Is your Shudder app not working when you try and access your account, or stream a video?

The online video service may not work in many different forms. You may experience a Black screen, buffering error or a login issue. These playback problems will occur if your internet connection is not stable enough to supply a consistent bandwidth speed of 6Mbps.

An update of the app, or a reinstallation can help fix the service from being unavailable.

We have generated this simple guide to help you understand why the Shudder app is not working, and what steps you can take to fix this error so you can get back to streaming your favourite thrillers without any further interferences.

Why is my Shudder app not working?

Shudder app not working
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Your Shudder app will not work if it’s not connected to a strong network connection. An unstable internet will cause the online video service to have issues in many different forms. You may experience Shudder to have a Black screen, login issues or audio and/or display problems. The app requires a download speed of at least 6Mbps in order to stream content successfully without incurring performance errors such as buffering.

Besides a slow internet connection being a reason for your Shudder app to not work, there are additional causes that will interfere with your streaming. These include;

1. Outdated Shudder app

Shudder will continuously perform updates on their app to improve its performance and quality. If you make use of an outdated version, this can be the reason why your app won’t work.

The request from your device to access the Shudder server may be incompatible due to the change in software after an update has taken place on the database.

2. Faulty browser cache files

When you access Shudder through your browser, cache files will download onto your device. This is to improve loading times when you launch the program.

Over time, these files will become too full or corrupt which will hinder the Shudder app from working properly.

3. Problematic Shudder app

Your Shudder app could be corrupt with damaged software which is on your device. This will prevent your app from loading properly or streaming videos without any issues.

How to fix Shudder app not working

Shudder app not working
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Complete a power reset on your Wifi router to help fix your Shudder app from not working. This will refresh your internet connection and help improve your signal strength. Turn your modem off and unplug it from its plug point. Let it stand idle for a few minutes before you plug it back in and switch it on. Once your network is back up and running, relaunch your Shudder app to confirm if it’s working.

Check your internet speed to ensure your download speed is at least 6Mbps. If it’s not adequate enough and it does not improve, you may need to contact your network service provider.

Additional solutions to help fix your Shudder app from not working include;

1. Update Shudder app

Access your app store to check if there is an available update. If there is, allow the download to take place. Once your current version has been upgraded, restart your device before you open your Shudder app.

2. Clear browser cache files

Erase the built up cache from your browser to get rid of any corrupt files and clear up space.

For a Google Chrome browser, simply;

Open Chrome > Press CTRL + ALT + DEL > Under ‘Basic’ tick ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’ & ‘Cached Images and Files’ > Press ‘Clear Data’

You can now reopen your Shudder app.

How to clear browser cache on Mac:

Launch Safari > In the menu tab press ‘Safari’ > Press ‘Clear History’ > Choose your time range in the drop-down > Press ‘Clear History’

Launch Shudder and try and stream a show or access your account details to confirm your app is now working.

3. Reinstall Shudder app

Uninstall and reinstall the Shudder app off of your device to get rid of any corrupt files that may be interfering with the performance of your online streaming service.

Before your redownload Shudder, turn your device off and on. This will make sure any damaged software is removed.

Why is Shudder so laggy?

Shudder app not working
Shudder app not working

Your Shudder app will be laggy if your internet connection is not strong enough for the app to stream without any buffering issues. A lagging issue will occur when your device cannot download the necessary amount of data needed to playback a video in the necessary amount of time. A latency problem will occur between your device and the Shudder app. If your network does not provide adequate bandwidth speeds, your video will start to freeze.

If you are unable to improve your internet speeds, you can help fix Shudder from being so laggy by changing your resolution settings to a lower quality.

(Did you know; Shudder is not available for offline viewing. Unlike Netflix, you cannot download a movie or show to watch. You will only be able to stream while online).

More bandwidth is required to stream a video on a higher image quality, than it is for a low image display.

Your can update your screen resolution in the display settings of your smart TV or device.

What devices can I use Shudder on?

Family watching a movie on laptop
Shudder app not working

Shudder is available on almost all smart devices. If you registered an account through Shudder’s main website, you will be able to access your profile from any Apple device, Android mobile, a Roku or Xbox One console. It’s important to note that the Shudder app is only available on a Samsung smart TV that is a 2018 model and above. You can also obtain a Shudder account through a different platform such as Amazon Prime.

The list of compatible devices for the Shudder app are;

  • Laptop or computer to access the Shudder website
  • Apple
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Fire TV
  • 2018 Samsung TV & newer models

You can obtain a Shudder profile through Amazon Prime or as an add on via YouTube.


Now that you know why Shudder is not working when you try and log onto your profile or stream a video, we hope you were able to fix this playback issue with one of the easy solutions provided in this guide.

If the issue persists, you may need to contact Shudder with a direct query. You can submit a support ticket with your details and a clear explanation of the problem you are experiencing.

(Quiz Question; Are you able to watch Shudder while offline?).

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