Do you want to play the RuneScape 3 or Old School RuneScape, but the gaming client won’t download on your Mac PC? Do you click on the “Download for Mac” button on the RuneScape website, and nothing happens? Find out why you are facing the issue and how to download the client correctly.

RuneScape 3 is available as a client app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Furthermore, you can download the game on Steam and play through the streaming service platform. If your system hardware is not high-end, you can also download the classic game edition known as Old School RuneScape on your device.

Both RuneScape editions come with monthly, 6-month, and 12-month paid memberships. However, quite a few players report that they can not download the RS or OSRS version on their Mac PCs. If you are one of those users, this guide can help you find a way to fix the issue.

Does RuneScape work on Macbook?

runescape runs on mac

RuneScape requires the Java plug-in to launch the game on the browser. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox regularly release updates for their users to improve usability. However, both browsers released some recent updates that dropped support for the Java plug-in.

Therefore, Jagex had to drop support for browser play as well. Now, you need to download RuneScape and Old School RuneScape clients from the gaming website to play the content. Jagex developed the gaming client for Windows and Mac PCs, so yes, RuneScape does work on Macbook.

How do I download RuneScape on my Mac?

runescape available on mac

Many users face RuneScape downloading issues because they don’t have the updated Java installed on their Macs. When you click to download the client on the RuneScape website, it may detect that Java or its latest version is not installed on the system. Hence, the downloading script might be canceling the download in the backend.

However, you can successfully download RuneScape on your Mac by performing the following steps in a sequence.

  • Log into your Mac as an administrator and launch the Terminal.
  • Type in “rm -fr /Library/Internet\ Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin” and “rm -fr /Library/PreferencePanes/JavaControlPanel.prefpane” commands one by one to remove all version of Java from your Mac.
  • Now, go to the Java website and download the latest Java edition on your Mac.
  • Next, run the Java installer and restart your Mac.
  • Open your browser and go to the Runescape website to download the client.
  • Once the gaming client is downloaded, open the .dmg file to expand its content.
  • Now select the application file under the .dmg file and drag it into “Applications to install.”
  • Wait for the process to complete and then click the Eject button on the .dmg file and open the client to play the game.

How do I download Old School RuneScape on my Macbook?

old school runescape mac download

Downloading the Old School Runescape client on Macbook is similar to downloading RuneScape 3. However, you have to visit a different page on the Runescape website to download the classic version. Also, you need the latest Java installed on your PC.

If you face any issues with Java installation, run the appropriate commands on the Mac Terminal to remove the old Java versions from the PC. Afterward, download the latest version from the Java website and install it on your system.

After getting the latest Java installed on your Mac, download the Old School RuneScape client. Finally, follow the steps mentioned above for RuneScape 3 to play the game.

What to do if RuneScape is not downloading on Mac?

runescape mac download fix

You may have been following the correct steps to download RuneScape on your Mac PC. But sometimes, the client just won’t download. In this case, do the following troubleshooting steps and then try to download the RuneScape client on Mac.

Check internet connection

It’s no surprise that a weak internet connection is first to blame for any downloading issue. Restart your router and Mac PC if you can’t download the RuneScape 3 or Old School version. Now, go to the gaming website and see if you can download the client.
If the issue persists, try to download RuneScape using another Wi-Fi connection. Alternatively, you can use your mobile data on your Mac PC to diagnose the problem with your existing network connection.

Install Windows on Mac

A lot of gaming clients can cause issues while downloading on Mac. However, it does not mean that you have to shop for another Mac computer or a Windows PC. You can install a Windows parallel operating system on your Mac. Afterward, install the latest Java edition on Windows OS and download the RuneScape client for Windows on it.
Installing parallel Windows OS on Mac fixes the RuneScape downloading issue most of the time. The only flip side is that you need to switch the operating system on Mac to Windows every time you want to play RuneScape.

Download in Ignito mode

Sometimes, downloading issue has nothing to do with your Mac. Your browser settings can be the cause of the failed RuneScape download.

If you are using Chrome to visit the RuneScape website, we recommend doing it in incognito mode. The incognito mode will prevent the website cookies from being stored on your PC and thus can help download the gaming client without any problem.

Use a different browser

As discussed earlier in the article, you can no longer play the game on Chrome or Firefox due to a lack of Java support. Therefore, you are forced to download and install Java and the RuneScape client on your Mac.

However, if you face downloading issues regarding the RuneScape client on Mac, download any browser other than Chrome or Firefox and play the game on it. This might be the easiest fix available to you for now.


If RuneScape doesn’t download on your Mac, PC, it could be due to many reasons. However, we found out that the outdated Java version is the most common reason for the failed download on Macs. We hope that this guide helped you explain how to download and install the latest Java and RuneScape client on your Mac PC.