Are you having trouble with your TikTok app? Does it show a network error on your iPhone? Have you tried everything but still you can’t view videos? To help you deal with the error, we are going to show you some quick and easy ways to get rid of it.

With more than 800 million users, TikTok has become a global phenomenon. TikTok reminds us of Facebook when it was first introduced and became the craze everyone was talking about. However, with its ever-growing popularity, the TikTok app encounters some issues and errors that result in a bad user experience.

It can be frustrating not to be able to open your TikTok app and watch your favourite 15-second videos. The app won’t even load on your iPhone sometimes. Well, we are here to give you a handout and offer you solutions that can give you back the joy of watching TikTok videos on your iPhone.

What Is TikTok Network Error on iPhone?

tiktok network error iphone

A lot of TikTok users report that whenever they try to open their TikTok app on their iPhone, they receive the following error.

“No Network Connection-Connect to the internet and try again”.

Just below the error message, there is a refresh button. However, users also reported that refreshing multiple times did not resolve their issue.

What Are The Reasons For TikTok Network Error on iPhone?

tiktok network error iphone

If your TikTok app is not working properly and is throwing a network error code, there can be a few reasons for it such as:

  • You may have an unstable wireless internet connection
  • You are using TikTok over a cellular network with poor signal strength
  • Your TikTok app might be faulty or corrupted
  • TikTok might be restricted in your country
  • TikTok servers are down for maintenance
  • You may have denied internet access to TikTok on your iPhone

How To Fix The TikTok Network Error on iPhone?

tiktok network error iphone

Let’s take a look at the few quick fixes in this guide to get your TikTok life back on track.

Check Status Of TikTok Servers

Before trying any solutions in this guide, first, you can check if TikTok servers are up and running. If TikTok servers are down, you can get the Network error quite often.

As TikTok does not offer any ways to track down their servers for performance monitoring, you can Google and look for any third party website that can show you the current status of TikTok servers.

Check Internet Connection for Network Error

Sometimes, the error is what it says it is. Your internet connection (Cellular or Wifi) may have been experiencing poor speeds. Therefore, make sure that:

  • The WIFI connection in your area is working fine. Open other apps that require the internet and check how well they perform
  • Your cellular internet shows good signal strength and has a good speed

Additionally, you can also switch between WIFI and cellular internet connection to check if it fixes the TikTok network error. If the problem is with your WIFI, you can restart your modem or contact your internet service provider to fix the connectivity issues.

Relaunch TikTok App

If the TikTok app is experiencing a minor crash, it will get back on track if you let the app shut down and open again naturally.

After shutting down the app, wait a few minutes and open the TikTok app again. If you don’t see any network or internet connection error this time, then always try to close the TikTok app properly. To do this:

  • You can double press the Home button to open the App Switcher on your iPhone
  • Swipe the TikTok app up and then off of the top screen to properly close it

Restart Your iPhone to Get Rid of TikTok Network error

A lot of app errors and bugs on an iPhone can be solved if you just restart your device. For iPhone 8 and earlier models:

  • Press and hold down your iPhone’s power button until a message “Slide to Power off” is displayed
  • To shut down your phone, swipe the power icon from left to right
  • Now, press and hold the Power button to turn on your iPhone

For iPhone X and newer:

  • Press and hold your iPhone’s side button until you see the message displaying “Slide to Power off”
  • To turn off your iPhone, swipe the power icon from left to right
  • Press and hold your iPhone’s side button to turn it on again

After restarting your iPhone, open your TikTok app and verify that you have access to TikTok videos.

Clear TikTok App Cache

If somehow, restarting your iPhone does not fix the TikTok network error, you can try clearing the TikTok app cache. To do this:

  • Open TikTok app on your iPhone
  • Tap on “Me” on the bottom right corner
  • Tap the 3 dots on the upper right corner
  • Scroll to Clear Cache and tap that as well

Uninstall, Reinstall, and Update The TikTok App

If the above-mentioned fixes fail to fix the TikTok network error, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the TikTok app to see if that works.

  • Long press your TikTok app on your iPhone and press the X
  • Choose the option to delete the TikTok app
  • Go to Apple Store and download the TikTok app again
  • Login to the App and verify that you have fixed the TikTok network error

While at it, update your TikTok app as well. For this:

  • Go to Apple Store and navigate to your profile page
  • Check if your TikTok app has a pending update
  • Update the app and open it again to confirm that you can view the videos

Reset iPhone Network Settings

You can reset network settings to wipe out default network settings on your iPhone to fix the error. To do this:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to General and select the Reset option
  • Tap on Reset network settings
  • Restart your iPhone and open the TikTok app to confirm the fix


We hope that this guide helped you find a fix for the TikTok network error on your iPhone. If you are still facing the error, you can either contact TikTok customer support or check if TikTok is banned in your country.