With Snapchat being a video-based form of communication, if your Snapchat videos keep freezing, you will not be able to utilize your instant messaging platform effectively.

A slow internet connection or corrupted data on your device will cause the videos on your social media app to stop when you try to record, or view content.

Deleting cache files, or reinstalling Snapchat are two solutions that can fix this error on your app.

Our guide will give you a clear understanding of why your app is freezing, and provide additional fixes that will help resolve the app from not working so you can get back to sending images and texts that will ‘self destruct.’ 

Why does Snapchat keep freezing on videos?

Snapchat videos keep freezing

Why does my Snapchat keep freezing

Your Snapchat videos keep freezing due to the following reasons;

Reason 1. The memory on your app (cache files) is too full

Every time you are active on Snapchat, data gets stored onto your device to quicken the processing time and improve the overall performance.

This data is known as the ‘cache files’ and will become too full over time.

Reason 2. CPU (central processing unit) is faulty

The central processing unit on your mobile is what gets your apps to perform, and your device to do what you instruct them to do.

If the software is faulty, it will interfere with your apps.

Reason 3. Your internet connection is not providing enough bandwidth

With all of Snapchat’s additional features (filters, stickers, texts), a strong internet connection is required.

A slow, intermittent connection will interfere with how well the app loads.

Reason 4. Snapchat software needs to be updated

Your app may be due to an update to get rid of any performance issues that have transpired in the current version.

Reason 5. The Snapchat server is down

If the server is down, you won’t have full access to a working app. Any request you try to put through on Snapchat (record, or send a video) will not reach the server.

You can confirm if the Snapchat server is down by checking this link.

Reason 6. Permissions are set incorrectly

It’s important to make sure your app has been configured correctly.

If you have not granted Snapchat the correct permissions, it will not be able to perform.

Reason 7. Data is corrupted 

Corrupted data can transpire from interference during the install phase of the app, or simply accessing Snapchat on a suspicious network connection.

Not only do these reasons cause Snapchat to freeze, but they also instigate;

  • Crashing
  • Automatically closing
  • Snapchat not opening

(Did you know; the Snapchat ghost is called ‘Ghostface Chillah’.)

How to fix Snapchat freezing

Snapchat videos keep freezing

How to fix Snapchat freezing

You can fix your Snapchat from freezing by following these easy steps;

Fix 1. Clear Cache files

Step 1. Open Snapchat and click on your ‘Profile’ 

Step 2. Press the ‘Settings’ button at the top right of your screen

Step 3. Scroll down until you get to the ‘Account Actions’ tab

Step 4. Select ‘Clear Cache’

Confirm by pushing ‘Clear’. 

Note, once Snapchat has cleared all cache files, you may get a pop up confirming Snapchat needs to close and be restarted.

(Don’t worry, your chats, memories, and saved lenses will not be deleted.)

Fix 2. Restart device

If you are concerned your CPU (central processing unit) on your device is what’s causing your Snapchat to keep freezing, you can troubleshoot your mobile.

Step 1. Make sure all apps running in the background are closed

Step 2. Switch your phone off and turn it back on

Restarting your phone will also get rid of corrupted data on your device.

Fix 3. Check your internet connection

Check that your internet connection is providing adequate speeds for Snapchat to perform.

If your speeds are good, you can power reset your router.

Step 1. Power your modem off by pressing down on the on/off button for 10 seconds

Step 2. Unplug the router and wait a couple of minutes

Step 3. Plug it back in and switch it back on

Once your internet is running again, launch Snapchat.

Fix 4. Update app

Snapchat is continuously releasing upgraded versions to improve the performance of the app. If you still need to update your version, this could be why your videos keep freezing.

Step 1. Access your app store

Step 2. Find Snapchat and check for an ‘Update’ button

Step 3. If you can, click on ‘Update’

This new version will override the current one already installed on your phone.

(Fun Fact; Snapchat failed 34 times before it was created.)

Fix 5. Check Snapchat settings

Incorrect settings will prevent your app from performing.

Step 1. Launch Snapchat

Step 2. Click on your Profile followed by the ‘Settings’ button

Step 3. Under ‘Additional Services’ select ‘Manage’

Step 4. Now choose ‘Permissions’ 

(Note, if this is not configured properly, permissions will be in red with an exclamation mark (!) next to it)

Step 5. Check that you have enabled your permissions, specifically ‘Photos’

Go through your other settings to make sure they have been set correctly.

Tip, if you have turned ‘Data Saver’ on, this can interfere with your videos loading because it reduces the amount of data that is being used.

Fix 6. Reinstall the app

Deleting Snapchat off your phone and reinstalling it will get rid of any contaminated files.

Step 1. Depending on if you are on Android or Apple, ‘Delete’ of ‘Uninstall’ Snapchat

Step 2. Open your app store and find Snapchat

Step 3. Select ‘Install’

Launch Snapchat and try your videos.


Now that you can send and receive videos on your social media app without them freezing, you can get back to enjoying Snapchat’s customizable features.

If you have attempted all of the fixes we have provided, and your app is still giving you issues, Snapchat has ample ways in which you can contact them for guidance.

You can check out their support guide. If that does not answer your query, they give you the option to fill out an online form.

Remember, all of this can be done straight from your mobile app, in the; settings > support > I need help tab.