Our lifestyles have considerably improved with technological advancements, including automatic equipment such as the Roomba vacuum cleaner. Using these gadgets makes our lives simpler and more convenient than ever before. Occasionally, you may run into a Roomba error 43, and want to get this problem fixed as quickly as possible.

Roomba is a well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner industry, with self-contained vacuum cleaners that work quietly and without the need for human involvement. It cleans your floors, carpets, and mats by brushing and vacuuming. Roomba has features to connect with smart home systems like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, which makes it even more convenient.

This means that the device will clean whatever space it can access, and it appears to be a valuable gadget for home cleaning. This guide will show you what to do to fix your Roomba error 43. It will also help you get to the root cause of this error code, so it can go back to making your life more comfortable.

What Does Error 43 Mean on Roomba?

What Does Error 43 Mean on Roomba?

When you try to use Roomba, you may encounter the frustrating error 43 due to the unclear path of the destination room. Please ensure that no barriers in the cleaning area prevent your Roomba from moving from room to room.

This error also displays when there is an issue with the battery or sensor, which probably can’t get the right way to the destination room. Moreover, if you use other devices which have infrared light, it may be interfering with the proper functioning of Roomba and can lead to the error.

How Do I Fix Roomba Error 43?

How Do I Fix Roomba Error 43?

Roomba is the best device to delegate your weekly vacuuming duties to. It is a trusted cleaning companion that gets into all the nooks and crannies, follows your automated schedule, and provides detailed reports on all the dirty work your Roomba has completed. It’s even smart enough to empty its waste tank when it fills up. 

However, it shows the error while performing its duties sometimes—thus, we listed some effective solutions to resolve this Roomba error 43.

Relocate iRobot Position 

It is a straightforward technique that many users reported as an effective solution to Roomba error 43. A Virtual Wall or Home Base’s infrared (IR) beam has trapped Roomba to identify the path. So, you need to move Roomba to a new position, then restart by pressing the Clean button.

Make sure that your Virtual Walls are not facing each other. If you have many Virtual Walls facing each other, Roomba may have navigational difficulty. 

If this issue happens near the Home Base, make sure it’s in a clean, neat area with plenty of room on all sides. If the error persists, reposition the Home Base.

Do a Complete Clean

One of the simplest solutions is to clean the hardware thoroughly to resolve the Roomba error 43. This approach ensures that no dust or dirt gets into the docking plates’ crevices, sensors that may cause problems. Furthermore, you should remove the battery to clean the inside and outside to ensure the device is properly clean.

Check Your Roomba Map Configuration

There are several reasons why you need different layers of mapping. You need to use your Roomba to clean a guesthouse or live in a multi-story home. Creating floor designs for all of your locations has never been easier; the Roomba provides features to label your rooms and specify cleaning schedules.

Before sending your robot out on mapping, it’s a good idea to do some fast cleaning. Remove anything that could tangle the robot and put away obstacles like shoes that would prohibit it from entering particular places. You should also ensure the bot has access to all floor surfaces. Remember to leave doors open to any areas you want the Roomba to clean now or in the future. Finally, please make sure the Smart Map matches your desired cleaning area.

Backup Smart Maps for a Factory Reset

You will have the choice to save your personalized Smart Maps for later retrieval before starting a factory reset. After you’ve completed the factory reset, you’ll be able to restore your customized maps. By preserving your Smart Map, you avoid the robot relearning the home map. 

  • Open the application and go to the Settings > Factory Reset.
  • After that, click on the Save Maps During Factory Reset toggle on the Factory Reset screen.

This method will save the customized smart maps and delete the rest of the things.

Factory Reset to Fix Roomba Error 43

Factory reset will delete/erase all saved settings and preferences on your Roomba. There are two significant ways to factory reset a robot: the iRobot HOME app and the robot itself. 

Resetting Through Application

To factory reset the Roomba, ensure it is connected to the same wifi as your Roomba.

  • First, open the application and navigate to the Settings.
  • Once the settings appear, click on the Remove/Factory Reset.
  • Now check to see if the Roomba error 43 persists. If so, it might be due to a hardware issue, visit the nearby repair shop to resolve the issue.

Reset on a Wi-Fi Connected Roomba

Reboot relies on your Roomba model, and the procedure to perform may slightly vary. If you have a different model, visit Roomba support and follow the specified procedure.

For Roomba S and I Series to Fix Roomba Error 43

  • First, press and hold the Roomba’s Clean button for roughly 20 seconds.
  • After that, the white light appears around the bin lid, which means the reset was successful.
  •  The reset is complete only when the light ring stops glowing, which could take up to a minute.

For Roomba 700, 800, and 900 Series

  • First, press and hold Roomba’s Clean button for 10 seconds. 
  • The Roomba will emit a chime after releasing the button that shows the Roomba has been reset. Now, check if the Roomba error 43 persists. 


When automated equipment suddenly appears to malfunction, you find yourself quite frustrating. But you don’t need to worry about it because this article has provided all the necessary information to fix Roomba error 43 as soon as possible. However, if you’re still running into issues, we suggest trying to contact iRobot’s customer service.