Peacock TV is one of the few free streaming apps that provides access to stream NBCUniversal’s hit series and movies. You can stream Peacock TV on your mobile, tablet, desktop, and even on Smart TV. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading the app on the TV, you can simply Chromecast it. But if you are unable to stream on TV and wondering why Peacock won’t stream to Chromecast then there can be a number of reasons for that. 

One of the main drawbacks of Peacock is: it only operates in limited regions, so if your area doesn’t come under that umbrella, then this might be the reason why Peacock won’t stream to Chromecast.

If you’re running into this error with your Peacock app then keep reading for a way to resolve this issue quickly. However, before we talk about that, let’s discuss some main reasons why you are encountering this issue. 

Can I Get Peacock On Chromecast?

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Peacock app is diverse like many other apps. You can stream Peacock via desktop, iOS, android mobiles, Smart TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, and many more.

If you want to stream Peacock on TV via Chromecast, you first need to download the app on any android or iOS device. Once the app is downloaded, you can easily cast it to your preferred screen, TV, or desktop.

How Do I Connect My Peacock To Chromecast?

How Do I Connect My Peacock To Chromecast?

Initially, the Peacock TV did not support Chromecast. But in the latest version, the option for Chromecast is now available, meaning you can now cast shows or movies on either TV or desktop with just a click.

Suppose you wish to connect Peacock to Chromecast to stream your favorite shows and movies on TV or desktop. In that case, you can either cast it through your smartphone, tablet, and desktop since Peacock TV is also available on the web browser then, etc., or you can directly download the app.

Casting Through Mobile/Tablet

Step 1: Install the Peacock app on your Android or iOS device, whether a smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: After installation, you need to log in your credentials

Step 3: For casting, it is necessary that both the streaming device and the device you are using to cast from share the same Wi-Fi connection.

Step 4: Play the content you want to stream and press the “Google cast icon”.

Step 5: A popup will be displayed there. You can select the Chromecast you wish to stream on.

Doing so will display the content on the streaming device.

Alternatively, you can also Chromecast using the Peacock web browser instead of the app.

Casting Through Desktop

You can also Chromecast via the web browser

To do this, do the following:

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser.

Step 2: Go to the official website and log in to your account.

Step 3: After logging  find the content that you wish to cast

Step 4: To cast, right-click on the screen, a cast menu will open

Step 5: From the list, select your Chromecast device

Step 6: A sources menu will open, select the ‘cast tab’ option

Now, you can stream content from your desktop browser to your TV screen.

Why Won’t Peacock Stream To Chromecast?

Peacock black screen


You have tried to Chromecast Peacock through the mobile app as well as with the web browser, but there does not seem to be any evident issue, then why Peacock won’t stream to Chromecast?

To Chromecast, you need to either use the app or the official Peacock website. Aside from this, there can be several reasons that might be leading to Peacock not streaming on Chromecast the most common ones are mentioned below;

Internet Connection

If your internet connection is slow or the signals are weak, then this might be the reason why Peacock won’t stream to Chromecast. You need to make sure that your internet connection is stable. Additionally ensure that both the device, i.e., the one you wish to stream on and the device from which you are trying to cast from, are connected to the same internet connection.

Recognition of device by The Chromecast

While connecting the devices for Chromecasting, you need to make sure that Chromecast recognizes the device since older versions of TV do not support Chromecasting. Secondly, you need to connect your Chromecast device properly to the smart device. You cannot stream Peacock if Chromecast is not connected properly.

Regional Limitation

Another reason why Peacock won’t stream to Chromecast might be because you are trying to access it from a region that does not lie in the list of areas where Peacock is allowed to stream. Currently, Peacock is only available for citizens in the US, Ireland, UK. However, outsiders can access the website version by using VPN.

Clearing Cache

Cache build-up also slows down streaming. Consider deleting cache from both devices and restarting the devices.

Updated Version

Ensure that the Peacock app on your mobile or tablet is up to date to the latest version; otherwise, this can also be what might be the reason why Peacock won’t stream to Chromecast.


Peacock TV is an app that provides many features even in the free version, has become quite popular among streamers, especially those who like sports. Mainly, Chromecasting slows down because of weak internet connection, cache, using the outdated version, or trying to stream on a device that is not even compatible with the Peacock TV. Peacock doesn’t stream old TVs or those that do not support Chromecasting.

Hopefully, this article addressed possible reasons and solutions. It might be a software issue if you still see a black screen when streaming. If the issue persists, you can try emailing customer support. They might be able to address your issue.