Are you making funny Snapchat videos to share with your friends? Are you trying to record and save them so you can view them with your friends later? But how would you know where your videos are protected if you’re new to Snapchat or haven’t used this feature before. Don’t worry, as we are here to answer your question of Where Are My Snapchat Videos Saved?

Snapchat was a breath of fresh air in the social media world when it launched. Many social media sites and applications were starting to become repetitive. Like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, most of them were doing the same thing. Snapchat came up with an innovative way to stay closely in touch with friends every day, even if you weren’t actively communicating with them.

This was a very successful strategy, and soon other social media apps like Instagram integrated several of the core features of Snapchat, giving it an even more significant popularity boost. Now Snapchat is instrumental worldwide in sending snaps and short videos to your friend list directly.

Are My Snapchat Videos Saving?

Snapchat Videos Saved

Yes, Snapchat stores your videos both locally and on their cloud saving. Snapchat uses cloud storage for your Snapchat Videos like platforms such as Google and Facebook. Cloud storage has become a significant part of the internet for quite a few years now.

Since hardware components like hard drives and SSDs are becoming more expensive, we want to only keep essential programs or files on them. Random things like pictures can easily take up a massive amount of storage places. But you also don’t want to lose those precious memories. So what’s the solution? Cloud storage is a service that provides you with storage on the internet. Some companies like Google and Amazon will host these for free up to a specific limit, after which you have to pay a fee.

Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, will keep the data for free due to their ad revenue system. The cloud storage system that Snapchat uses falls into the latter category.

Where Are My Snapchat Videos Saving?

Now we established Snapchat saves your videos and snaps on the cloud. How do we access them? Well, Snapchat hosts your videos and snaps inside its application. But to do that, you need to save your video and snap first manually. 

To save your video or snap, you need first to record it. Then after that, you need to edit it as much as you want. Get your snap and save it. Click the bottom left checkmark icon.

To access these snaps and videos in the application, go to the home/record snap screen. Here swapping in each direction gives you a different interface. To access saved videos, swipe up in the middle of your screen. Here you’ll find snaps and videos sorted by the date that you have manually saved.

Due to the nature of cloud saving, videos and snaps on Snapchat can be accessed on any device that you will log on. So, you don’t have the trouble of accidentally deleting or losing your videos and snaps.

Why are my videos not saving on Snapchat?

Now that you know where are my Snapchat videos saved, we will move on to what to do if you cannot access or open your saved videos and snaps. 

Restart Your Phone

The most basic and widespread solution to any error is to restart your phone and then reopen the app. Restarting brings your phone to a new state and clear any malfunctions and errors in your phone’s software. Using a large number of apps together can fill up your RAM pretty quickly. In the worst-case scenario, you have limited functionality of your device.

Simply restart your phone by holding the power button and following on-screen instructions like swipe or tap.

Enable Permission

The devices we use are now are getting more and more security to convince. People see the rise of cybercrimes, and social media apps are the hot spot of those. So phones have integrated a setting known as app permissions. Here, you can set different permissions for different features such as camera, microphone, and location to increase security. 

These app permissions also bind Snapchat. If you have not enabled Snapchat to get permission to use your phone storage, your photos will not be able to save locally on your phone. This means you won’t be able to view your Snapchat saved videos in your phone gallery.

To enable storage permission:

  1. Go to the settings of your phone.
  2. Tao on the apps and permission option. 
  3. Here scroll until you locate Snapchat and select it.
  4. Here you’ll find different app permission for Snapchat.
  5. Navigate to the storage permission and check if the toggle is off.
  6. If it is off, then tap the toggle storage permission on.

Now you’ll be able to save Snapchat videos locally on your phone.

Fix Internet Connection

If your Snapchat videos are saved locally in your gallery but not in the Snapchat app, you may have weak or no internet access. Unstable and weak connections can cause all sorts of loading errors in the Snapchat app as it is not meant to be used offline. 

As we know, Snapchat uses cloud storage, so a network connection is imperative to access it. Change your internet connection if it is weak or switch to Wi-Fi if you’re using cellular data for a more stable connection.

Final Thoughts

We hope we solved your problem of Where Are My Snapchat Videos Saving. For other solutions to Snapchat issues, please click Why Does Snapchat Say Pending In Grey: Here’s All You Need To Know and Snapchat Videos Keep Freezing: How To Fix Your Instant Messaging App here.