If your PS5 won’t show up on your TV, have you checked if your HDMI cable is damaged, or not inserted properly in the port at the back of your TV?

Your console’s image not being displayed on your TV screen can be caused by a few different reasons. For example, an incorrect resolution setting, or a temporary system error on your PlayStation.

In this guide, we will go through the possible causes of why your PS5 won’t show up on your TV, as well as provide you with simple solutions you will be able to follow, so you can get back to gameplay without any further disruptions.

We will also advise you on the benefits of keeping a 2.1 HDMI cable for your PS5, and where you can purchase one if it needs to be replaced.

Why is My PS5 not Connecting to My TV?

PS5 Won't Show Up On TV

Why won’t my PS5 connect to my TV?

Your PS5 won’t show up on your TV if the HDMI cable connecting the two devices is damaged or faulty. This is the most common reason why this issue occurs. A broken HDMI cable will prevent your PlayStation from connecting to your TV. There will be no image displayed, and the audio from your console will not be transmitted.

Other reasons why your PS5 won’t show up on your TV include;

1. Incorrect TV Input Setting

Your TV will not display your PS5 if it has not been set to the correct input setting. Your TV and console need to be in sync with each other to work properly.

2. PS5 Has no Signal

If your PS5 has no signal, it will not be able to be displayed on your TV.

No signal on your PS5 can be caused by a poor internet connection or a damaged cable.

3. Incorrect Picture Settings on Console

An incompatible resolution setting can interfere with your PS5 showing up on your TV.

There are multiple different image settings you can choose from on your PS5. Depending on what TV brand and model you have, will determine which settings may or may not work with your PS5.

4. PS5 System Error

Your PS5 may have a software error that has interfered with your console showing up on your TV.

This could be a firmware update that has not been downloaded successfully, or, there are corrupted files on your console.

Sometimes, your PS5 could experience a momentary system glitch that disrupts the normal functioning of your console.

How Do I Get My PS5 to Work on My TV?

PS5 Won't Show Up On TV

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You can get your PS5 to show up on your TV by making sure the HDMI cable you are using is not damaged, and that it is connected securely to the HDMI port of your TV. You can check if your cable is faulty by using it with a different device. If it still does not work, you will need to replace your HDMI cable.

It is also worth checking that you have inserted the cable into the correct HDMI port of your TV. If your TV is configured to a different HDMI source, you will either need to correct the cable or change your TV’s channel.

Additional fixes include;

1. Check TV Settings

Your TV needs to be set to the correct input source for it to be able to show your PS5’s display.

Make sure you have your TV on the same channel your Sony PlayStation is connected to.

2. Reconnect your PS5

If your console is experiencing signal issues, causing it to not show up on your TV, you can reconnect the device to re-establish a network connection.

Your PS5 image will not be displayed if it is not connected to the internet.

Step 1. Turn your PS5 off

Step 2. Unplug it for a few minutes

Step 3. Reconnect your console and turn it back on

Tip, while you disconnect your PlayStation, reboot your Wifi router to ensure your internet connection is working, and receiving adequate speeds.

3. Update PS5 Image Settings

You may need to update your PS5’s resolution setting to be lower than what it is currently on. This could be a factor if your TV does not support 4K or a high image quality setting.

It has been noted that changing your PS5 setting to Deep Colour Output has helped fix this issue.

How to change the deep colour output on PS5

Step 1. Open up the Settings on your console

Step 2. Go into Video Output

Step 3. Select ‘Deep Colour Output’

If it was set to ‘Automatic’ change it to ‘Off’ and vice versa.

4. Start PS5 in Safe Mode

Starting your PS5 in safe mode is a method that can help fix many problems on your PS5.

How to start PS5 in Safe Mode

Step 1. Turn your console off by pressing down on the power button for around five seconds

Step 2. Press down on the power button until you hear two beeps

Step 3. After the second beep, insert your controller’s USB cable to connect it to your console

Step 4. Press the PS button 

Your console will now start-up in safe mode. You can amend your image settings during this state too, however, only the basic operating functions will be available.

5. Check for PS5 Software Update

Your PS5 may have a pending update that is due to be downloaded. If you keep your console operating on an outdated system, you can start experiencing performance issues, such as your PS5 not showing up on your TV.

For an extensive guide on how to update your PS5’s firmware, you can make use of PlayStation’s support page.

Replace PS5 HDMI Cable

PS5 Won't Show Up On TV

Replace PS5 HDMI cable

Replacing the HDMI cable for your PS5 is easy to do. You can purchase one off of Amazon that you will be able to use with your console. Your PS5 will come with a 2.1 HDMI cable when you first purchase the console. This HDMI supports a 4K resolution, which is used for a better image display on your TV.

If your TV supports a 2.1 HDMI port, we suggest you stick to the same cable to ensure your PS5 performs without any distorted images, or sound issues.

Amazon has many different HDMI cables that you can choose from. here, is their product. As you can see, HDMI cables can be used for many different electronic devices, so investing in a good quality one will benefit your electronic devices.

What are the Benefits of HDMI 2.1?

Are you wondering why you need to stick to a 2.1 enabled HDMI cable?

This cable comes with many added benefits, and will only improve your gaming experience. These include;

  • Less latency issues
  • Improved resolution
  • Faster frame rate
  • Better gaming response times

Overall, sticking to a 2.1 HDMI is better for your PS5 console’s features, however, you can still use a standard 1.4 cable.

How Do I Know if My PS5 HDMI is Broken?

You will know your HDMI is broken if you can see the physical appearance of the cable is damaged. It is common for your HDMI to look fine on the outside, but the internal components is where the problem is.

If this is the case, you will experience issues such as;

  • PS5 displays a Black or White screen when it is turned on
  • You see ‘No Display’ or ‘No Signal’ appear
  • Your image is pixelated

(Did you know; The first portable Sony TV that was manufactured in 1960, was tested for durability in a unique way. It was placed in an employee’s sports vehicle was driven around specifically on country roads that contained an uneven surface with bumps).

These are just guidelines of what you should look out for when dealing with a faulty HDMI cable.

Can PS5 Work on Any TV?

PS5 Won't Show Up On TV

Can PS5 work with any TV

Your PS5 will work with any modern, smart TV as long as it has access to a compatible HDMI port. Depending on how new your TV is, it should contain a 2.1 port, which will match the cable that is supplied with your console from Sony. Your PS5 does not require a specific brand or model of TV to be able to operate. 

Will PS5 require 4K TV?

Your PS5 does not require a 4K TV to be able to display a good quality image, however, if it is connected to one, it will automatically output your display with this option.

The supported resolutions for PS5 to show up on your TV include;

  • 720
  • 1080
  • 2160

You will be able to select your desired resolution in the settings section of your PS5 menu.


We hope this guide has assisted you in more ways than one, and that you now understand why your PS5 won’t show up on your TV.

To ensure you do not experience the PS5 black screen issue, we recommend that you make sure your connecting cables are fully functioning, and that your console is continuously updated with the latest software version.

If you are concerned there may be a more serious issue with your Sony PS5, you can make use of the PlayStation support page. Here, you will be able to diagnose your console further.

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