If you’re an enthusiastic TikToker who’s wondering why TikTok won’t let you post, and you’re annoyed that you can’t find a way around it, we’ve got you covered. From copyright violations and  watermark issues, to internet problems or outdated apps, we’re here to help you find a solution to your problem and get you back to recording and posting ASAP and not letting your followers wait.

TikTok has taken the world by storm since its introduction in 2018, becoming one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store and Play Store. Accordingly, many zealous individuals took the opportunity of the new platform to start their influencer careers.

With millions of users active every day, the popular app might have a bug or two unresolved for you to deal with. Consequently, that same bug could stop you from posting, which could leave you behind in the ever-changing trends of TikTok.


Why Is TikTok Not Allowing Me to Post?

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What you need to remember upfront, is that you probably aren’t the only one facing this problem at the moment. TikTok has a large user base and an ever-changing environment that can get challenging. So, there could be several reasons your account is unable to post to TikTok. It could be a problem on their end, such as a server-wide issue, or it could be the result of something at your end as well, most likely a faulty or busted internet connection. 

Here are the most common reasons you’re wondering why TikTok won’t let you post.

  • The app is currently in maintenance on the server-side.
  • The built-up cache in the app is causing a problem that may be related to you unable to upload.
  • Sometimes, the internet connection could  be temporally weak.
  • The app’s version of  is out of date.
  • Your RAM might be full due to using TikTok with other apps.
  • You may have a copyright violation.
  • Posting on TikTok may be blocked.

How long am I Blocked From Posting on TikTok?

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If you’ve been blocked from posting on TikTok, you may be looking at a temporary posting suspension of 48 hours up to a permanent ban. A typical shadowban on TikTok lasts 14 days, after which you can return to posting your content. 

You can find your block duration by navigating to the Account Updates section of the app. Here, you can find the reasons, nature, and length of the ban you may be facing. After your suspension time, you must remove the videos that caused the ban. We also recommend you wait at least two days before you resume posting more content. 

How do You Get TikTok to Let You Post?

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  • You might believe the ban is not justified and you do have the option to contact support and inquire about your problem. If wrongly imposed, TikTok Support will provide instructions and solutions related to your ban .
  • If support is not responding at the moment, you should check the type of song you have used in your video. Some artists do not allow royalty-free usage of their content. If you have used such a track, then a simple solution is just changing the background song to something that fits your video and try uploading again.
  • Many TikTokers use third-party applications to edit their videos for more creativity and quality. Some of these third-party applications leave a watermark. According to TikTok’s Terms and Conditions, TikTok will not allow third party watermarks.
  • To resolve the issue, upload a watermark-free version of your video, or re-edit the video in another application that doesn’t leave a watermark.

If you aren’t blocked from posting by TikTok, here are several other ways for you to get back to your posting schedule.

Check Internet Connectivity for TikTok Posts

  • Check the internet connection on your device.
  • Slow internet usually causes run-time errors, as your video takes too long to upload on TikTok’s server.
  • Restart your WIFI-device
  • Contact your internet service provider so they can instruct you to get your internet speed back on track. 
  • If you’re connected to mobile data, firstly navigate to your data settings and check if your data is enabled for TikTok. If it isn’t, then you should enable it and restart your device. 
  • For further help in checking internet connectivity, click here for our detailed guide.


My Device Will Not Let Me Post On Tiktok


1. Clear Multitasking and Restart Device

Sometimes excessive use of multiple applications in a short period can lead to filling up your device’s RAM and unearthing a few minor bugs. These just may be the cause of your TikTok videos not uploading. Here’s what you can do:

  • Try navigating to multitasking on your device by pressing the left bottom screen button and clearing all applications, then powering off your device. 
  • If you are an apple user double-tap the home button and swipe up on all applications and power off your device.

This will restart your device to a refreshed state with a clear RAM and TikTok will run significantly smoother, allowing you to upload your video.


2. Clear Cache

Overuse of the application for several months, especially if you’re a creator, can lead to a large amount of cache build-up in the app. When more date is being processed by your device, TikTok can slow down from the large amounts of cache. 

The cache contains data that can make your browsing experience more streamlined but, a large build-up has the opposite effect. So, there is no harm in trying to clear your cache. 

Follow these steps to clear your cache:

  • Head over to your profile page in TikTok and tap the upper right corner to access settings. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll find a clear cache option. Tap this and your delete you cache.
  • If you’re an android user, you can have a more in-depth look at all data and cache stored in TikTok and manually remove what you want.

Final Thoughts

We understand how frustrating it can be for you and your loyal followers when you can’t upload your content. Therefore, as an extra precaution try uninstalling and then reinstalling Tiktok. This helps you download the newest bug fixes and gives you the latest version of Tiktok.

We hope our guide was helpful to resolve why TikTok won’t let you post. Let us know which option worked for you in the comments section below. Also, hit us up if you have a unique fix for why Tiktok won’t let you post.

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