Are you having trouble with receiving notifications from your Slack app or are your  Slack notifications not working? Have you been trying hard to deal with the notification issues in the Slack app? Do you worry about missing an important event just because of this issue? You do not need to worry anymore because we are here to provide you with suitable solutions for your problem of Slack notifications not working. 

According to the owner of Slack, it stands for “Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge.” Since 2019, Slack has served as a public platform for productive business communication among clients and businesses. 

Slack allows its users to search for people, businesses, files, conversations, and many other things within seconds. It is a business communication platform that allows various IRC features to get access to chat rooms, private groups, or direct messaging just by searching for channels that relate to your requirement. 

Do you know that while having the Slack app on your device, you get notifications, but do you know what those notifications are?


What Are Slack Notifications?


Being such a practical platform, it allows you to have notifications so that you do not miss anything. Slack notifications are a direct way to let you know about the things you need to know. 

You can customize Slack notifications as per the demands of the user. Slack is an application that works on many devices so it, allows the feature of sync. You can use Slack on your different devices. The sync feature will automatically work just the way it does on your other devices.

Therefore, you do not have to change your Slack notification settings each time on your new device.

Why Are Slack Notifications Not Working?


notifications not working

Slack is a multidimensional and user-friendly application because of which it offers more than one method to organize your notifications. But it would be difficult to decide if this acts as a boon or curse for its users.

Sometimes the problem of Slack notifications not working occurs just because it had offered too many ways to customize the notifications. The reason is that things mess up making it difficult for the Slack app to understand what to do. The result is a lack of working notifications.

Some other causes behind Slack notifications not working are the device settings themselves. Each device allows you to set it according to your desire. So sometimes, your device settings may be working as a hurdle in Slack notifications to work.  

How Do I Fix Slack Notifications Not Working?

slack not showing notifications

Restart Your Device

One of the most straightforward solutions to any problems related to digital devices is to restart them. It will solve most of your device issues. A few unknown glitches arise in the devices multiple times. These will resolve on their own by just restarting the device.

So, try to restart your device in case your Slack notifications are not working.

Keep Your Slack App Updated

The slack app keeps itself up to date by adding new changes and bug fixes. Sometimes your app just needs an update. There might also be a bug in the app, which might resolve with updating.

So, update your app, and it will probably resolve the issue. If it persists, then move further.

Use Slack App Troubleshooter 

Slack knows that while using the app, users may sometimes have issues related to notifications. Therefore, it had introduced an easy-to-use notification troubleshooter in the app. Go to Troubleshoot notifications and run it. There are chances that your problems will resolve.

If you still have the issue of a Slack notification, you can try our next solution.

Allow Notifications on Your Device

Many devices have a built-in system to allow or block notifications of applications. If you are having trouble with your Slack notifications, then there is a probability that your device has blocked the notifications for Slack.

So go to your device settings and check if your device had allowed notifications for Slack. If you find it not allowed, then you have found the problem. Just click on ‘Allow Notification’, and there you go. However, if your issue persists, keep reading for more solutions. 

Change Slack App Settings to allow All Notifications.

Notification settings in the Slack App might be responsible for your problem of Slack notifications not working. Slack has a default setting that allows you to receive notifications about keywords, mentions, and direct messages. This, however, might not be helping with the notification you require. 

In order to resolve your problem, you will have to change the settings within the Slack App. Directly open the ‘You’ tab in your app and select ‘All new messages’ in the notification settings. 

Check for Sound Tone Enable in Slack App

Sometimes your device receives notifications but does not play a sound on a new notification arrives. The reason behind this might be that your Slack App had enabled silent mode. That doesn’t allow your device to play a sound. 

So open your Slack App and go to the Notifications settings to find the option to enable a notification sound.

Final Thoughts

Providing solutions is what we do. If you like our guide, drop a message. Or better yet, leave a comment below. Also, let us know if you have any other issues relating to Slack. 

We are pretty sure that this guide is successful in helping you. Hopefully, you will not miss any of your Slack notifications anymore. You can now stay stress-free and not miss any of your important messages and events. 

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