If you are a Twitch user, sooner or later you are going to see the “error loading data” message on your web browser or Twitch app. In this article, we’ll guide you on why this happens and what troubleshooting methods you can use to fix the error.

Twitch is a great platform for gamers and streamers to stream their original content to Twitch users and to reach a wider audience by growing their followers. These are just a few reasons that explain why there are so many people on Twitch.

However, a lot of Twitch users have reported that when they are streaming content or want to keep track of their followers, they get the loading error. If you are one of these users, you don’t want to be held back due to this annoying error. Luckily, we’ll go through a step-by-step guide to help you solve this issue.

Why is Twitch not loading streams?

Why is Twitch not loading streams?

The following reasons can contribute to the error loading data message on Twitch.
  • Your internet connection is slow or WIFI signal strength is poor
  • Twitch servers are down due to technical issues, maintenance, or server upgrade
  • You are using an Adblocker extension
  • You are using a beta version of Twitch

How do I fix error loading data on Twitch?

How do I fix error loading data on Twitch?

To fix the error loading data on Twitch, the following troubleshooting steps helped most of the Twitch users.

Flush DNS records to fix Twitch error loading data

Sometimes, flushing DNS can clear DNS records from the PC cache that can help restore internet connectivity, security, and various Twitch issues. To do this:

  • Launch Command prompt on your PC with administrative rights
  • Type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit Enter
  • Wait for the DNS resolver Cache confirmation message
  • Exit Command prompt and open Twitch to see if that fixes the loading error

Disable beta version

Quite often, when you visit Twitch.tv, you’ll be redirected to the beta site automatically. The beta site contains errors and bugs that interfere with Twitch functionality on browsers. Therefore, it is a great idea to switch to the original Twitch website until they release a fully functional stable website. To do this:

  • Log in to Twitch.tv with your credentials
  • On the top right corner, click on the User Menu
  • Next, Uncheck the Beta site option
  • Now, you’ll be automatically redirected to the original Twitch website

 Add live extension to the web address

This next step is more of a band-aid rather than a permanent fix until Twitch solves the issue in their forthcoming updates. By adding “live” to the end of the Twitch URL link, you can get rid of the loading error. However, you may have to do this quite often for every game URL on Twitch.
For example, the URL “https://www.twitch.tv/directory/example/” that you are trying to access through your browser is causing the loading error.
So, instead of visiting this URL, you can type in https://www.twitch.tv/directory/example/live/. This URL address can temporarily fix the error in your browser. We recommend bookmarking the URL link with the live extension for future visits.

Disable Adblocker to fix Twitch loading error

Whether you have added an Adblock extension to your browser or your browser comes in with a built-in Adblocker, it can interfere with the functionality of the Twitch website. Twitch supports video ads as a way to earn from them. Therefore, when you use an Adblocker, Twitch won’t simply allow you to use it and throw different error codes.
You can easily disable the Adblock extension on chrome by going to the Settings menu –> Extensions and disable it from there. To do this in Safari, click on Safari in the upper right corner and select Preferences. Then navigate to the Extensions and block the Adblock extension.
In Mozilla Firefox, open an address bar, write “about:addons, and click Enter. Now go to the Extensions option and disable your Adblock extension.

Why is my Twitch Mobile app not working?

Why is my Twitch Mobile app not working?

If you are using the Twitch app on an Android and iPhone device, try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the error loading data issue.

  • Restart your Android/iPhone and network device
  • Update the Twitch app to its latest version
  • Change the Twitch stream video quality from Auto to 720p or 1080p
  • Make sure that your mobile device time and date are correctly configured
  • Go to the Apps section of your mobile device, tap on the Twitch app, and select to leave the Beta tester program

If none of the above fixes fixed the loading data error on your Android or iPhone, uninstall the Twitch mobile app and reinstall it.


With the help of this guide, you should have fixed the Twitch error loading data message. To make the most out of the above fixes, make sure to clear the browser cache on your PC and Twitch app cache on your mobile device. Also, troubleshoot any network issues regarding WIFI signal strength as well.  Keep Twitching!