Are you worried about the Sky Q Box flashing orange? Well, you don’t need to. This article talks about why your device starts flashing orange light suddenly and what it actually takes to bring everything back to normal.

Released back in 2016, Sky Q has been providing efficient services for over five years now. But there exist certain situations where users get confused over a particular behavior of their device; one such is the Sky Q Box flashing orange light. 

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Sky Q Box Flashing Orange: What Does it Mean?

Whenever your Sky Q Box is in a situation where it needs attention, there’s a chance that it will flash some kind of light. The color of the light is different over time, considering the difference in actual reason. Some correspond to hardware issues, while others represent something around the software section.

When we talk about the orange light flashing in your Sky Q Box, it generally indicates that either the software on the particular device has been upgraded to a newer version, and you need to restart/reset your Sky Q Box to have the changes appropriately incorporated.

What to do when the Sky Q Box is Flashing Orange

Restart the Sky Q Box

sky q box flashing orange

  • Turn off your device using the power button
  • Plug out the power cable for the mains outlet
  • Wait for a few seconds
  • Plug the cord back in and turn on your Sky Q Box

In case your device continues flashing the orange light, move to the next step.

Reset the Sky Q Box

reset sky q box

  • The first thing that you’ll need to do is get your device near sight and search for the reset button 
  • Now press and hold down that reset button.
  • Make sure you hold the button until all the light glows up at one
  • Once it happens, all the light will then turn off, and your Sky Q Box will eventually reboot.
  • Wait for some moment before it turns on and check if the orange light has stopped flashing.

What if Resetting Doesn’t Help Get Rid of the Flashing Orange Issue?

If the flashing continues even after you reset the Sky Q Box, the only thing you’re left to do is contact the Sky Q Box support team.

sky q box contact

  • Visit the official website and head over to the Sky Q Box Help Section.
  • Scroll down to find the “Still Need a Hand” option
  • Under that tap, “Yes, I Still Need Help.”
  • Once done, tick the option that says, “I have tried the online help guides.”
  • Click on the “Get in Touch” button, and from there on, you can either visit the Sky Q community or call the experts to help resolve the issue right away.

Final Words

If your Sky Q Box starts flashing orange light suddenly, then it is not something to get worried about. Most of the time, all you’ll need to do in such a case is simply restart or reset using the dedicated button present on the front side of the box. However, you might even need to get in touch with the Sky Q support team in rare cases.