These days, Telegram has become a popular messaging and audio-video calling platform. Especially for the enhanced privacy and user experience, the app has been able to grab mass user attention. However, like the rest of the software applications, it has some glitches too.

“Telegram won’t open on my mobile” is a frequently reported issue from Telegram users. So, if you are having this issue, you are on the same page as many other users. Regardless of the platform, users have experienced this issue. To help you solve this issue, we have created this easy guide, where we’ve discussed how to fix this Telegram mobile application error across different platforms with a brief discussion on why it happens. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Why is Telegram not opening on my phone?

Why is Telegram not opening on my phone?

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Telegram can have multiple reasons that can cause an error to run the app on your phone. So let’s detect the problem first.

  • App got stuck on a background process.
  • Essential features are blocks.
  • Disallowed required permission.
  • Error during app installation.
  • Temporary file error.
  • Outdated application.
  • App is not compatible with the older OS versions.

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Telegram won’t open on my mobile: General approaches to fix the issue

When it comes to mobile application issues, you have to consider different platforms. Fix for an Android-operated mobile might not work for an iPhone. However, there are some common approaches you can take to fix this Telegram app issue.

  • Reboot Devices
  • Check Internet Connection
  • Check OS Version
  • Turn of VPN

Once you try those methods, let’s then move into platform-specific glitches and their fixes.

Telegram won’t open on my mobile: How to fix the Android application

Let’s first find a solution for Android users. Here is a list of fixes you can try when Telegram application won’t open on your Android-operated mobile. 

Fix-1: Force close the application

In some cases, the app may get stuck in a background process. This is the most common issue with android applications. To fix this issue, you need to relaunch the app by force closing it.

Step-1: Go to Settings > Application manager. Then find and open the Telegram from the app list.

Step-2: Under the App Info, you will find the Force stop option. Tap on it then press Ok to confirm closing the app. This process will stop all the background operations. 

Step-3: Finally relaunch the app and check if it’s working correctly accurately.

Force close the application - telegram won't open on my mobile

Force close the application


Fix-2: Clear cache memory on Android

Cache is the temporary memory used to make the application run faster. However, large cache files can fill up RAM storage and block the application from opening on your mobile. To clear the cache memory on your Android phone:

Step-1: Open the Application manager and go to Telegram > Storage.

Step-2: In the Storage section, you will find the option to Clear cache. Tap on it to delete the cache storage.

Note: Clearing the cache memory won’t delete any app data from your mobile.

Clear cache memory on Android -telegram won't open on my mobile

Clear cache memory on Android


Fix-3: Update the Telegram Android application

You must use the updated version of the mobile application in order to get a smooth experience. Outdated applications sometimes cause issues, also developers fix many issues in the update. To update the android application:

Step-1: Open the Google Play Store application and tap your profile icon on the top right corner. Then go to Manage apps & device > Updates available.

Step-2: In the list of updatable applications, locate Telegram and press the Update button. If Telegram is not on the list, the application is up to date.

Update the Telegram Android application - telegram won't open on my mobile

Update the Telegram Android application


Fix-4: Adjust application permissions

In order to run seamlessly, the Telegram app requires operational access to specific functions of your mobile. Therefore you have to allow certain permission to the application. The following steps will let you adjust permissions for the Telegram app.

Step-1: Open the Application manager again and go to Telegram > Permissions.

Step-2: Allow permission for functions like Storage, Phone, Microphone, and others.

After allowing those permissions, relaunch the application on your mobile and see if it’s working rightly.

Adjust application permissions - telegram won't open on my mobile

Adjust application permissions


Fix-5: Disable data saver mode

Data saver mode limits the data usage of your mobile. However, it may interrupt the connection between the Telegram application and the server. To get the full performance of Telegram on your mobile, disabling the data saver mode is a good option. To disable data saver mode:

Step-1: Open the Settings of your phone and go to Network and Internet > Data Saver.

Step-2: Now Turn Off the data saver mode or ultra data saver mode of your mobile.

Fix-6: Turn off power-saving mode

When you activate the battery saver mode, it minimizes and halts many background processes. Therefore the app can’t function appropriately. Therefore, to let the Telegram app run conveniently, you should turn off the battery saver mode.

Step-1: GO to Settings > Battery and other devices and open the Battery settings.

Step-2: Under the battery settings, you can find the Power Saving Mode with a toggle button. Switch the button to inactive and the power saving mode will be disabled.

Fix-7: Clear app data

This is the hard way. It will wipe all the locally saved data from the Telegram app on your mobile. But if there are any corrupt files, clearing app data will also delete those files that are causing issues to run the telegram app. To clear app data:

Step-1: Open the App management from your phone settings. Then go down to Telegram from the app list. and go to the storage settings of the application

Step-2: Now go to the storage settings of the Telegram app. There you will see the option to clear data. Tap on it then confirms the deleting data.

Step-3: Once the data is cleared, launch the app and sign in to your account.

Clear app data on Android

Clear app data on Android


Fix-8: Reinstall the Telegram Android application

Telegram may not open on your mobile due to an error in-app installation process. Therefore, try to fix the issue by reinstalling the application.

First, uninstall the application from your android phone. There are different ways to uninstall an app on Android. We will go through the way that is convenient for installing the app again. 

To uninstall the app:

Step-1: Open the Play Store and tap on your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen. Then go to Manage app & devices > Installed apps.

Step-2: In the list of installed applications, find Telegram and select it. There you will have the option to Uninstall. Tap on it and confirm the uninstallation of the app.

Reinstall the Telegram Android application

Reinstall the Telegram Android application

To reinstall the app:

Step-3: Once the app is uninstalled from your phone, you will see the install option appear on the same page. Tap to the Install button and wait for the app to install on your phone.

However, we recommend you restart the phone after uninstalling the app. Therefore, after restarting your phone, reopen the Play Store, search for the Telegram from the search bar, and then install the app again.

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Telegram won’t open on my mobile: How to fix the iOS application

Some of the fixes like app update, app reinstallation, turning off data saver are the same on iOS and android. However, a few approaches are different too. Here are a few ways to fix the issue on your iPhone.

Fix-1: Enable Background App Refresh and Cellular Data

You need to give permission to the app to use mobile data and run in the background.

Step-1: Go to the Settings, and scroll down to Telegram in the app list.

Step-2: Under the app settings, toggle the Background App Refresh and Cellular Data switch and enable these permissions for the Telegram application.

Fix-2: Update the Telegram iOS application

Follow the steps below to update the Telegram app on your iPhone.

Step-1: Go to the APP Store for iOS and tap on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step-2: Then select Purchased and locate the Telegram app from the list of purchased apps.

Step-3: If the Telegram app is outdated, you will see the Update option. Tap on the update and let the phone install the updates for the application.

How to fix the Telegram iOS application

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Fix-3: Reinstall the Telegram iOS application

The reinstallation process involves two operations. First is to delete the app, then install the app again. Follow these steps:

Step-1: Long-press the Telegram icon on your home screen. A pop-up menu will appear, select Remove App on the menu.

Step-2: Then from the remove options, choose Delete App and confirm it.

Step-3: Now go to the App Store, tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner, and then select Purchased.

Step-4: After that, find the Telegram app on the list then press the install button.

Once the installation is complete, open the app and see if it’s working perfectly.

To conclude

In this article, we have tried to answer the question “Why Telegram won’t open on my mobile” and how to fix this glitch. If you follow the guide opening and using the Telegram app on your mobile must be seamless.

If you find value in this article, you might also find other articles on this website. In case you need any further help, please click the button below to ask for our LIVE tech support.