Sky’s new Sky Glass TV service is relatively new to the company’s customers. However, several early adopters appear to be experiencing a range of issues. If you’re one of them, it might seem like the Sky glass won’t connect to WiFi? Don’t worry! This guide will assist you in getting rid of this issue.

Unlike other hardware such as Sky Plus or Sky Q, the Sky Glass is a television that has a built-in Skybox. It is a 4K and HDR-capable modern “Quantum Dot” QLED TV that combines Sky’s TV services over broadband that eliminates the need for extra cables. 

It would have been surprising if such a new strategy (or product) to accessing Sky’s TV content hadn’t been without its share of connection issues, which a large number of early purchasers seem to be encountering. So we are here to fix this issue. Let’s start!

How does Sky Glass connect to WiFi?

How do I activate my sky glass?

Sky Glass TV comes with built-in Sky and can work with any broadband provider in your area. To connect Sky Glass to WiFi, you first need to activate sky Glass. Afterward, do the following steps.

  • Turn on Sky Glass and type in your home network password at the prompt (Sky broadband users can press the WPS button on the router to connect the TV to WiFi automatically).
  • Next, your Sky Glass will look for the available updates.
  • Once updates are done, a screen will pop up that will let you choose from “Enhanced” or “Default” settings.
  • Choose the “Enhanced” settings to activate voice navigation or motion sensor, otherwise select the “Default” settings.
  • Finally, enter the parental control PIN (The last four digits of your phone number, which you can change later) to restrict Sky content.

Why won’t Sky Glass Connect to WIFI?

Why Sky Glass won't Connect to WIFI?

If you cannot connect Sky Glass to your WiFi, it could be due to the reasons such as:

  • Streaming or internet service outage.
  • Poor WiFi signals at your home.
  • Migration to a new broadband service provider.
  • A temporary glitch in the Sky Glass software.

How to Fix Sky Glass won’t Connect to WiFi?

How to Fix Sky Glass won't Connect to Wifi?

Several techniques will connect Sky Glass to WiFi, but first, make sure you fulfill all those requirements needed to use the service. If you have Sky Q or Sky+, you need to turn it off until you activate the Sky Glass. 

Check Your Network Configurations

If you have recently changed the internet service provider, you need to update your information in the Network settings:

  • First, choose the Network Settings on your tv and click on Reset.
  • Wait for the network while it’s compelling, then click on Confirm.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to connect to a router from another provider (You can switch to a wired connection)

You’ll start a new contract and select a new TV package when you order Sky Glass. Sky Ultimate TV has a 31-day rolling contract that includes Sky Entertainment and Netflix. 

Note: If you want to cancel the contract, you must provide a 31 days’ notice. Any additional TV packages, such as Sky Sports or Whole Home, are monthly rolling contracts so that you can change them at any time.  

Restart and Factory Reset your Sky Glass TV

Sometimes, restarting and resetting the Sky Glass TV fix the WiFi connectivity issues. To do this:

  • Put Sky Glass on Standby.
  • Connect your Sky Glass to the mains and turn it back on. It is not necessary to unplug it.

It’ll take a minute or two to be back up and running. If you see the home screen when it does, you’re back up and running. If the issue persists, factory reset the Sky Glass in the following way.

  • First, click on the Home button on your Sky streaming puck (Sky Glass) remote.
  • Scroll down a little and choose the Settings option.
  • Now, you need to choose System Management> Reset & Update > Factory Reset. That’s it!

Switch your Router off at the Mains

Ensure that all the cables are firmly pushed into your router and master socket or Optical Network terminal.

  • Check for faults in the cables or the plugs.
  • If your primary wall socket or extension lead is working, try plugging in another appliance or device to see if it gets electricity.
  • Restart your modem and wait for the lights to turn back on in a few minutes. 

Note: If you’ve just moved your Sky Glass or router, the signal may be too far away. Therefore, you may need to put the router back in its previous place.

Use a Sky Booster or other WiFi Extender

If you use the WiFi extender or Sky booster, check that it’s turned on. If it isn’t, it could be causing a WiFi coverage problem.

What if we don’t have the necessary equipment? You can use the user’s handbook to check if it’s connected or not. Or you may remove the extender to resolve the issue. Not all equipment works well together.

Do you own a Sky booster? If so, ensure that your booster’s Power, WiFi, and Connected lights should all be green or white, depending on your booster. 

However, if all the lights are not white or green, check all the cables and make sure they’re pushed firmly into your booster. 

Check your WiFi with other Devices

Check your other gadgets to see if your WiFi is working. You should be able to load web pages and see the WiFi symbol in the taskbar on your device.

If the internet cannot connect to any device, the problem is with your broadband. For further information, contact your broadband provider to resolve the issue. Sign in to test your connection if you have Sky Broadband.


Sky Glass is another modern device that will aim to enhance your experience and usability. However, some pioneer users encounter that Sky Glass won’t connect to the WiFi. This guide will assist you in fixing the problem. However, if none of the troubleshooting steps works, connect to the sky helpline and register your complaint.