Are you pondering the question; “why are my TikTok ads not delivering to my custom audience”? Are your video ads getting under TikTok’s review a lot of times? Or are you not getting any ads on TikTok? Don’t fret, this article will guide you on how to solve these issues quickly.

TikTok app is a world-renowned video-sharing app where you can upload and share 15 seconds funny videos with the option of lip sync as well. You can add special effects and filters to your videos. Furthermore, you can view the content of other TikTok users and share it as well. The TikTok fan base is growing day by day and has already reached over 65.9 million.

However, users reported quite a few errors with the TikTok ads manager. These issues can happen with campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Let’s find out the reasons for these issues.

How Long Does It Take For TikTok To Review Your Ad?

why are my tiktok ads not delivering

Most of the time, TikTok only takes 48 hours to review your video. TikTok will notify you whether your video is made public or taken down.

When TikTok displays the message “Video under review”, it means that TikTok has disabled your video to receive any further traffic. This can happen to both newly uploaded videos and the old videos that are already getting good traffic.

Quite often, if TikTok AI bots detect any issue in a video that is against or violates their community guidelines, TikTok can delete the video and can even ban your account. The following violations can sometimes put your videos under review.

  • Pornographic or Adult content – TikTok detecting a lot of skin
  • Violence or suicidal behaviours –  Displaying guns, knives, bloodshed, animal cruelty, or suicidal content
  • Copied content – Downloading popular videos and re-uploading them
  • Spamming – Using irrelevant hashtags in the videos, videos showing artificial ways to increase likes and following

If your video is put under review, you can wait 48 hours to see if TikTok approves your video. However, you may never get a reply from TikTok. Your video can remain under review forever and you won’t be able to remove it either.

To fix this issue, you can report the problem by contacting TikTok support through your TikTok app. Alternatively, think about what is causing your video to get under review. You can make changes to the content, remove irrelevant hashtags, edit the video, and re-upload it.

Why Don’t I Get Any Ads on TikTok?

why are my tiktok ads not delivering

If you are not getting any ads on TikTok, you might have not created a TikTok Ads account. You need to create that account and then run ads through it. If you think that TikTok ads are worth your investment for your business, visit their Ads page and click on the Create an Ad button. It can take up to 48 hours to verify and receive your account.

After you get your TikTok Ads account, go to your TikTok ads dashboard, click on the campaign button and then click Create. Next, choose a campaign objective from Traffic, App Install, website traffic, or Conversion. Lastly, set your daily or total budget that must be at least $500.

How Do I Target My TikTok Ads?

why are my tiktok ads not delivering

When you are done setting up your objective and budget options, it is time to place and target your ads to the right audience and platform. There are several ways you can do it by creating custom audiences. To get started:

  • Go to Assets –> Audiences
  • Click Create an Audience and then select Create Custom Audience
  • Choose the source for your custom audience – To create a custom audience, you need to be able to identify over 1k TikTok users from your audience source

Method 1 – Customer File

  • Select the Customer File from the Custom audience source.
  • Select the format of your customer’s device IDs.
  • Upload a CSV or TXT file of your audience.
  • Name your audience and click Confirm

Method 2 – App Activity

  • Set up in-app event tracking on TikTok Ads Manager.
  • Choose App activity on Custom audience source.
  • Select the in-app events you want your audience to have completed.
  • Use the exclude option to exclude your audience from the in-app events.
  • Name your audience and click Confirm.

Method 3 – Engagement

  • Choose Engagement on the Custom audience source page.
  • Select the user behaviour and ads group you want to include in your audience.
  • Select the user behaviour and ads group you want to exclude from your audience.
  • Name your audience and click Confirm

Method 4 – Website Traffic

  • Install and set up the TikTok pixel on your website.
  • Choose Website traffic on the Custom audience source page.
  • Select the events you want your audience to have completed on your website.
  • Select the events you do not want your audience to have completed.
  • Name your audience and click Confirm

After making these audiences, you can select any one of them when you are on TikTok’s Targeting and Demographics page. To do this:

  • Select any one of the four target audiences
  • Use the optional Excluded option
  • Select the target country, gender, age, and language
  • Choose the industry you want to target in the interests category
  • Click Next and Confirm

Why Are My TikTok Ads Not Delivering?

why are my tiktok ads not delivering

Your TikTok Ads account all set up and running? your payment is verified and creative is done as well? Still, you might be pondering the same question; ‘why are my TikTok ads not delivering?’ as you can not see any impressions or clicks with your running TikTok ads.

The common reason behind it is that the TikTok minimum recommended bids have been fluctuating a lot. For an ad whose recommended bid was $20 on the first day, by some bug, suddenly can shoot up to $80 in a few days. Hence, TikTok can stop those ads because the current setup bid is way below the newly recommended $80 minimum bid.

To counter this issue, you can raise your bid because the ads run off an auction system. Therefore, the highest bidder for whatever demo you are trying to reach gets the TikTok screen time.


We hope that this guide helped you fix your TikTok ad under review problem. We also focused on issues regarding the targeting and deliverability of your TikTok ads. However, if you are still facing these issues, you can contact TikTok customer support through their app.