Xbox cloud gaming Fortnite

You can now play Fortnite through Xbox cloud gaming. An active Xbox Game Pass subscription is not required, however, you will only be able to access cloud gaming through your browser. It is not available with the Xbox app on mobile, Windows or from your consoles library of games.

You will be able to play Fortnite for free. All you’ll need to do is use this link to download the game onto your device through your browser.

There are, however, certain requirements that will need to be met in order to play Fortnite through Xbox cloud gaming.

Fortnite Xbox cloud gaming requirements

Xbox cloud gaming Fortnite
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Because Xbox cloud gaming is an online service, you will need to equip your device with a high-speed internet connection in order to access Microsoft’s remote servers. Fortnite will stream directly to your device once you access the online portal. If your network is intermittent, the game won’t be able to play.

What Internet speed is needed for Xbox cloud gaming? Microsoft recommend that your download speed is at least 20Mbps.

If possible, your Wifi frequency should be set to 5Ghz. This will ensure your internet is fast enough to change the games imagery without lagging or freezing.

You can check what bandwidth you receive from your network service provider here. If your speeds aren’t good enough you may experience performance related issues such as glitching when you attempt to play.

The other requirements to play Fortnite through xCloud include;

1. Active Microsoft account

You don’t need a Game Pass subscription to play Fortnite, however, you will need to register yourself to have an active Microsoft account.

2. Supported device

Xbox cloud gaming will work on the following devices;

  • iPhone with iOS 14.4 or newer
  • iPad
  • Android mobile with OS 6.0 or later
  • Android tablet
  • Windows PC

You will also need to make sure your browser is compatible with the Xbox feature;

  • Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge

(Did you know; the popular Windows desktop background of Blue sky is from a picture that was shot in Sonoma County, California in 1996).

3. Compatible controller

When you play Fortnite through Xbox cloud gaming, you will need to make use of a controller, or the touch feature.

Xbox controllers should all be compatible. If you utilise a third party device, you will need to make sure it is Bluetooth enabled.

Why won’t Fortnite play on cloud gaming?

Xbox cloud gaming Fortnite
Xbox cloud gaming Fortnite

You won’t be able to play Fortnite through the Xbox cloud gaming feature if you already have the installed on your device. To play online through connecting to the Microsoft remote servers, you will need to remove the game off of your console, and download it from the website through your browser.

Another reason why Fortnite won’t work is if you’re logged in to a different account. You will need to access the game from the same profile you use to sign into Microsoft.

If you’re unable to retrieve your progress on Fortnite from a different platform, you will need to link your Microsoft account to your Epic profile.

How to link my Xbox account to EA

Once you link your Xbox and EA account, you’ll be able to transfer your saved progress on Fortnite from one platform to another;

Step 1. Sign in to your Epic Games account through the web

Step 2. Select ‘Account’ followed by ‘Connections’

Step 3. Press ‘Accounts’

Step 4. Choose ‘Connect’ on the Xbox option

Step 5. Now push ‘Link Account’

A prompt will pop up to request you to sign in to your profile. Once you confirm and press continue, the link will be complete.

What are the advantages of Xbox cloud gaming?

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Xbox cloud gaming Fortnite

When you play online, through Xbox cloud gaming, whichever game you play, it won’t be required to be downloaded onto your console. This means, you won’t need to make use of your device’s storage space. You’ll be able to install other games, without having to worry about needing to delete your game files.

Because Xbox cloud gaming is an online service, to help prevent any performance issues, it will automatically stream your display at a 1080p resolution.

Although it won’t be a 4K image, your connection will be able to stay consistent when you access the Microsoft servers for a long period of time.

This will also allow your imagery to be sharper, and allow for faster loading times.


Now that you know Fortnite is available to play through Xbox cloud gaming, we hope your device meets the necessary system requirements so you can progress in your matches without having to worry about storage space.

If you were previously playing the game through a different platform, once you link your Microsoft account to your EA profile, you’ll be able to retrieve your saved game data, pick up where you left off.

Keep in mind, if the Xbox servers are offline, Fortnite may not be available to play. When this occurs, you will need to be patient until Microsoft fix the issue, or finish their maintenance work.

(Quiz Question; Where was the picture taken in 1966 that is now Microsoft’s Blue sky desktop background option?). If you know the place, submit your answer with our online contact form.