The Roku error code 009 will appear on your TV screen when you are trying to watch one of your online subscription streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon, or HBO via your Roku device.

Error 009 will confirm that your device, whether it’s a Roku Box, a Roku 3, or Roku stick is not connected to an internet connection, or it has connected, but without granted access to the necessary network.

This can be caused by your wifi router continuously disconnecting from its network, or, your Roku device has been incorrectly configured during the setup phase.

Our directory will guide you through why you are encountering the Roku error code 009 when using your Roku device, and provide you with the necessary steps to fix this problem.

What is Roku error code 009

Roku Error Code 009

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Roku error code 009 is an error code that transpires when your Roku device has failed to connect to a successful wireless internet connection. This is because there was either a disconnection with your Roku device, or, the connection has not been verified between your device and the available network.

What causes the Roku error 009

Cause 1. Unstable internet connection

If your internet connection is continuously disconnecting from its network provider and is not fast enough for your Roku device to stream online services, your Roku device will not be able to connect.

Cause 2. Incorrect configuration

During the initial setup phase of your Roku device, you are required to establish a connection with the network that you will be using for your device to be able to access your streaming accounts.

If this process was not successful, your Roku will not be able to gain access to your network.

Cause 3. Corrupt DNS files

If the DNS files associated with your wifi router are corrupted, they can interfere with your router giving access for other devices to pick up a successful connection.

Cause 4. Faulty cables

Depending on what Roku device you are using, and if you have opted for a wired connection, the cables may be loose, or the ports where it is plugged into, are damaged.

How do I fix error code 009 on Roku?

Roku error code 009

How do I fix error 009

Fix 1. Restart router

Restarting your wifi router will refresh the internet connection, and allow your Roku device access to its network.

Step 1. Turn your router off before removing it from the plug

Step 2. After a couple of minutes, plug it back in and turn your router on

Once your wifi router has started up, check that your Roku device has reconnected, and attempt to access your online streaming app.

You can improve your wireless internet connection by making use of this support page from Roku.

Fix 2. Reboot Roku device

Your Roku device should come with a remote.

Step 1. Using your remote, click on the ‘Home’ button

Step 2. Find and click on ‘Settings’

Step 3. In the options, click on ‘System’ followed by ‘Power’

Step 4.  Now choose ‘System Restart’ and then ‘Restart’

Your Roku device will now complete a reboot.

Fix 3. Reset Network

Resetting the network on your Roku device will allow the connection to be forgotten. You can then reconnect to the internet, which will help get rid of any corrupted DNS files.

Step 1. Go into ‘Settings’ and then ‘System’

Step 2. Click on ‘Advanced System Settings’ followed by ‘Network Connection Reset’

Step 3. Now choose ‘Reset Connection’

Once you have confirmed this, you will now need to reconnect to a network in order for your Roku device to access the internet;

Step 4. Select the ‘Home’ button

Step 5. Go into ‘Settings’ and then ‘Network’

Step 6. Click on ‘Set Up Connection’ followed by ‘Wireless’

You will now be able to select your network connection.

Fix 4. Change to a wired connection

If you are currently using your Roku device on a wireless connection, switching to wired can help get rid of the Roku error code 009 when trying to connect to the internet.

Make sure you update your network settings to ‘wired’ once you have changed to an ethernet cable.

To recap on where to change this option go to;

Home button > Settings > Network > Set Up Connection > Wired

If you are currently using a wired connection while facing this error code, you can switch to the wireless option, or check your cables.

Fix 5. Check wired cables

If you have decided to keep your connection wired, you should make sure there are no problems with your cables, and the ports are not damaged.

  • Change to a different port
  • Swap out the cable

Fix 6. Perform factory reset

Before proceeding with a factory reset, please note, this action will delete all saved preferences and data to bring your Roku device back to as you originally received it.

Step 1. From your home screen, select ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘System’ and then ‘System Reset’

Step 3. Now choose ‘Factory Reset’

Once the reset has been completed, you will need to set up your Roku device.

Can Roku spoil?

A Roku device can deteriorate over time, which may cause the device to be more susceptible to error codes, and streaming issues.

A Roku device will perform at its best for around 5 – 7 years before users begin to notice a decrease in performance with the device.

Factors such as usage per hour and overheating will play a part in the life span of your Roku device.


With Roku being the most popular streaming box to use to access online shows and movies with Ultra-HD displays, it’s essential that the Roku error code 009 is eliminated from your screen when trying to use your Roku device.

We hope our guide was able to do just that, and your Roku device has now successfully been granted access to your wireless internet connection.

If, however, you are still having trouble with your Roku, you can contact their customer support or tweet them at @RokuSupport.