Are you waiting for an important call you have to take? Is your phone not letting you pick up any calls? Are all your calls going to voicemail without ringing? If your Vodafone keeps going to voicemail, then don’t worry. This guide will help you through your problem of Vodafone keeps going to voicemail.

Founded in 1982, Vodafone is a British telecom company. It has since grown to be one of the largest service providers in the world, with an estimated userbase of 400 million, expanding across 26 countries.

Vodafone has adopted several useful phone utilities throughout the years. One of these is the voicemail feature. Customers could set a custom voicemail for a small fee by using Vodafone.

How Does Vodafone Voicemail Works?

Vodafone Keeps Going

Vodafone voicemail is one of the most famous diverts used by customers of the telecom company. Voicemails are used to let people know when you’re next going to be available or if you are busy right now. They can be set for all contacts or specific groups as well.

Voicemails are a popular choice nowadays because you can quickly check them later when you have time using Vodafone’s features without going through your missed call logs one by one. Before you set up your Vodafone voicemail, you must choose between the immediate or standard voicemail package.

Immediate voicemail calls transfer to voicemail without the phone ringing even once. This is best for when you are in a busy place like a meeting or appointment and are avoiding disturbances by any calls. Standard voicemail entails that the call has to ring and no one has answered. When the ringing time has elapsed, the call will go to voicemail. This is the more popular method that is often in use .

To activate immediate voicemail, dial 1212 on your mobile device. However, to withdraw it dial 1213. 

To activate standard voicemail, dial 1211. Additionally, to withdraw from the service, dial 1210.

You can also quickly switch between standard and immediate voicemail using Vodafone’s service. To do this, dial 121 on your mobile device. Enter 1 to go to the main menu. Then press 4 to go to mailbox settings. Here press 4 again to switch between immediate and standard voicemail options.

Why Vodafone Keeps Going To Voicemail?

Although this is quite an old service, Vodafone keeps going to voicemail is an issue that is still very much alive today. The problem stems from anywhere as both Vodafone or your device itself can cause Vodafone keeps going to voicemail.

Here are some of the reasons why Vodafone keeps going to voicemail:

  • Poor Signals
  • Divert Problem
  • Low Ring Time
  • Immediate Voicemail Enabled
  • “Do Not Disturb” Mode is on. 
  • Silent Mode Enabled
  • Damaged SIM Card
  • Bluetooth Connection Problem

The long list provides a comprehensive summary of what we are about to discuss in the following section to help fix your problem of Vodafone keeps going to voicemail.

How To Fix Vodafone Keeps Going To Voicemail?

Going To Voicemail

Change Diverts

A popular fix to Vodafone keeps going to voicemail changing diverts. This fix is one of the first fixes provided by Vodafone support on their help forums. We have discussed many different types of diverts before, and voicemail is just one of them. Other diverts can be call forwarding and direct message answers. 

When you have set up multiple diverts on your Vodafone service provider, there can be an error in the system that causes Vodafone keeps going to voicemail. Here is how to fix the multiple divert problem on Vodafone:

  1. Firstly, go to your phone dial box.
  2. Type in the following numbers/code: ##002#
  3. Pressing call will cancel all your diverts linked to Vodafone. This also includes your voicemail.
  4. Now reinstate your Vodafone voicemail by going through the method mentioned above.

Change Immediate To Standard Voicemail

We discussed above the difference between immediate and standard voicemail. When you put your phone from standard to immediate voicemail, it won’t ring and go straight to voicemail. This is the result of forgetting to take off your immediate voicemail after activating it for a meeting or work. The simple fix would be to revert to your standard voicemail to receive calls again.

To do this, dial 121 on your mobile device. Enter 1 to go to the main menu. Then press 4 to go to mailbox settings. Here press 4 again to switch between immediate and standard voicemail options.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

The Do Not Disturb setting in modern smartphones is a more upgraded version of the mute function. Unlike mute, which only blocks the sound, Do Not Disturb mode has many more applications and features. Do Not Disturb only lets specific, labeled numbers as necessary through to be ringed and sends most of the other calls straight to voicemail to not disturb you. You manually select the number you want to allow through.

This is caused locally by your mobile device and is  one of the main reasons Vodafone keeps going to voicemail. Turn off your device’s Do Not Disturb mode to remedy the situation quickly.

Get Better Signal

It has been noted that staying in an area with poor coverage can cause unexpected errors from Vodafone’s side. One of these is Vodafone keeps going to voicemail. See if your cellular connection is 2G or less. This indicates you are in an area of low coverage.

Low coverage means some calls may not reach you while you’re in that area. So they will go straight to voicemail, which you will receive once you bet a better signal. The only way to fix this issue is to relocate or go to an area with better Vodafone coverage.

Final Thoughts

If your issue is still not fixed, contact Vodafone support through their website or call line. We hope we have fixed your problem of Vodafone keeps going voicemail.

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