Running into that pesky Roomba Error 17? No one likes coming back to a messy home. This is why many of us opt to buy robotic cleaners. However, what do you do when these automated cleaners stop working?

A Roomba is a nifty robotic machine that moves around your home, brushing and vacuuming your floors, carpet, and rugs. Since the machine can spin around in different directions, the Roomba will clean any area it can squeeze into. 

Although the machine makes life easy for many of its users, it can run into an error or two. Don’t worry—youre not alone. If you find yourself facing Roomba error 17, check out some of our tips below. However, before we get started, let’s talk about what the issue is and why it occurred. 

What is a Roomba Error 17?

what sis a roomba error 17

Over the years, Roomba has come up with an extensive category of the different types of errors users can encounter. These error types are organized into different error codes. This brings us to the Roomba error 17. 

This error indicates that your robotic cleaner is facing issues regarding its navigation systems. Once this error is detected, your Roomba will come to a halt. This is because it cannot calibrate what’s in front of it. This is a great built-in safety function as it stops your machine from functioning blindly and causing damage to itself or its surroundings. 

Why Does My Roomba Keep Saying Error?

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Now that you know exactly what this error indicates let’s talk a little about why you might encounter this problem. This error takes place when the infrared sensors (IR) of your Roomba are dirty. Another reason for this is that your machine may be receiving interference from its surrounding. A Roomba error 17 can also occur if your IR sensors are damaged. 

Moreover, software bugs can also result in error code 17. If your Roomba’s software input isn’t correct, it will assume that the sensors are malfunctioning. 

How Do I Fix Error 17 on My Roomba?

How do I fix Error 17 on my Roomba?

There are a few things you can do to resolve your Roomba error 17. Check some of them out below: 

Relocate Your Home Base

According to some complaints, users found that they encountered this issue whenever the machine passed a really bright incandescent bulb they had turned on. 

This reasoning makes sense as such bulbs emit strong IR waves and light. This can easily interrupt your Roomba’s IR sensor, which operates on a very specific type of infrared wave. 

To solve this problem, try to relocate your Roomba’s home base to a room that doesn’t have a very strong light. 

You can also schedule your cleaning during the day so that these bulbs do not cause a Roomba error 17. 

Restart Your Roomba

Restarts can help remedy all sorts of bush your machine may be facing. This includes error 17. Check out how to restart different models of the Roomba: 

Restarting an iSeries Roomba: 

  • Press and hold down the Clean button for approximately 20 seconds. Then release this when the white light around the button begins to spin clockwise. 
  • Give your machine a couple of minutes to turn on. 
  • Remember that the restart is completed when the white light has turned off. 

Restarting an s Series Roomba: 

  • Just like with the iSeries, press and hold the Clean button for 20 seconds. 
  • Do this until the white LED light begins to spin clockwise. 
  • Your Roomba will begin its restart in a couple of minutes. 
  • After this, once the white light is no longer turned on, you can be sure that the restart was successful. 

Restarting a 700–900 series Roomba:  

  • Press and hold down the Clean button for approximately 10 seconds
  • Release the button once you hear a beep 
  • The Roomba will now reboot. 

If you’re still experiencing a Roomba error 17, then the two other things left to do are reset your machine or change the IR sensors on your Roomba. 

How Do I Hard Reset My Roomba?

Can You Replace Roomba Battery?

To be able to perform a hard reset, you need need to install a Roomba companion app from the app store. Keep in mind that conducting a hard reset on your device will erase all your data from the vacuum as well as the app and the Roomba cloud. 

Here’s how you perform a hard reset on your Roomba: 

  •  Access your Roomba app. 
  • Navigate to Settings and then select Factory Reset. 

How Do I Change the IR Sensor On My Roomba?

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One of the leading causes for a Roomab error 17 is an issue with the IR sensors. There is a chance that the dust and grime from yoru floors, rugs, and carpets have covered the robot’s sensors and arent letting it identify its surroundings well.  You can fix this in two ways: clean the IR sensors or change them. 

Clean your IR sensors: 

  •  Locate the plastic window and clean it with a microfiber cloth 
  • Flip the Roomba and clean the sensors underneath it as well
  • Make sure to clean all 6-8sensors. This depends on what model you have. 

Replace Your IR sensors: 

  • Locate and press the bin. Pull this out. 
  • Flip your device over and remove the side brush. This can be done using a Phillips #2 screwdriver.
  • Unscrew the four backplate screws using a Phillips #2 screwdriver. 
  • Once you’ve unscrewed screws, lift the back plate of the device
  • You’ll see ten screws in the bottom of the front bumper. Remove these. 
  • Flip the device right side up and lift the bumper off. 
  • Remove the two screws that connect the sensor to the bumper and then pry the top cover open. 
  • Remove the sensors. 


We hope you found this guide helpful n resolving the Roomba error 17. We recommend starting off with the more straightforward steps like relocating your home base. Remember that a crucial part in resolving this error is to know which model youre dealing with. If youre still running into this issue, contact iRobot’s customer support services