The TikTok share bot is a hack that content creators use to help improve the success of their video on the app. If a video has high number of shares, TikTok should deem the video as ‘popular’ and post it to users FYP (for you page).

This can, however, have a negative effect on your upload. Because the number of shares aren’t legit, the ratio between the number of actual views will be disproportionate. If TikTok authorities notice this, it will flag up as ‘fake engagement’ and potentially put a ban on your account.

In this guide, we’ll help you make sense of what the TikTok share bot is, and how you can use it to increase the number of shares on your video. We’ll also delve into how this hack can affect your account, so you can make a conscious decision if you want to utilise it or not.

What is Tiktok share bot?

Tiktok share bot
Tiktok share bot

A TikTok share bot is a function that allows users to share their desired video as many times as they want. This bot will enable your content to reach more viewers so you have a better chance of gaining more followers. Influencers use the share bot to get their videos to go viral on the TikTok platform.

With this TikTok hack, you can share your video with just one click. Although this bot is used to help improve the engagement on your upload, it can sometimes interfere with the TikTok algorithm and cause issues for other users.

When you make use of this TikTok bot, your video will be shared as many times as you want, however, it won’t be from legit accounts.

Your content shares will be from robots, and may cause your account get a temporary ban, or be suspended.

How do you use the TikTok share bot?

TikTok share bot	TikTok share bot
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TikTok users have made use of the share bot through the website Replit. All you have to do is copy your video link and insert it into the code on the site. You will then be able to input the number of shares you want to initiate. Once you submit this information, the bot will automatically complete the process.

Although the TikTok auto share bot will generate the number of shares you requested, it won’t update the total number of views on your video.

When this happens, the ratio of shares and views on your upload will unbalanced. When this occurs, your post can flag up to the TikTok moderators.

What can happen to your account if you use the TikTok share bot?

TikTok share bot
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Whether you’ve used the TikTok share hack once or on multiple occasions, if your upload gets recognised by the apps authorities, your video can get shadow banned. A shadow ban on your content will prevent it from coming up on users FYP (for you page). It will also block it from appearing when someone searches a hashtag that your video contains.

In the TikTok community guidelines, content creators need to refrain from fake engagement and performing spammy behaviour.

(Did you know; 90% of TikTok users will log onto their account every day. The platform is currently the 7th most popular social media app).

The use of the share function can cause your posts to flag up as artificial. When this occurs, TikTok has the right to put a temporary or permanent ban your profile.

How can you tell if an account is a bot?

There are a few signs that can confirm a TikTok account is fake. These include;

  • No bio
  • Irregular numbers when it comes to the ratio between followers, likes and comments on a post
  • Generic comments on a video

A bot will be automatically created to help with marketing on the TikTok platform. These type of profiles won’t follow content creators who have a private account. This is because the robot will be easy to spot.

Why does my TikTok have 0 views?

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TikTok share bot

If your video has 0 views, this will mean your post has not reached other users on the platform for them to watch your upload. Content that performs well on will reach the FYP (for you page). This is the page where users will scroll through videos which the TikTok algorithm suggests for them to see.

This algorithm will customize your content you see by taking into account the videos you’ve viewed and reacted to in the past.

TikTok will share videos that have a high complete rate and watch time. This includes how many viewers watch your content from start to finish, and the total time your video has been seen.

Although your video may not classify as ‘good’ on the TikTok page, it should still gain some views. If you upload a video that is not your own, TikTok will block it from reaching the apps platform.

If, however, you have original videos that still have 0 views, this could be due to a few different reasons;

Why is my TikTok video not getting views?

Original content won’t get views due to;

  • Your upload is under review (if it’s been reported or flagged up as going against the TikTok community guidelines)
  • An inappropriate video
  • You have multiple different accounts
  • New account

If you want to get more views on your TikTok videos, you should post videos that include any trends that are current on the app. This could be a sound, effect, or a theme.

Shorter videos generally do better as viewers will watch them twice.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand what the TikTok share bot is, and how you can make use of the hack to help improve the success of your video.

Although this TikTok bot is a great tool to use to gain more followers, the app can flag your video up as ‘fake engagement’ and either ban your account, or block your content from reaching the FYP.

It can take a lot of work to build up your TikTok account organically, however, in the long run it will better your chances of staying consistent with high amounts of traffic. Here is an example of an organic TikTok account that contains a specific theme.

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