Do you experience the Telegram error this group can’t be displayed when you try and access a specific channel on the app?

This issue can occur when you’re in a restricted country, or, the group contains sensitive content that goes against Telegram’s safety regulations.

A quick change in your settings, or the use of a VPN can help you rectify the channel from being blocked. We have created his easy to follow directory to guide you in understanding why your Telegram app has the error this group can’t be displayed.

We will also provide you will simple solutions you will be able to execute so you can get back to having full access to your groups.

Why are Telegram groups not loading?

Telegram error this group can't be displayed
Telegram error this group can’t be displayed

If you try and open a group on your Telegram app, you may encounter the error; ‘This channel can’t be displayed’. This message will occur when you try and access a group that contains sensitive content. Because Telegram aims to be a secure messaging app, safer than WhatsApp, it will block any channel that deems to be a detriment to its users.

The type of content that will not be available in a Telegram channel is anything that promotes violence, hatred or sexual media.

With its enhanced privacy and safety configuration, Telegram has strict rules that users need to adhere to. If there is a group or channel that violates these rules, the app will ban or restrict it, whether it’s a public or private one.

Another reason why a Telegram group can’t be displayed is if its content is copyrighted, and has been shared illegally.

Why is my Telegram restricted?

Telegram error this group can't be displayed
Telegram error this group can’t be displayed

A further reason why you may experience the Telegram error; ‘This group can’t be displayed’ is because the service has put a restriction on certain chats on your profile due to the country in which you try to access the group from. A restriction can come either from Telegram’s server, or, from the messaging platform.

The countries which have a block on Telegram are;

  • Bahrain
  • Belarus
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Cuba
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • Russia
  • Thailand

(Did you know; Telegram allows users to delete messages that their recipient has sent. This means, you can erase a whole a conversation without having to leave behind texts that you did not send).

If the restriction has come from Telegram’s server, you may be unable to bypass the configuration, however, there are certain steps you can take to help fix your groups from not being available.

Keep in mind, if Telegram’s database is unavailable, it may interfere with how well your app functions, and limit certain features such as access to channels.

How do I fix Telegram group cannot be displayed?

Telegram error this group can't be displayed
Telegram error this group can’t be displayed

To help fix your Telegram group from not downloading, you can download the desktop option onto your computer. Once you have this version installed, you should be able to turn the ‘Disable Filtering’ setting on. This will stop your Telegram app from filtering out sensitive content when you try and access a certain channel.

All blocked groups should now be available, however, they will still be unavailable when you make use of the Telegram app on your mobile or tablet.

If you cannot download the instant messaging service as a desktop version, you can make use of the following methods to help regain access to your groups;

1. Use Nicegram bot

To view content in a channel that Telegram blocks, you can use the ‘Nicegram’ bot within the app to update your settings

Step 1. Search for Nicegram Bot and click on the username ‘@nicegram_bot’

Step 2. Once chat loads up, click on ‘Start’

Step 3. Press ‘I’m 18+ years old’ and then ‘Show Sensitive Content’

Once you have made these changes, reinstall Telegram onto your mobile and attempt to reopen the group.

2. Download a VPN

If your Telegram groups are unavailable due to a restriction on your profile, you can make use of a VPN.

Download a VPN and set your location to a country where Telegram channels have full access. To ensure the VPN will work, enable the application for a couple of hours so the app will register your new IP address.

3. Use a different device

For some reason, certain channels on Telegram are unavailable due to the device in which you connect your profile on.

If you receive the Telegram error; ‘This group can’t be displayed’ through your web browser, try and access the channel on your mobile.

Alternatively, you can swap from an iOS to Android device (and vice versa).

Why is Telegram not updating messages?

Instant messaging app
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Telegram won’t update messages if your instant messaging app is not current on the latest available version. Outdated software will cause the service to incur performance related issues. Telegram will roll out continuous upgrades on their app to ensure you do not not experience a delay in receiving messages.

A further reason why you will experience errors with group displays or receiving notifications, is if your Telegram app cannot connect to a strong, stable network connection.

You can complete a speed test on your Wifi router to check that the bandwidth your device receives is adequate.

If your internet should be better than what it is, unplug your modem for a couple of minutes before you reconnect it, and launch Telegram.


With access to this easy to follow guide, we hope you now know why your Telegram had the error group cannot be displayed, and that you were able to rectify this problem with the use of our four simple methods.

If you still cannot access your desired channels, there may be a issue with your profile. In this instance, you can send your query directly to Telegram’s support channel with the use of their online form.

(Quiz Question; are you able to delete a whole conversation on Telegram?). Let us know what you think through our own contact page.