Are you screen mirroring Disney Plus, and no video appears on your screen?

This display issue will occur if you have not configured your smart TV to connect to the same network that your device uses.

When last did you check for a software update on your mobile or Disney Plus app? Outdated firmware can sometimes interfere with the performance of the Disney+ service.

A reboot of your Wifi router, or a reinstallation of Disney Plus can help fix your online video app from not working.

We have created this simple guide to expand on what causes the screen mirroring Disney Plus no video error, and what steps you can take to rectify this image problem, so you can get back to watching all your favourite classic movies.

Why does Disney Plus not work on screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring Disney Plus no video
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Screen mirroring Disney Plus will display no video on your TV screen if the device you use to launch the app is unable to connect to a stable network. If your Wifi router disconnects intermittently, or your device cannot secure a connection to your internet, Disney+ screen mirroring will not work.

If your network speed is slow, this will also block Disney Plus from screen mirroring its video onto your TV screen.

Other reasons why Disney Plus will display no video are;

1. TV not connected to Wifi

If your TV is not connected to your Wifi, which needs to be the same as what your device connects to, Disney Plus will have no video on your screen.

2. Anti-Virus application

If you have an active anti-virus application on your device, this can sometimes be the reason why Disney Plus will block your screen mirroring function.

3. Outdated software

If your device’s operating system, or Disney Plus app is out of date, your screen mirroring may display no video.

This is because outdated firmware on either platform can create performance related issues, and become incompatible when request to access the Disney+ server.

How to fix screen mirroring Disney Plus no video

Screen mirroring Disney Plus no video
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Complete a power restart on your Wifi router to reset your network. This will help fix any internet issues you may have, and refresh your device’s connection to your modem. Simply turn your router off and unplug it for a few minutes before you reconnect it to its power point. Once your router is back up and running, allow your device to reconnect, and launch Disney Plus again.

Check your internet speed to ensure your network supplies Disney Plus with an adequate amount of bandwidth. This will also ensure you don’t incur any streaming issues like the audio being out of sync.

Other solutions that will help fix screen mirroring Disney Plus no video error include;

1. Reconnect TV

Check to see that your smart TV connects to the same Wifi network that your device is paired to. If it is, and you receive the Disney Plus Black screen image, disconnect your TV.

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Before your reconnect it to your internet connection, perform a restart. You should now be able to screen mirror Disney Plus.

2. Disable anti-virus application

Turn any anti-virus application off that is active on your PC. This will help stop the app from getting blocked, and unable to display a Disney video.

Before you try and screen mirror again, turn your device off and on.

3. Update Software

You need to ensure the software for your device and Disney+ app is up to date with the latest firmware available.

In system settings, you should be able to check for an available system update on you smartphone, laptop or tablet.

To update Disney Plus, you can find it in the app store. If there is an ‘update’ option available, click on it.

Once all necessary software’s are up to date, you can screen mirror Disney Plus to your TV.

Does Disney+ Allow screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring Disney Plus no video
Screen mirroring Disney Plus no video

Disney Plus does allow screen mirroring, so long as you use a smart Android or Apple device that can connect to a smart TV. Your television will need to be able to support a wireless connection. If Disney Plus is not available in your region, you won’t be able to screen mirror without the use of a VPN.

To allow Disney Plus to screen mirror, all you need to do is;

Step 1. Launch Disney+ and choose the content you want to watch

Step 2. After you select ‘play’ click on the cast icon that should show at the top of your screen

Step 3. Choose the device you want to screen mirror to

Disney Plus video should now screen mirror from one device to the other.

Why is my Disney Plus showing a Black screen?

Screen mirroring Disney Plus no video

Disney Plus will display a Black screen when you stream on a device or through screen mirroring if the Disney server is down. When this happens, your request to access the Disney database will not get processed, hence, a blank screen will appear. The server will become unavailable if there is planned maintenance work, or if there’s been an outage.

Although you won’t be able to fix the Disney Plus server yourself, you’ll be able to check the current service status of the app so you can stay up to date with its performance.

Other causes for Disney Plus to display a blank screen include;

  • Outdated Disney+ app
  • Corrupt files
  • Active extensions on your device
  • System glitch

How to fix Disney Plus Black screen

To prevent the Disney Plus home screen from not loading, you can complete a few troubleshooting methods that should solve the error, and fix your video from not showing;

  • Update Disney Plus app
  • Uninstall and reinstall the program
  • Disable extensions
  • Reboot device

For a more in depth look into the Black screen issue, we have this guide for you.


With this easy to follow directory, we hope you have now made sense of why screen mirroring Disney Plus had no video, and that you were able to fix the display issue with one of the solutions provided.

If the issue persists even after you’ve checked the hardware of your devices, there may be a fault with your Disney Plus app.

You can utilise the Disney Plus Help Centre, where you should be able to either call or email their customer service department.

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If you want to submit an answer, make use of our online contact form.