Are you facing issues with your TikTok app? Is your TikTok video blank? If your TikTok videos are blank or not loading properly, then there’s no need to worry. TikTok is a highly entertaining and addictive app, that encourages sharing of ideas, DIY tips, and pure fun. It is used by billions around the world, uploading videos, viewing content, and starting important conversations.

This kind of traffic can lead to glitches, bugs, and the app not functioning the way you’d want it to. There are many reasons your videos are showing up as blank, or can’t be viewed properly after posting.  In this article, we’ll explore what these reasons are, and how you can fix them at home. Quick troubleshooting can help revive your content, and you’ll be uploading before you know it.    

Why is my video not showing on TikTok?

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It’s important to identify what’s causing the problem leading to blank TikTok videos. Only after identifying the root of the issue can you fix it. There is a list of things that could be causing the malfunction. Let’s go through them one by one.

Check for Unstable Internet Connection for TikTok Video Blank

An unstable internet connection is the most usual cause for blank TikTok videos. Without access to a stable connection uploading videos can be a pain. Additionally, you lose a lot of quality along the way, and the upload can be filled with errors. Therefore, it can be a reason why no one can see your videos either. 

A Full TikTok Cache


A neat trick happens every time you launch your TikTok app; it stores a cache of information on your phone. Although this isn’t worrisome because a cache helps the phone launch the app properly, again and again, making the function smooth. However, it becomes too full over time and the files can become corrupted and thus the functionality weakens. 

Faults Within The App

It’s very much possible that the app itself has errors. Initially, this could be the result of a fault in the initial download, like interruptions, or disconnection. Additionally, it could happen that a software update wasn’t installed properly, or was interrupted. These are all factors to consider when exploring what could be causing the issue.

Available Storage on Your Phone

For apps to work properly your phone needs to have enough storage for them to do so. Moreover, devices with storage at full capacity can find it harder to use apps at their optimum. A full cache and no available storage space can make it hard for TikTok to upload your videos properly. 

Permission Granted to Tiktok

No app can work on your phone without the appropriate permissions. Thus, it could be that TikTok does not have permission to upload audio or videos from your phone and therefore is unable to do so. 

Country-Specific Ban 

TikTok is facing a ban in many countries. Therefore, it could be why you can’t upload or see your videos. Check to see if TikTok is on a ban list in your country.

How do I fix my  TikTok Video Blank?

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There are easy fixes available to all the issues we’re outlined above. You can do them whenever you have free time or face an issue with your TikTok. Therefore, you won’t need any external material. Just your phone will suffice. 

Restart Your Internet for TikTok Video Blank

If you’ve determined that the internet connection is responsible for your TikTok videos showing up as blank and not being accessible to other users, you should restart your internet connection first. Running TikTok on a data plan can affect the uploads as well so make sure there is a strong internet connection when you post videos. 

Proximity to the router could also cause problems. If you’re too close to the router its signals could be disrupting your upload as well. Be sure to wait at least 10-15 seconds after you disconnect the internet before you restart it again.

Clear Up Your TikTok Cache

Clear up your TikTok cache to help it function better. We know words like cache are overwhelming but it’s as easy as pie. Just follow the outlined steps:

  • Firstly, open the TikTok app
  • Secondly, click on your Profile icon
  • Thirdly. select the three lines at the top right corner
  • Navigate to Cache & Cellular Data 
  • Lastly, tap on Clear Cache

All the cache files will delete automatically. Additionally, it should be noted that cache files can also be deleted directly from Android Settings but the app must be deleted completely from iPhone and reinstalled again. 

Delete the App and Reinstall for TikTok Video Blank

A quick fix, without delving into too much detail about why your app is acting up, simply delete and reinstall your app. Uninstall the app as prescribed for your phone, and to make sure the uninstallation is effective and complete, restart your device. Now, go to your App or Play Store and reinstall the app again. We’d advise another restart before you log into the app again. 

Make Space in Device Storage 

Freeing up space in your cache is great but your device storage needs to empty up space as well. Try and delete unnecessary apps. Note which apps drain away the most power from the phone, and which are running in the background. Once you’ve cleared up the storage space, TikTok will have enough space to download the required data it needs to function properly. 

Check TikTok Permissions

TikTok needs permission to access your camera and audio. Make sure these permissions aren’t denied. How you will go about this depends on the phone you have. For Android phones:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Navigate to TikTok
  • Click on Permissions
  • Press Allow

For iPhones:

  • Go to Settings
  • Navigate to TikTok 
  • Move the toggle on Microphone and Camera to Enable

Check to see if you’ve been Shadowbanned on TikTok 

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Getting shadowbanned can be very annoying. A shadowban is when the app flags your content as inappropriate, or not following its Community Guidelines, and so they show up as blank, won’t show up on the FYP, or when people search for it through hashtags. Sometimes the shadowban is due to people reporting your content rather than anything you’ve posted that’s offensive. 

You can ask TikTok to review your case and avoid posting anything that doesn’t meet their guidelines. 

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