Is your TikTok video quality bad? TikTok as a platform has been one of, if the not, the fastest growing on the global platform of the internet. It has become a staple application on smartphones that even most phones released today come with TikTok installed. The reason it has sprung into so much popularity is its easy-to-use video maker that anyone can use to make videos, upload on TikTok and share with their friends.

The digital world thrives on views and clicks from people around the world who love entertainment. TikTokers strive to make content entertaining and engaging to their audience. One aspect of keeping the entertainment high is the quality of the video.

If your video quality is high people are more relaxed and likely to watch more of your TikTok’s. But what if you think that why is my TikTok video quality so bad? If you are experiencing a loss in video quality, then we have just the guide to help you get back into the HD world.

Why Video Quality Is So Important On TikTok?

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TikTok has grown as a platform exponentially. The number of users TikTok attracts contributes to ad revenue to the TikToker. If the TikToker video is more engaging then he will earn more view, hence more ad revenue to continue making TikTok’s. Other platforms such as YouTube has spoiled us with the introduction of 4K and 8K quality videos recently. 

Hence, our brain has automatically adjusted to enjoy content in HD resolution. But when the content is of lower quality, we automatically discard it as unwatchable due to its pixilation, color and other shortcomings.

For a creator/TikToker to grow they need high quality videos to keep the audience engaged. If TikTok video quality so bad, then organic growth becomes hard.

Why Is My TikTok Video Quality So Bad

TikTok video quality so bad can be because of several reasons. As it is connected to the internet the issue can be because of TikTok’s server. Maybe the issue if of your mobile. Here is a common list of issues of why is my TikTok video quality so bad:

  • Data Saver is on
  • Data/Wi-Fi speed is too slow
  • Mobile Phone upload is malfunctioning
  • HD setting is Disabled

This list may seem long but will accurately diagnose the problem of why is my TikTok video quality so bad. 

How Do I Fix Blurry Video Quality On TikTok?

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Disable Data Saver

The data saver setting is made to reduce the amount of data usage that TikTok uses. It is quite helpful for uses on a limited data plan or users that prefer to use the app in low cost. Well the name data saver also means that when uploading you will use less data.

So this handy feature may just be the thing causing why is my TikTok video quality so bad. SO to improve your TikTok’s video quality you must disable this setting to use the full speed internet and not let TikTok compromise by letting your TikTok video quality get blurry. To disable it:

  1. Open the ME tab on your mobile TikTok app.
  2. Tap on the three dots in the top corner to open account settings.
  3. Scroll down to the Cache and Cellular Data options.
  4. Here you’ll find the data saver toggle.
  5. If its on, then tap to toggle it off.

Now not only your videos uploads be of higher quality, and you won’t encounter why is my TikTok video quality so bad but the overall experience to use the app will improve. Features such as the For Me tab will now load significantly faster. However, if you are on a budget, you can toggle the data saver back on after your TikTok upload is complete.

Turn On Wi-Fi

As mentioned before slow internet speed can cause loss of video quality. Cellular data is infamous for being inconsistent in its speed and volume. To get consistent speed for your TikTok’s upload it would be much better to use your Wi-Fi. 

Wi-Fi doesn’t lose speeds randomly and has much better ping so you can upload your TikTok videos without any setbacks.

Use The HD Setting

Most video uploading applications such as YouTube and BiliBIli have a dedicated HD upload option. TikTok is no stranger to this option as well. By using the HD setting TikTok will only upload your video in HD. If your video does not meet the 720p required for HD, then TikTok won’t upload it so you don’t get problem like why is my TikTok video quality so bad.

To update this setting:

  1. Make a Video on TikTok using your Back Camera.
  2. After completing and editing it press next.
  3. This will bring you to post settings, here navigate towards more options.
  4. Scroll down to the HD upload toggle and toggle it on if it is off.

Now your videos will look much crisper, and you won’t have to suffer why is my TikTok video quality so bad.

Use A Better Camera

When it comes down to it if the camera you’re using has low quality picture then your bound to encounter why is my TikTok video quality so bad problem. Front cameras usually have a lower quality camera than the rear camera. If your predominantly using the front camera to rear your videos we suggest switching to your rear cameras for your TikTok’s.

If your phone is outdated or quite old then even your rear camera may not record in high definition. However, if that’s the case then the only solution is getting a new phone or using one with a better, newer camera.

Final Thoughts

If none of these suggestions work, then we propose to contact TikTok customer support through the app for professional help. We hope we solved your issue of why is my TikTok video quality so bad. 

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