Are you screen mirroring Netflix from your mobile and no video is being displayed on your TV?

If you are attempting to use a second screen to stream Netflix, both devices need to be connected to the same network, otherwise, you will see a Black screen on your device.

Is your Netflix updated to the latest available version? Ensuring your app is not outdated will help prevent the screen sharing feature from not working, as well as making sure both devices are logged in to the same Netflix account.

With this guide, you will be given all the possible reasons why the screen sharing is showing no video on Netflix, as well as learn how to fix this problem in six easy steps, so you can enjoy streaming your favourite shows on a sizeable screen.

Why is there a Black screen when screen sharing Netflix?

You will experience a Black screen and no video when you access Netflix if you are screen mirroring from a device that is connected to a different network than your TV. To share your screen from one smart device to another, they will need to be paired under the same internet.

If your two devices are connected to the same network connection, you could be experiencing a Black screen on your second display due to the following reasons;

Reason 1. Outdated operating system

Your mobile or tablet device needs to be functioning on the latest operating system that is available for download.

Netflix’s screen mirroring will only work if your phone meets the minimum requirements that will allow the device to screen share the app onto a TV.

Mobile Minimum Operating System
Android OS 2.3
Android Tablets OS 3.0
Apple iOS 6.0

Reason 2. Multicast disabled

Your device will need to be able to perform a multicast for screen mirroring to take place.

if you are trying to screen share Netflix from a device that does not support the feature, your video will not be displayed.

Reason 3. Netflix app needs updating

The Netflix app on your smart TV may need to be updated, as well as on your second device.

Most devices from 2014 onwards have the screen mirroring feature available. If you are trying to screen share on an older model, the function may not be supported.

Reason 4. Netflix account profiles are different

You need to log into the same Netflix account on the devices you will be using to screen mirror.

If your mobile or tablet is active on a different profile, the screen sharing will be unsuccessful.

Reason 5. Chromecast issue

If you are attempting to screen mirror Netflix through Chromecast, your Chromecast may be disconnected, or the device needs to be refreshed. This is if the cast icon is showing on your display.

Reason 6. TV display error

No video is displayed on your screen when screen sharing could be because there is a display issue with your TV screen. A faulty or damaged cable can interfere with your device functioning.

How do I fix Black screen mirroring on Netflix?

Screen mirroring Netflix no video

How to stop Netflix black screen when mirroring

If your video is not showing on Netflix when you attempt to screen mirror, you can fix this problem by making sure the chosen two devices are connected to the same network. Check that your mobile or tablet is using the same Wifi network that your TV is paired to. If they are different, you will need to reconnect one of your devices.

(Fun Fact; Ever thought about how Netflix came about? The CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings got the idea of the online streaming app in 1997 when he was charged by Blockbuster for an overdue return of the VHS tape, Apollo 13. Netflix was later launched in 1998).

Once your smart devices are on the same network, Netflix should display your chosen video. Are you still experiencing no video on your screen? If so, the following steps should help fix this error;

Fix 1. Update operating system

Update your device’s operating system to ensure the software is compatible to perform the screen mirroring function.

Both platforms will need to be upgraded to the latest software version as this will make sure the connection between the two is successful.

Updated operating systems will improve your device’s performance and get rid of any potential files that may be interfering with Netflix displaying your video.

Fix 2. Check settings

Have you checked if your multicast settings have been enabled? You may have forgotten to switch this feature on.

Certain routers require this function to be manually set, so you may need to double-check the instruction manual to confirm if this option is automatically turned on.

Fix 3. Update Netflix app

The Netflix app on your TV needs to be updated to the latest version, as well as on your mobile or tablet.

How to update Netflix on smart TV:

Step 1. From the home screen, open the app store

Step 2. Search for Netflix

Step 3. You should now be able to select ‘Update’

Note, if you have completed a software update on your smart TV, this should automatically update the apps installed on your TV.

Fix 4. Confirm Netflix profiles

Check to see that you are logged in to the same Netflix account on the devices you are wanting to use for screen mirroring.

If the accounts are different, the second screen option will not be available to use.

Fix 5. Check Chromecast connection

If you are using Chromecast to screen share Netflix, your connection may be disrupted.

A missing ‘cast’ image on your device will mean your device needs to refresh its connection. You can complete this by actioning one of the following;

  • Sign out and back into Netflix
  • Restart your device
  • Switch Chromecast off and on again
  • Unplug Chromecast for a few minutes

This should eradicate the screen mirroring on Netflix, with no video issue.

Fix 6. Disconnect the second TV

You can screen share the app on more than one smart TV, but not at the same time. You will experience the screen mirroring Netflix no video problem if you are trying to use this feature on two TV’s concurrently.

Disconnect the second TV and complete the screen mirroring process again.

Fix 7. Talk to a Netflix Tech Specialist

If you are still having issues with the Netflix screen mirroring, then we would recommend speaking to a Netflix tech specialist.

How to screen mirror Netflix from phone to TV

Screen mirroring Netflix no video

How to screen mirror from mobile to TV

You can sync your Netflix mobile app to stream your chosen video on a smart TV. Your phone will act as your remote.

How to screen mirror Netflix from Android and iPhone to TV:

Before you proceed, make sure both devices are connected to the same network.

Step 1. Log into your Netflix account on your mobile

Step 2. On the home page, click on the ‘cast’ image at the top right

Step 3. From the list of connected devices, choose your TV

Step 4. Play your desired video

It should now be displayed on your smart TV.


With this substantial guide, we hope you now understand why you may experience screen mirroring Netflix with no video on your device, and that you can put into effect the six simple solutions provided to get rid of this issue.

Netflix’s server may be experiencing problems, which could be interfering with the app performing properly, so it is recommended to always check the service status when Netflix is being problematic on your mobile, tablet or TV.

If you would like to contact Netflix for any further queries or concerns, you can call them on

007 803 321 2130 (login to your account to get a reference code) or you can make use of their Live Chat feature.