youHave you decided to upgrade from Sky Q or Sky Plus, and your Sky Glass won’t link to your existing account?

We have created this easy-to-follow guide to help you understand why you are experiencing this issue and what you can do to eradicate this problem so you can get your account linked to your Sky Glass TV

Why won’t Sky Glass link account

Man linking accounts on devices
Why won’t Sky Glass link my account

Are you seeing the error; ‘Linking unsuccessful. Please try again later’

If you are, it means that the information you have inputted to link your account has been incorrect, and Sky Glass can’t pick up your account.

You will need to double-check that you are putting in the correct digits.

If you are seeing; ‘Linking unsuccessful. You have reached your device limit’ which means you may be trying to add your account to a device after you have already used the maximum number of linked accounts.

Sky allows you to have one Sky Glass TV and 6 streaming pucks per one account.

Your Sky Glass may not be successfully linking your account because of a bad wifi connection that is not stable enough to process the request successfully.