Are you an owner of a Panasonic TV that keeps dimming when you’re trying to watch something?

You may not be aware of the ‘Ambient light control’ on your Panasonic, or there could be a backlight issue with the hardware of your television.

Certain settings can be adjusted to fix your Panasonic if your TV is going lighter and darker.

With that being said, we have generated this simple guide for you to use (and keep), to assist you with the dimming issue on your Panasonic.

We will help you understand why the problem has occurred, and what you can do to get rid of it.

Why is my Panasonic TV Picture dark?

Why does my Panasonic TV keep dimming

Why does my Panasonic keeps dimming

The picture on your Panasonic TV is dark because the ambient light control setting has been enabled. Your image will be too dark if your display settings have been configured incorrectly. 

A few other reasons why your Panasonic TV is too dark include;

Reason 1. Faulty HDMI cable

If your Panasonic TV has an HDMI cable that is damaged, this can interfere with the lighting on your TV, and cause it to become sporadic in its illumination.

Reason 2. Backlight issue

If your Panasonic has a backlight issue it will disrupt the brightness settings and cause disruptions.

This could be due to internal components of your Panasonic TV that are damaged.

Reason 3. Panasonic’s configuration is incorrect

If your display settings are incorrect, this can interfere with the brightness of your screen.

Further settings like ‘Sleep Mode’, ‘Picture Mode’ and ‘Power Saver Mode’ can automatically change how dark your screen becomes.

How do I stop my Panasonic TV from dimming?

Why does my Panasonic TV keep dimming?

How to stop dimming on Panasonic TV

You can stop your Panasonic TV from dimming by changing your display settings.

Fix 1. Update picture mode

Step 1. Using your remote click on the ‘Menu’ button

Step 2. Access the ‘Picture’ tab

Step 3. Select ‘Picture Mode’

(Your TV’s default setting will be ‘Standard’ if you have not previously changed it.)

Step 4. Change your picture mode to ‘Custom’

Note, you can try ‘Cinema’ mode if you would like which one is better suited for you.

Turn your TV off and on again to confirm if this fix has stopped your screen from changing its brightness.

Fix 2. Turn off ‘Ambient Light Control’

(also known as C.A.T.S, Contrast Automatic Tracking System)

Step 1. Get onto the ‘Picture’  tab

Step 2. Scroll up until you get to C.A.T.S and click on it

Step 3. You will now be able to turn it ‘Off’

Restart your Panasonic after you have made this adjustment.

Fix 3. Amend backlight setting

You can change the backlight setting on your Panasonic, however, if there is a hardware issue with your TV, this change will not fix the dimming issue.

Step 1. Click on the ‘Menu’ button

Step 2. Access the ‘Picture’ tab by pressing ‘OK’

Step 3. Find and select ‘Back Light’

Step 4. Change this to suit your preference

Check to see if your Panasonic’s brightness fluctuates.

Fix 4. Check HDMI cables

If the HDMI cables connected to your Panasonic TV are damaged, or the ports contain too much dust, this will interfere with your TV’s display.

Check your HDMI cables by changing them to a different port, or swapping your cable for a different one.