Are you trying to stream from one of your downloaded online video apps but your Samsung TV is displaying the error 107 on your screen?

If your home Wifi is experiencing network issues, this will interfere with your TV connecting to the Samsung Smart Hub.

The Samsung error code 107 can transpire from corrupted firmware on your device, however, this can be rectified by completing a simple software update.

In this guide, we will help you understand exactly why the Samsung TV error 107 is occurring, as well as explore all the possible solutions to help you fix this problem so your Samsung TV can stay connected to the internet without any further interferences.

What is The Samsung TV Error Code 107?

Samsun TV error 107

What is the Samsung TV error 107

The Samsung TV error 107 will occur when your TV has lost internet connection. This will occur when Samsung’s smart hub cannot connect. This will result in your device not being able to connect to the Samsung server. A loss of connectivity between the two will cause the error 107 to appear on your screen.

The Samsung TV 107 error will be displayed on your screen to warn you that it is no longer connected to a network.

The error 107 on your Samsung TV can be caused by a few different reasons;

What causes the Samsung TV error 107?

1. Corrupted Samsung Firmware

If the current software installed on your Smart TV is corrupted, this will interfere with the performance of your device.

Faulty firmware can be the reason why you are seeing the error 107 on your Samsung screen because it will interfere with your TV establishing a stable internet connection.

2. Outdated Software Version

Your Samsung TV software may have a pending update that is needing to be downloaded. Keeping your TV operating on an older version can prevent your device from connecting successfully.

3. Unstable internet connection

Your Samsung TV should be connected to a constant, strong network to avoid it from disconnecting and causing the error 107 code to appear.

If your internet connection is intermittent, this will interfere with the smart hub working.

4. Samsung TV Settings Incorrect

The settings on your Samsung TV may be set incorrectly. If there has been a momentary glitch on your TV, it can reconfigure how you set your TV up, and potentially erase your network setting.

How to Fix Error Code 107 on Samsung TV

Samsung TV error 107

How to fix Samsung error 107

You will be able to fix the error code 107 appearing on your Samsung by re-establishing an internet connection on your TV. Once it has reconnected to a stable network source, the smart hub will reach the Samsung server, and the requests from your Smart device will be processed successfully.

You can re-establish the network connection on your Samsung TV by completing the following;

1. Power Reset Wifi Router

A reset of your Wifi router will help your Samsung TV reconnect to the smart hub, and refresh the network so you can improve the signal strength.

To complete a power reset, unplug your modem and keep it off for 2-3 minutes. Plug it back in and wait for your Samsung TV to reconnect.

2. Update Samsung Firmware

Whether your Samsung TV’s firmware is corrupted, or it is outdated, completing a software update on your device will improve the performance, and get rid of any faults that may be the reason why your Samsung TV has the error 107.

Step 1. Launch ‘Settings’ on your TV

Step 2. Select ‘Support’

Step 3. Choose ‘Software Update’

Step 4. Confirm you want to ‘Update via Network’

Note, make sure your internet is consistent before updating. Alternatively, you make use of a USB to complete the download.

Once the firmware has been updated, turn your Samsung TV off, and restart it.

3. Reset Samsung TV Settings

If none of the other fixes has stopped the Samsung TV error 107 from appearing on your screen, you will need to complete a factory reset.

This will put your TV back into its default state which is when you first purchased the device. You will need to reconfigure your Samsung to set your preferences.

This will also reset the smart hub, and refresh its connection.

Step 1. Open the ‘Settings’ section on your TV

Step 2. Press ‘Support’

Step 3. Choose the ‘Self Diagnosis‘ followed by ‘Reset’

You will be asked to input a pin. This should be defaulted to ‘0000’. Your Samsung TV will complete the reset and reconnect to your Wifi connection.

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Tip, If you want to complete a retune on your Samsung TV, we have this guide to help you.

Samsung TV Error Code 102

Samsung TV error 107

Smart TV error 102

Similar to error code 107, the Samsung TV error code 102 will show on your screen when your TV is unable to connect to the Samsung smart server. Your device will fail to connect to the server if there is no internet connection.

What causes the Samsung TV error 102?

This error code will be caused due to the following;

  • Samsung Smart Hub is down
  • Your Wifi router is not connected to a network
  • TV software is outdated
  • Temporary software error

You can check the status of the Samsung Smart Hub here. If it is in fact down, there’s not much you can do other than to wait until Samsung sorts out the issue from their side.

Just like the Samsung TV error 107, you can fix the 102 error code with the same solutions. To recap, these include;

  • Update Samsung firmware
  • Reboot internet connection
  • Restart Samsung TV

With the Samsung 107 and 102 error code being very similar, it’s important to make sure you keep your Samsung TV up to date with its latest software, and that is connected to a stable internet connection.

How Do I Get My Samsung TV to Connect to WiFi?

Couple watching TV

How Do I Get My Samsung TV to Connect to WiFi?

You can get your Samsung TV to connect to Wifi by simply updating the network settings on your device. Once you enable the Wifi setting on your smart TV, your network connection should become visible, and give you the option to connect.
Your Samsung Smart TV needs to continuously be connected to a strong Wifi network for it to be able to load your downloaded apps, like Netflix, and to stream without any buffering issues.
If you have recently experienced the Samsung TV error 107 or 102, you may need to reconnect your Samsung TV to your router, if you have completed a complete reset.
You can do this by actioning these simple steps;
Step 1. Load ‘Settings’ on your Samsung TV
Step 2. Click on ‘General’ followed by ‘Network’
Step 3. Open the Network Settings and find your Wifi
You should now just need to input the password.


We hope you were able to fix the error codes 107 and 102 from appearing on your Samsung screen, and that your streaming device is now connected successfully to your Wifi network.

If, however, you are still experiencing issues with your Samsung continuously disconnecting from the Smart Hub, you may need to make use of the Samsung support page.

Here, you will be able to input your TV’s model number to assist with the troubleshooting process.

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