Scrolling through Reddit is a great way to pass time, however, Reddit doesn’t come without its issues. With users reporting errors such as Reddit pausing music, and issues loading content.

A large number of Reddit users have noticed their music being paused when scrolling past videos, or even when viewing GIFs. This appears to be an app issue for mostly iPhone and Samsung users, however, this is an issue impacting plenty of users.

One of the key ways to stop this from happening is via turning off autoplay on Reddit, this can be done in the settings on Reddit. As when autoplay is switched on, the Reddit app will take priority over other programs, e.g. Spotify, which makes the audio from Reddit play instead of the music software.

However, you are not alone with experiencing this issue, and even if autoplay is turned off you may be experiencing further issues. Some of the most common ones are

Why does Reddit keep pausing my music?

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Users have been reporting a Reddit issue for a few years now, the issue pauses music when you find a video or a GIF on your Reddit feed, which for users is super annoying. With Reddit being one of those mindless scrolling apps, usually music is being played at the same time.

Sadly, there isn’t an official reason given by Reddit for why it keeps pausing music. As far as we know, Reddit hasn’t provided a fix for this yet, but there are plenty of ways to fix this error. With some easy fixes to work around the pausing issue.

However, here at Easy Fix, we have rounded up some super easy tips for you to follow, in order to get Reddit to stop pausing your music.

How to fix Reddit keeps pausing my music

Why does Reddit keep pausing my music?

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

Users of Reddit, have reported an issue with Reddit pausing their music when they’re scrolling through subreddits. This has been an ongoing error for some time now, with Reddit not providing a fix. However, we have found a simple fix for why does Reddit keeps pausing my music.

Fix 1. Reddit Autoplay off

The first troubleshooting fix is done via the Reddit app. Turning off your Reddit Autoplay stops videos from playing without being clicked on. This is a setting that is automatically turned on ‘always’ therefore will need to be disabled. If you are unsure how to turn autoplay off, here’s how to go about it

  1. Head on to your Reddit app
  2. Click the Reddit icon in the top left corner
  3. Next select settings located at the bottom
  4. Choose autoplay, then switch the setting to never
  5. Press the ‘x’ in the corner, then close your settings

Fix 2. Turn off autoplay on iOS

If you are still experiencing the issue on iOS after turning off autoplay, we’d recommend doing the following in your iOS settings.

  1. Head to Settings on your iOS device
  2. Choose Accessibility then Motion
  3. Toggle off for Auto-Play video previews

If you have auto-play selected it will always pause audio from apps like Spotify, however, this issue is with Reddit not recognizing that the video has ended and your music can resume.

Fix 3. Turn on iOS quiet audio mode

  1. Head on to Settings on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Select advanced, then toggle ‘quiet audio mode on’

Once you have done this, you can expect the videos in Reddit, not to autoplay, which will prevent your music from stopping each time you scroll across a video.

Fix 4. Mute the video

If you come across a video that stops your music from playing, this is likely due to it having sound in the video. Even when autoplay is off, the video can still start to play, then, in turn, pause your music.

However, if you click on the video which is playing, then mute the video in the player, this has been said to mute the whole Reddit feed. Make it so that videos don’t play automatically, so your music doesn’t end up pausing itself.

Fix 5. Use an alternative app

With many users fed up with the official Reddit app, 3rd party apps have begun to pop up. Which serves as a great alternative to the official app. With avid users of the platform creating these apps that smooth out any bugs that are presenting in the Reddit app.

For iOS users, Apollo is a recommended choice amongst Subreddits and for Android users, Relay is an alternative choice.

Fix 6. Uninstall Reddit and Reinstall it

Although this isn’t an ideal solution, uninstalling the Reddit app and then redownloading it has been said to work as a temporary fix for the issue. Although the issue may happen again in the future, for now updating the app appears to remove the bug. Once uninstalled and then reinstalled, any pending updates will already be completed. You will download the newest version of Reddit, which will have bug fixes.

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Reddit GIFs stop my music

Annoyingly it’s not only videos with sound that impact Reddit, it turns out that GIFs can also stop music from playing. This isn’t ideal considering Reddit is made up hugely of GIFs. Users have reported this issue even when they scroll past the GIFs, without even clicking them.

With a lot of GIFs being MP4s without audio, this would explain the confusion with Reddit thinking they are videos.

However, we have found a solution to stop GIFs on Reddit from interrupting your music.

  1. Open the Reddit app on your device
  2. Select the Reddit symbol in the top corner
  3. Choose settings and you’ll see an option that says ‘auto play’
  4. Switch this off and your music should not be impacted by scrolling unless you click on the GIF, then the error may occur.

Spotify won’t play whilst on Reddit

Although the apps should not cause an issue for each other, many users are encountering issues with Spotify not playing whilst on Reddit. Unfortunately, this appears to be an ongoing bug, which has yet to have permanent. However, there are some temporary troubleshooting fixes you can do at home in order to make your Spotify play at the same time as Reddit.

  • Use Spotify in the app and Reddit on a browser, this has been advised by users as a successful way to do both
  • Open the Spotify app before the Reddit app, then play music before opening Reddit
  • Use a 3rd party Reddit app with Spotify, as these apps appear to have these issues ironed out.


Whether you are a new user of Reddit or a long-time lover of the social media platform, the problem with them pausing music is a nightmare. Therefore we hope you’ve been successful with these tips and if you require any further help, we are more than happy to provide further technical support.